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  • Published: 28 Jun 2018
  • Updated: 16 Jul 2018
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This is a story about a married couple but her husband is a alcoholic and she’s trying to make him see sense to stop drinking too much alcohol he doesn’t listen to her but she still loves him even through their twists and turns there are three books in the series


6. Confused

Cass snuggled up on to cole’s chest .What a day honey I’ll go and get dinner ready for us Cass said to him. No stay in bed aren’t you having fun come on we don’t usually have time to spend doing this are you losing your cool Cass. I only thought that you might be hungry but just forget that I said anything at all. Woah where’s this coming from this isn’t like you at all. Tears started rolling down her eyes . Why are you crying Cass . It’s nothing Cole. She tried to get out of the bed but he told her not to. Can you please tell me why your crying I’m confused now Cass. I don’t usually get to spend time with you Cole so I let out a few tears cause I was happy. It doesn’t look like your happy to me at all I’m always out and that time I should be spending with you Cass . Leave it how many times have I heard that from you Cole . I’m trying my best here but you won’t listen to me Cass. I don’t want to talk about it anymore Cole. Fine it’s your choice if you want to talk just tell me . I don’t think there’s any point anyway cause you never want to talk to me. What you want comfort or something damn it why are you always like this Cass. Ugh I don’t know why I even opened my mouth to you anyway you we shouldn’t have talked you never understand Cass said to him. Cole went into the living room and switched on the tv. Great something I likes on he said aloud. Your so perfetic Cole switch that off right now. The remote was on the coffee table she grabbed it before he could. What do you think your doing Cass. What does it look like and this time your not getting it back got it Cole. Cole got off the couch then went close to Cass he touched her shoulders. Get off me Cole. Relax baby her hands were on his chest now. So you didn’t get enough of me did you Cole told her. Maybe I haven’t then she relaxed on his chest. 


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