City King

Elliot came from the past…

It was the historical war of two wide imperial nations in the far land. A mercenary who have succeeded on assisting the king who contracted him was also assassinated, taking both the treasure he could loot.

Then he was punished…

A holy sorcerers bestowed him to fleet the land forever and that power had led him to the far future where the world he knew no longer exist.


1. Prologue




The war between kingdoms had led to massive casualties that lessen the population into thirds. But this massacre is not done by the battalion of soldiers who joined the war, but only one mercenary with a sharp piercing eyes that have been naturally born with a power as the predator of the weak.

He was known to have inhabited a devil that made him worst that what he is. A man who existed and cursed to see blood on his every trail. And now, after killing two kings, he was persecuted. Kept captive in the hands of the empire and then transferred into the hands of the Holy Sorcerers. A sinister group known to be a follower of a pagan god who gives them the power to punish the evil.

Elliot was hanging on a shackle. His hands raised up spread while carrying his body weights. His wrists were all bruised and his body have only been relying on his lone strength after five days. The slashes on his body have dried and fresh wounds began to emphasize blue borders on each scar. But for him it was nothing but a scratch. Everything felt nothing but a sting he could endure like it was simply nothing, after all, he was a killer who existed to see blood. And now he’s looking at the blood coming out from him, dripping gradually on the floor below him.

The chamber was quite wide for only one prisoner. He was like in a stage and around him were the poles that holds the chamber up from being crunch down. He even thinks that he looks like a hanging chandelier swaying lightly because of his low breathing knowing that he was dying. The torches have all started turning dim as his sight becoming blurry feeling his numb body giving up on him. And then he was devoured by darkness…

For ten years, there was nothing but survival. Not experiencing the life normal people have for those years had held him roped into the art of death. He tried jobs which will suit his new life but two days later he gave up killing the grumpy old man who kept on arrogantly bragging about his standing as a merchant and calling his men trash. And now he already knew he couldn’t stand him, deciding to pull his mattock and hitting his head that engraved to his skull then escaping. It was a really good feeling. When you exterminate someone you think that is not worthy of being alive.

His ecstasy was watching someone dies. His pulses rapidly increased with the blood rushing on his body, and the more redness his eyes see, the pleasurable it gives. That’s what he grew up having.

Maybe he was really dying now at the moment. He can see memories flashing although it didn’t look very sentimental for him because he never really cared in the first place. Soon his memories were overpowered with a white light devouring his mind and then his body turning warm, warmer until it was painfully hot. Was he burning?

For that instance, he wanted to know how he’s going to die. At least for the last seconds before he turns blank again that made him forced his body to wake up and opening his eyes for that matter, he saw men in hooded black robes encircling him, creating a strange chant with a language he had never heard before nor could he distinguish, below him was a circle with foreign writing too, and from how it looks it seemed to be a ritual and he was a sacrifice.

He just watched uselessly while they perform their comical chanting that almost made him wanted to laugh but he was too weak to do so. And then the white lights rose up again losing his sight on the men who surrounded him with hidden faces. It was getting hotter than before. They must have been trying to perish him down to hell for good. But what’s important is that, will he be able to find someone to kill down there? As a bad person, that’s all he thinks about. Killing and all gives the best out of him when he wants to without any effort.

But the burning heat is taking a while now. If he were something else rather than a human, he could’ve melted. When will he die? He’s almost getting used with the idea that he’s getting used with the burn.

“Your sins have brought you here, young man.” A voice spoke.

Hm? Does this mean I am dead? He thought after hearing the low voice that spoke.

“You are not dead. But your very existence had been brought to me and it is I who will sentence you.” The voice stopped and a strong high pitched noise screamed into his ears. Deafeningly, he wanted to cover his ears. But he can’t move his body making him suffer the noise even more.

Few seconds later, everything darkened.

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