Celeste derived form old Latin translating to heavenly yet the girl who wears the name is anything but, in fact she seems to be have been spit out from the depths of hell.
Alec and Celeste have an agreement but this agreement is proving to be harder for Alec to maintain than he would've thought.
He's falling for her and that's a breach to their contract in her words he's just a smart, safe and easy fuck nothing more.
He thought he would've liked this contract after all it's what he wanted with Sheila but Sheila loved him too damn much. However Celeste isn't Sheila or like any of those other girls. Celeste is different, she's a challenge because unlike the other girls it was quite easy getting into her pants, it's just harder for him to slither his way into her armoured heart.


6. Mothers

We agreed that I’d pick her up in the evening but I was too excited to wait that long after all she’d be here at two. In the afternoon only the main gates were open so I knew he’d have no choice but to drop her off at the school side probably so I waited in the car park.

I even cut school just to be here yet again using the advantage that I’d offered plenty of times to pick Nick up from school or just chauffeur him.

I just couldn’t miss the opportunity of picking up Kyle with Celeste in the passenger seat. Not to mention how fucking much I missed her and couldn’t wait to hold her again.

I didn’t know if she’d appreciate the surprise but she was full of surprises and she might just be as excited to see me as I am to see her.

I knew she’d be sad despite all that talk about accepting her grandfather’s death and I know for a fact that if Kyle wasn’t such a mess and exams weren’t inching closer she would’ve taken at least two more weeks but she couldn’t afford another year in high school especially now that her sole provider was – to put it bluntly – dead.

I waited patiently in my car as more and more students left their classes and waited for their rides while others just left. Some were just loitering around probably because they had nothing better to do this Friday afternoon that was hotter than usual.

Every black car that rolled by had me reaching for the door handle only to be disappointed to find it’s not Marv’s. A knock on my window disturbs my waiting and I think it’s her only to see Nick. I unlocked the other doors and he went around the car to the passenger’s seat.

“I swear you spend more time than I do here and I’m a student.”

 I should transfer here. It’d mean I get to spend more time together and I’d get to see what she’s like in class and around some of her friends.

“You here to pick me up, right?”

“Uh yeah,” I answer rubbing the back of my neck. “Kay then let’s go.”

“Uh not yet that cousin of yours left her uh lip balm in here and I have to return it.”

“You can return it some other time.”

How did he make it in life if he was this slow? I wasn’t the best liar and this was quit stupid. In his mind the last I would’ve seen her would be that time she decided to tag along when I came over to his place because she was sick of talking to forty year olds. We went to Billy’s smoked a few and somehow we ended up fucking in his guest room.

“I’d rather just do it now because I keep forgetting.”

“She can get a new one.”

“I’ll feel bad.”

He just rolled his eyes and muttered something about coming back later because she probably wouldn’t be here for like an hour or something.

He was wrong, it took another twenty minutes of waiting until the right car rolled in and I was immediately out of my car.

Fuck, I missed her.

It was almost like I was seeing her for the first time only more magical.

She’d died the tips of her afro red and it was just, she was just so fucking gorgeous.

She didn’t see me as she took her duffel out of the back and Marv stepped out to engulf her into a really long hug. He kissed her forehead and I can tell she made some sort of snarky comment cause they both laugh and they hug one last time before he enters the car.

She seemed different and it wasn’t just the red hair, she seemed freer, her skin was glowing, eyes twinkling.

She waved at him with a fond smile on her face then turned and it was me in her line of vision.

Her smile broadened a little and I was almost uncertain that that smile was intended for me but I returned it anyway. Feeling motivated I took long strides towards her and placed my hands firmly on her waist pulling her to me.

“We’re in public,” she whispered her breathing almost as erratic as mine.

Her big brown eyes are fixed on my eyes.

“I don’t care, I’ve fucking missed you.”

“Then stop talking.”

She surprises me by wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me closer to her. I cherished it inhaling the scent of her. It was a bit tainted from what I assume is hair product and Marv’s cologne but she still smelled perfect.

