City King

Elliot came from the past…

It was the historical war of two wide imperial nations in the far land. A mercenary who have succeeded on assisting the king who contracted him was also assassinated, taking both the treasure he could loot.

Then he was punished…

A holy sorcerers bestowed him to fleet the land forever and that power had led him to the far future where the world he knew no longer exist.


3. Chapter 2: Reveal it to Link

Days after his confinement, he was sent to another place after. He was sent through an unusual transportation that somewhat left him thinking that his previous country is really ignorant.

It does seem that they have their plans for him prepared that he was unsure where and what have they been doing to him. And now he was ‘dressed neatly’ and being taken into some kind of refuge for young people like him ‘who needs to brighten up my future’ as they have said.

Now the transportation stopped and they lend him a pack that he opened as soon as it was handed to him which contains sheets of “notebook, pen and a new set of mind into this society” Jack nicely told him as both went out of the car. He guided the ignorant man into entering his new life. Entering a gate as he sees other youth who looked at him unnervingly tasteless. Which he was used into dealing with when he was sent in the battlefield during war but it was a less intimidating –and probably nothing fearful of it.

He followed the officer and entered a high infrastructure. He looked up for a second as he observed the accounts of windows planted in each sensing that someone was watching from one of those reflected glass although he could not pinpoint it was somewhere in his right side but decided to ignore it as he’s known from battle experience and the capabilities of this place.

“Young man, this is going to be your new place in line. And as I’ve instructed, just learn from your fellow boys and rock n’ roll. Just act your age and think about your dream for the future. Well, you could still continue your acting habit, but put that into limit because the bullies may target that part of you and you’d most likely earn the nerd title. You get what I’m trying to say?” he said. “And by the way, make sure to do good on your test, it’s your stepping stone for a decent class section. Well, I guess that’s all the advice I could give before I leave you with your roommate.”

“Roommate?” Elliot wondered.

“Well, the one you’ll be sharing room with.”

“What is he like?”

“Hmm… probably someone unwelcoming.” Jack said unsure. “But don’t worry, I’m sure with your sharp tongue you’ll get over him. Like you, he’s also taken custody here by the people from detention institute since he’s still a minor. And like you, he knows how to offer headaches.”

“Does that mean he’s a nuisance.”

Jack laughed. “How do I say this? You two had something in common.”

“What’s that about?” Elliot asked out of clue.

“He’s a runaway, usually found in rallies with exceptional and undeniable fact about government suffocating people’s freedom and so on. With all things going, I guess arguments from teens like him doesn’t stand a chance in adult’s sight.”

“Too bad for him then.” The boy sympathized. “But the fact that his argue is unlikely from a mouth of a nobody puts him into disadvantage. How pitiful.”

“Society’s order. Even you should follow, understand?” Jack stopped and tapped his shoulder. “Here’s your room, make sure to be nice.”

Elliot looked side of him finding a closed door where the officer had pulled the knob round and opened the door entering with full casualty. “Link, been a while! Can I come in?” he asked.

The boy peeped inside, finding a man sitting down under a double decked bed seemingly reading a book in his hand. He pushed his square shaped glasses back up with his finger before looking at the man who made his entrance. “You’re inside as to what I can see, sir.” He said sarcastically.

“Well now, boy. I just came to deliver Elliot.” He signaled the boy to enter and he did willingly and quietly observing the boy the officer called Link.

“Seen him.” He said plainly and continued reading his book.

“Really where? And when?” Jack asked surprised.

“Down there.” Link pointed the window. “He’s one animal I tell you. He just made an eye to eye with me in front of a tinted glass.” He even stated.

Jack laughed again. “Wow, you two. I don’t know what that’s about but seems like you two might get along well. Link, Elliot, Elliot, Link. And make sure you help Elliot on his first day okay, Link. Bye.” As Jack bolted out of the door while the two watched him until the door closes.

Link sighed. “So as he said.” He placed the book down his bed and stood up. “You’re sleeping up there, any complaints?” He asked.

“None.” Elliot replied.

“So, here are the rules. One. Don’t touch my things.”


“Two. Privacy.”


“Three. I don’t like the place messy. And as you can see, I keep things tidy.”


“Forth. Don’t come bringing chicks here.”

“A what? Is there a barn here? I seemed to have missed that part.” Elliot said in wonder.

Link cleared his throat trying to stop his laughter and grin from coming out before giving back a reply. “Then I’m sure you won’t be breaking rule number 4 after all.” He said.

“Yeah, sure.” Elliot frowned still in wonder.

“And by the way, the names’ Lincoln. Lincoln Clark. Just call me Link.” He introduced formally.

“Elliot, Elliot Vale Scardel.” He replied back.

“Name sounds bizarre.”

“I agree.” Elliot sighed. “What do people here usually do?”

“What else? Waste time like any normal school functions. Hell with them who can’t even teach me properly.” Link replied.

“A school? What is that? Some kind of new stablished religion? A cult?”

Link looked at him in disbelief. “Dude, you some kind of alien?” he asked.

“No. It’s my first time hearing these kind of words. I know we speak the same language but it does seem that there are a lot of terms that I know nothing about. They even declined my offer to serve them. How does this godforsaken world functions?”

“You sound like an alien. Where the hell are you from?”

“New empire of Neudan.”

Link scratched his head. “Okay, the Landran Republic.”

“Landran Republic?”

“You know, your country’s new name 60 years ago.”


“Dude, it’s 2013. Stop with the historic naming okay?”

“What are you talking about? It’s just 1853. You can’t possibly be serious.”

Link laughed. “Bro, enough with it, 1853’s a plague after war. If you’re from there, you could’ve been dead by now.” He said as a matter of fact.

“Listen, I’ve been banished. It was sorcery that mounted me to this place and time. People had been seeing me oddly.”

“Because you’re odd. Dude, I’ll call Jack back and tell him you need some serious help—“

“No. You know the history. When sorcery was the one making the empire function, I was a part of that. I’m a mercenary.” Elliot still tried to confirm himself despite knowing that Link would not believe his blaspheme.

With fear out of hand, Link moved sideways, hoping he could outrun this mad man in front of him. This man is seriously nuts. Out of mind, might be suffering a really strong traumatic experience that made him sound all anachronistic. Or Jack might have given him an overdose of ecstasy before coming here that’s why he’s this high.

“I also have the power of sorcery. And that must be why I was thrashed here. People, who usually receives the holy punishment ends up being banished with the use of their own ability, and that must be why I’m here.”

“Look, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say and I… I need to go—“

And suddenly, Elliot appeared before the door. Shocked, Link was even more frightened by his sudden appearance in a blink of an eye. “I specialize the wind. And if that is not enough proof for you then feel free to intricate your skepticism and I’ll make sure to shut you down when you speak a word about this.” He said seriously.

Losing all his strength, Link dropped on his knees. Still filled with shock and disbelief. “Does anyone knows?” he asked.

“Nobody. Well if you die, that would be.” Elliot replied back.

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