I pulled her body even closer then planted my lips firmly on hers. She didn’t seem to mind that I was kissing her like this in public, she actually seemed to revel in it deepening the kiss into something more sexual.

“What was that?” I ask breathlessly once she pulls away. “I might’ve missed you too,” she says and I feel elated at that. I feel like kissing her harder and spinning her around but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

My eyes met Marv’s who had a small smile in the car as he looked at us, nothing malicious just a simple smile, like he was happy for us, for her. He drove off and my eyes landed back on Celeste.

“Does that mean we’re more than just fuck buddies?”

“Take it slow Kane, we’re not about to start planning prom but I may let you take me out on a date.”

I kissed her hard trying to convey how I felt through it. She felt a bit thicker than she did and she has less eye bags.

I like this Celeste.

“Now that we’ve settled that I miss my superstar.”

“I’ll take you to him,” I place another kiss on her lips keeping it family friendly this time.

She picked her duffle that I hadn’t even noticed she dropped and took my hand when I offered it to her. We walked hand in hand towards my car as a foreign almost chocking feeling bubbled inside of me.

I love her

I love this

I love us

I couldn’t even bring myself to drive as we sat in the car, my heart feeling like it will just explode with all this unbearable emotion.

“I love you,” I felt the need to voice out. “I know.”

I turned to the side so I could kiss her slow and sensually and I did but sadly it was interrupted by Nick who just let himself into the backseat at some point and finally decided to clear his throat.

“I was going to wait till you guys noticed me or stopped but I realised that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.”

“Can’t you just walk home?”

“No and you’re not dropping me off at Billy’s again that was a goddam nightmare that child is evil. I still have nail polish on my toe nails and there’s still glitter in my hair.”

“We’re picking Kyle up first though.”

“I’m okay with that,” he says. “Oh I’m sorry for your loss.”

Her grandfather’s death was in the newspapers he was one of the few people who helped with settling shit with the colonisers who was still alive. He was acknowledged as a brave hero and his funeral would’ve been on TV too but the family didn’t want that, neither did he.

“Thank you,” she smiles softly at him. “And by the way you owe me a twenty,” he reminds and her brows knit together in confusion.

Have I mentioned that she’s so fucking gorgeous?

“You said you don’t do white boys and then I said I bet you a twenty that by the end of this year that’ll change, and you agreed.”

She seems to remember and she lets out a little laugh. “I can’t be liable to that, I didn’t even recall it.”

“Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

I finally had the motive to drive as they debated that there were no conditions and how is he so sure that she’s ‘done’ this particular white boy. I’m just happy she’s here beside me and if he doesn’t shut up I’ll stuff his mouth in twenties.

I pull out a fifty from my pocket and throw it in his general direction. “You don’t fight my battles,” she places the fifty on my lap.

“I’m not fighting your battles I’m shutting him up.”

“Yeah Celeste, he’s shutting me up give me back the fifty.”

“If he wants a twenty I’ll give him a fucking twenty.”

“I’m glad we agree,” Nick says and I want to roll me eyes but I’m driving.

I send Kyle a text to inform him I’m in the car park even though he probably won’t see it once we arrive.

By some magic she ended up getting a twenty from him. I don’t think anybody can explain how that happened.

We wait fifteen minutes before she decides that maybe we should look for him. I leave Nick in the car and because I’m a responsible adult I put the car on child lock and leave the windows partially open so he doesn’t suffocate.

He’s been playing a game on his phone ever since he gave her that twenty probably ashamed of himself.

We run into Julie and the twins on our way there. “Hey Jules,” she smiles and they hug. “Hey C, love the hair.”

“Aww thanks,” she smiles and bends over to hug the twins too. “Hey Britney, hey Hannah,” she says to the wrong ones. “How’d you know we switched?” the one in purple who I assume is now Britney asks. “Because you always kiss my cheek and Hannah doesn’t.”

“I guess that’s another thing we have to fix, Jul caught us too.”

“She’s your sister she’s always going to know,” she smiles at them. Then they greet me last.

“Jane, Freddie, Billy and I are going out tonight, maybe catch a movie, want to join?”

“This is the first night in three weeks I’m going to be with her, maybe some other time.”

“We might hit up a gay club,” her eyes go to Celeste. “Julia St Anne Marie, are you trying to seduce me with the sight of older guys in glitter, shirtless and some in make-up grinding against each other?”

“Yes, yes I am.”

“I’ll get back to you on that one,” she says. “There’s nothing to think about Celeste, I know your weaknesses.”

“Goodbye Julie,” she says. “You mean see you later,” Julie waves and walks off blowing us kisses. I’ve never seen this side of Julie before. I wave at her and the twins who turned earlier to wave at us.

We continue walking to the dance studio and I realise it would’ve been smarter to ask the twins if he was actually there. They were in grade one so I wouldn’t be too sure if they knew but they’ve been waiting together this past week. It’s a shame Mindy went to the primary side of Celeste’s school.

We enter the room that’s always cool and we’re both shocked to see Kyle shouting at someone, a boy around his age.

“No! Shut up don’t talk to me!”

“I’m sorry,” the guy persists.

“No you had your chance but you and everyone else are just like my parents you’re always so freaking disappointing, I’m sick of it.”

“Hear me out.”

“What the hell is going on?” Celeste asks her voice demanding. “Celeste?” he asks and the tears he was trying to fight fall from his eyes. He runs to her and leaps wrapping his arms around her neck and crying so hard into her as she holds him.

This reminds me so much of that day in her room when Marv came to pick her up.

 “What the fuck did you do?” I ask the other child who’s also started crying. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, Lola made me.”

“No one can make you do anything, is this Lola chick still here?” I ask while Celeste tries her best to comfort Kyle. “Yeah she’s practising in the auditorium,” he says. “You’re going to explain everything to me starting from the beginning.

Celeste takes Kyle in the direction of the bathroom as I talk to the boy.

“Me and Kyle we took pictures in dresses,” he starts crying again. “Stop fucking crying.”

I know I’m being harsh but I want to hit him for how he’s making my little brother cry.

“Lola found a few in my phone and she promised she wouldn’t tell anyone about me if I,” he stops again to cry a little. “Kid, I will fucking smash you if you don’t continue.”

“If I wrote mean things on them and sent them to everyone in class.”

“Do you still have one on your phone?” He nods.

“Fucking show me,” I growl annoyed with this kid. I scroll through them, there’s things like ‘Fag Queen’, ‘Homo’, ‘Fag shit.’

These kids are fucking seven for crying out loud who the fuck teaches them this shit. There’s one with boobs drawn on him and a cock at his mouth. I’m going to fucking kill this kid.

“I didn’t do the drawing I just did the writing, I wrote what she told me to.”

“Do you even understand the gravity of calling someone that word?”

I can’t even bring myself to say it without feeling nauseous. I can’t believe someone would call my little brother such things. Their fucking seven how the fuck?

“Is your principal still here?”

“She leaves at five or five thirty when all the activities finish.”

“Stay fucking here, I’m taking your phone, if I come back and you’re gone you’re fucking dead, you hear me?”

He looks like he’s going to cry again but instead he just nods.

When I go to the bathroom Celeste is standing and their laughing while she does his make-up. I know she rarely wears make up and I didn’t even know she carried around any. He’s sitting on the sink.

“How do I look?” he asks a big smile on his lips that are painted red and his eyelashes that seem to have been extended.

“No fair, it’s my makeup but you look way better than me when I wear it.”

He blushes hard at the comment. “Celeste?”


“Thank you,” he smiles. “You don’t have to thank me,” she smiles back at him. “Now let me do you.”

“You can do her makeup later we have to handle this now Kyle, it’s gotten way too out of proportion.”

His face drops and he looks at Celeste. “I’d love to but Alec’s right Kyle, I don’t know what happened but if you’re crying this much and you’ve gotten this skinny in the span of three weeks we have to handle it. I know you’re trying to be strong but the adults have to get involved now and things have to be settled.”

“Okay,” he reluctantly agrees.

“If you want I’ll even dye your hair red after.”

“Okay,” he smiles brighter.

She tries to carry him but he shakes his head, he’s going to walk.

“Did that kid tell you what happened?” she asks. “I don’t think I should show you this.”

“Is it that bad?”

I hand her the kid’s phone, her eyes well up with tears and I can feel her seething. The look in her eyes tells me she’s probably going to bury both the kid and Lola.

“I’m going to kill them,” she enunciates each word slowly, her tone so cold I almost don’t recognise it. “We have to be adults about this, for Kyle.”

She looks at me and takes a few calming breaths before following Kyle.

She takes his hand as they walk back into the studio where the kid hasn’t moved from his spot.

“Did you make those?” she asks him making a fist with her hand that’s not holding Kyle.

“I only added the words that Lola told me to but I didn’t make the others.”

“I hope you’re really happy Joshua, Kyle really liked you, you could’ve been great friends. I’m disappointed.”

He looks away and mutters a small sorry. “It’s too fucking late.”

“Now where’s this Lola bitch?”

“In the auditorium,” he mutters under his breath.

She takes in more calming breaths before deciding that we should go to the principal’s office first.

She walks hand in hand with Kyle and I walk with Joshua in front of me.

“I need to talk to Mrs. Kayla.”

“Afternoon to you too young lady but you can’t just demand to talk to the principal,” the secretary says.

“Oh lady, today is not the day to be fucking with me to go through proper channels, you see this child, he hasn’t been okay for three whole fucking weeks or longer I have no clue, see his eyes they’re all puffy and he looks like he hasn’t slept properly in a whole fucking year, I can guarantee you if I lifted up his shirt we’d both see ribs because he hasn’t been eating properly either.

It’s not because no one’s feeding him or the situation is bad at home but because other students at this fucking school have treated him like shit. I wasn’t fully aware of the situation until now and I would like to settle it as quickly as possible,” she says it in Simbi so that Kyle doesn’t understand but with the way Joshua winces I can tell he understood.

The secretary picks up a phone and then gives us the go. “It’s the last door to your right.”

“Thank you,” Celeste says in Simbi again and leads us through the door that leads to the school offices. She doesn’t even knock just barges in and the principal looks up from her computer screen as she was typing something.

“Afternoon Mr Kane and Miss?”

“The name’s Celeste, you and I have some things to discuss.”

“I’m aware, my secretary told me you claim young Mr Kane here’s being bullied.”

“I don’t claim, I know.” She hands her the phone then sits on the chair placing Kyle in her lap. I take the other chair and Joshua sits on the couch behind us.

“I see,” the woman says and scrolls.

“Uh so you see? Look at that Alec she sees.”

She takes off her glasses and folds them on her desk.

“I’m afraid I can’t really do anything to help the situation, Miss Celeste but I will call in the students available and their parents and perhaps we can come to a reasonable agreement maybe tomorrow afternoon?”

“You can call them now, we can settle this now.”

“With all due respect Miss Celeste, you’re not his parent and you’re a minor this is an issue to be handled amongst adults.”

“With all due respect Ms Kayla, I’ve said this once to another teacher and I’m saying this again to you, right now Celeste is the closest thing Kyle has to a mother right now and if she says we’re resolving this now we are resolving this now,” I speak for the first time.

“I see,” she says.

“Who are the students responsible?”

“As far as we know Joshua and Lola are the ones who created the pictures.”

She types something into her computer then searches a little then types some more. “My secretary is contacting them can I offer you anything?”

“You want anything?” she softly asks Kyle who shakes his head. “You sure, did you eat your lunch?”

He whispers something in her ear. “He’ll have water and a sandwich, do you want anything?” she asks Joshua in the back who shakes his head. She doesn’t ask him again.

“I’ll have a water too.”

She types some more and informs us it’s on its way.

We also hear through the intercom that Lola Bennett is being called to the principal’s office. Kyle shudders at the name and sinks further into Celeste. “You’ll be okay,” she whispers softly. The principal watches the exchange with curious eyes.

“What action will be taken towards the two?” I ask.

“I’d say immediate expulsion but this is a challenging topic and we don’t know the full context of the situation maybe suspension for a week or so and banning from extracurricular activities for the rest of the school year.

It’s important to put educating the kids first rather than reprimanding them, they are just children after all.”

“We understand that and I think we should also use this as an opportunity to raise awareness in the school and you should enforce your no bullying rule make it much more strict and harder to breach, add more consequences or something.

Also solid policies on where as a school you stand on the LGBTQ, like the religion and race one, I mean we aren’t yet sure of Kyle’s sexuality but I think this is an eye opener that you do need the policy.”

“You’re right, Miss Celeste and we will.”

The food comes but Kyle’s already asleep even when Lola enters the room. She’s unapologetic and if Celeste wasn’t holding Kyle she’d probably be at her throat. Celeste tells her to shut up and threatens her a little in Simbi, okay not a little she promised to tear her intestines out and feed them to her while she watches.

Her eyes went wide and she sat shutting her mouth.

Joshua’s parents were the first to arrive and they were very apologetic much like Joshua claiming they’d raised him better and they went to sit down in another room to ‘discuss’ things.  Celeste seemed fairly pleased with that.

Lola’s parents were the last to arrive at seven o’clock and didn’t seem too pleased with being called in without prior notice.

“Mr and Mrs Bennett I assure you, you have your devil of a daughter to blame for this, you can stop giving poor Ms Kayla stank eyes.”

“She is correct from what I hear from Joshua and the both of them your daughter is the instigator of all this.”

“Is that true honey?”

“They’re mad because I was mean to that fag I told you about.”

“Lola, what did I say to you about talking?” Celeste asks sweetly with a fake smile plastered on her face.

“You can’t blame her for that, those people are a disgrace in this community in fact you should be thanking her,” Mrs Bennet speaks up.

“Excuse you?”

“Did I say something wrong?”

“I don’t think the children should be present for this,” Ms Kayla says. “I completely agree, can I go leave him with the secretary?” she asks.

Ms Kayla goes back to her computer then tells her she can. When she returns without Kyle she rudely dismisses Lola then slaps Mrs Bennett right across the face.

Mrs Bennett remains with her mouth open her hand over where she was slapped. “I think you need to cool off before this discussion can continue,” Ms Kayla suggests.

“Your ancestors, my ancestors fought for freedom in the country, they sacrificed their lives so that we could live in a free world and you can stand here and tell me that we should be thanking her for making him feel bad about what he likes. He’s a fucking child, he wore a dress because he thought it was pretty, he’s wearing makeup right now because he likes it.”

She’s fighting back tears as she says this and most words come out in her mother tongue rather than English.

“Those ancestors you speak of didn’t shed their blood for us to live in a sinful world, where you would allow men to lay with other men and men to dress like females, that boy is unnatural.”

“Who created those rules?” she asks her in Simbi. “My baba-go, didn’t pray to these Gods that came with the white men and Arabs, he believed that there was a lungu and he also believed in the spirits that lived amongst us, he much like myself failed to understand where all this….hate came from.”

“It’s just not right,” Mrs Bennett insists. “I don’t know why we’re discussing this, what the boy is doing, acting like a female when God created him male,” her husband speaks up.

“And what your daughter did was right? Did you see those pictures?” I challenge him. “I can’t change either of yours is opinion but what my little brother is doing doesn’t harm anyone but what your daughter did is harming him. She’s made him a laughing stock not to mention given people an ugly view of him.

There’s nothing wrong with him wearing a dress or wearing makeup when he wants to, women wear trousers, your wife is wearing trousers right now when a few decades ago that would’ve been considered a taboo because she’s female. In some traditions men wear skirts, pastors and priests the pope himself wears a robe, technically that’s a dress.

Your daughter shamed him for that for wearing something he wanted to. How would you feel if I shamed your wife like that because she was wearing trousers, edited a picture; drawing a cock on her pants and putting pussy on her lips?

Tell me Mrs Bennet how would you feel if I did that to you?”

They both stay in silence. “It’s not the same,” Mr Bennett finally says.

“The children are right Mr and Mrs Bennett, your opinion cannot be changed but your opinion shouldn’t cloud the fact that what your daughter did was bullying and the school does not tolerate bullying. We do not discriminate at this school and if you think that what she did was okay perhaps you should consider taking her to a school that endorses such behaviour.”

“Are you expelling our daughter?” Mrs Bennett asks quite mortified. “If she continues with this behaviour immediate expulsion, I think we can all see that she was misguided in her actions but this will hopefully be an educative experience and she won’t behave in such a manner again towards anybody. I hope the two of you make sure that she knows that this is the last time she’s ever doing this. I don’t care if it’s just the slip of the tongue and she calls someone stupid, she will no longer be welcome at this school. Now if there’s nothing you would like to ask I think it’s appropriate that I ask you two to exit my office.”

“No, nothing,” Mrs Bennett shakes her head even though it seems like Mr wasn’t done talking.

“Thank you,” she says and they leave.

“As for you Celeste, I’ll let your little act of violence slide, to be honest just between us I would’ve whacked her too.”

Celeste smiles at her and I can tell she likes this woman.

Everything settles and Ms Kayla decides on an assembly Monday morning so enforce the no bullying policy and add in the part about the LGBTQ as Celeste had suggested. She’s even invited to be the guest speaker and she agrees, and she’ll be the one to put in the LGBTQ flag in front of the school along with the other flags and she can bring along a few friends for moral support and if Kyle doesn’t feel too pressured he’ll help.

We bid our farewell to Ms Kayla and she mentions how unconventional our family dynamic is and how she doesn’t fully support it but admires that we can at least wear our adult shoes for him.

I feel emotionally drained by the end of it all and just want to curl beside Celeste.

Kyle is awake when we take him from the secretary who stayed in just to watch over him. It’s really dark outside, no stars in sight.

I carry Kyle despite his protests and hold Celeste’s hand with my free one to the car. He sits on her lap and we drive home. I can tell Kyle feels better and he might not return to his old self any time soon but at least now he has no fear of being egged at school.

Kyle falls asleep again during the drive home and we enter the house with her carrying his sleeping body. She disappears to the upstairs muttering something about putting him to bed then coming back down. I kiss her cheek and she gives me a lazy smile probably feeling exhausted as well.

I go to the fridge to grab her a bottle of water. “That was quick,” I mutter when I hear her footsteps. “I’ve been gone forever, what do you mean that was quick?” my mother asks in confusion.

Wait what, my mother?




Bullying is a serious issue. I know sometimes it feels like it's best to handle it on your own but getting help is the best option. Also you never know what kind of shit the person you're bullying is going through.

I will admit I've been bullied and I have bullied.

I think the second experience was much worse because I saw how it affected the other people especially this other one who stood out to me, it was an unusual case because she was in high school while I was in primary school and I could honestly take it all back if I could.

I didn't even think it would push her to the point of wanting to end her life, I thought it was all just harmless teasing I didn't realise I was tearing her down like that. I don't think I've ever been lower than that in my life. 

Now she's okay thank fuck, we're still in touch and even though she treats me like a friend now and she's forgiven me for everything, I don't think I'll ever forgive myself, writing this makes me nauseous I can't even imagine doing it to a person now and when I remember it's like a totally different person did that.

I suppose a totally different person did do that but still I feel the guilt and disgust with my younger self and knowing that deep down I may be capable of that.

I just thought I should share this because of the theme throughout the chapter.

The real Celeste is much like this Celeste when it comes to bullying and she was so disgusted with me at the time as well and maintained distance for a long while after that whole incident. 

If you are being bullied or know someone who is it's always best to get help and if you are a bully it's best to get help too there must be some reason why you're bullying.


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