Celeste derived form old Latin translating to heavenly yet the girl who wears the name is anything but, in fact she seems to be have been spit out from the depths of hell.
Alec and Celeste have an agreement but this agreement is proving to be harder for Alec to maintain than he would've thought.
He's falling for her and that's a breach to their contract in her words he's just a smart, safe and easy fuck nothing more.
He thought he would've liked this contract after all it's what he wanted with Sheila but Sheila loved him too damn much. However Celeste isn't Sheila or like any of those other girls. Celeste is different, she's a challenge because unlike the other girls it was quite easy getting into her pants, it's just harder for him to slither his way into her armoured heart.


2. Marvin I

I turn to the right realising she’s not there, judging from the dip it wasn’t too long ago that she left but the spot is already cold. I sit up only to find that she’s nowhere in the space of this confined room that should honestly be meant for one.

She might be across the hall in the bathroom, probably retching her guts out after all that drinking she did yesterday.

I trip over a half packed duffle as I try to make my way across the small space to the door. I wouldn’t even make a nursery this small. It’s not for her weekend with me there’s way too many clothes in there and she has a few clothes she left over at my place so she hardly brings anything anymore.

Or maybe this is her last weekend with me and it’s only half full because she wants to bring back the little things that accumulated in my room thanks to her forgetful nature and ability to go home in just a shirt or without underwear on just sweats and a t-shirt.

She enters the room in a black tank top tucked into her navy blue sweats that are just below her belly button. I’m only noticing now how much weight she’s actually lost from when we started fucking. I knew she’d lost weight but I didn’t know it was this much at this rate she’ll be competing with Sheila in a couple of months. It’s just Sheila doesn’t have the natural curves she does.

“You’re wearing a bra?”

“Shocking?” she raises a brow as if she doesn’t know it is. She’d once read me a thousand word essay on why she’d never wear a bra explaining how bras like briefs are the smarter choice but no one gives you a hard time for wearing boxers.

I just roll my eyes at her, a habit I had picked up from her and sadly one my brother was also getting.

“What happened to your belief that bras are evil?” I ask a teasing smile on my face.

“My brother will be here to pick me up and he doesn’t appreciate my nipples in his face, he says its offensive.”

I was a thousand percent certain her brother was gay despite not having met him yet. I’d seen enough pictures and heard enough stories to know that he was definitely not straight.

“I didn’t even know you owned a bra.”

“It’s Jane’s and it’s so fucking tight,” she pulls on the straps as if to emphasize her point on how stretched it is because her fingers can’t even fit through the space. She moves over to her phone that’s charging with her laptop on the bedside table.

“It’s already two my brother will be here any minute you should go and I should finish packing.”

“Wait, why are you going home?” I ask, maybe I can try to convince her to stay or better yet take me with her. I’ve never been as far South as she lives and I’ve always wanted to go, to see for myself if the parties were as loud as they said they were. Billy says the Dothrakis have nothing on the southerners when it comes to savagery and after being forced to sit through six seasons of game of thrones by the woman in front of me I know that if they party worse than the Dothrakis they must be true savages.

“My baba-go’s in hospital,” she informs me as if it’s nothing but I know her grandfather more to her than that and I feel dickish for only wanting to go to see if all the rumours I’ve heard are true. “What happened?” I question.

“I don’t know all Rex told me was that he fainted and he’s in hospital, still unconscious.”

I also know Rex by pictures and stories. Unlike up here people in the South didn’t care about your sexuality because they believed before the white man came with his Christ all was accepted, it was only when he started spreading word of his white God that everyone else started turning their back on homosexuality.

“Are you going to be okay?”

“Obviously,” she smiles but I can tell by the look in her eyes she’s terrified. I try to hug her but she takes a step back and it feels like she’s just crushed the heart that wanted to jump into her lap yesterday without a single flinch.

“We have to sort out a few things for example how you’re not my boyfriend and originally this agreement was strictly just sex until you started bringing me alcohol and for that favour I was willing to give you a friend as well but nothing more than friendship.

You’re a nice guy, like honestly when you’re not being a slut you’re amazing. You’re caring, you’re responsible, you’re honest most of the time but as I mentioned earlier before I’m not looking for love or some fantasy that just because we have sex we’ll fall in love and probably meet each other years later and get married. This is just sex and if being friends confuses your emotions then you can stop bringing me alcohol and I can stop being your friend.”

What do you say to that?

Was she giving me an ultimatum?

Her grandfather is in hospital we can’t be discussing about how my feelings are breeching the contract I should be focusing on her and how she feels.

“We can have this conversation, just not now, for now go be with your grandfather and when he’s all better and you’re ready to come back, we can talk about where we stand.”

She seems to ponder over my suggestion before nodding.

“Tell your brother I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it today but I’ll be there for the big night on Friday.”

“You tell him.”

“His adorable little face is going to make me feel bad,” her bottom lips juts out. I used to hate it when Sheila did that, it made her look immature and reminded me of my red faced brother trying to get my attention, he was an attention whore which is why him and Celeste got along so well, she’d always give him attention; the unnecessary kind.

“You’re going to see your grandpa in hospital I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“If you say so,” she sighs and a silence stays between us until she finally decides to finish packing. She packs the duffel to the brim and she even has trouble closing it but when I try to help she shoos me away.

A knock on the door almost has her jumping out of her skin. Panic widens her eyes as she looks between me and the door and the window, again she looks at me the turning door knob then the window.

She then freezes unmoving staring with wide eyes at the door like if she stares enough the person will disappear.

I would be panicking too but the likelihood of it being the matron is quite unlikely so it’s probably Jane or one of the people who share the house with her. It probably won’t be a snitch but likely a gossip only problem is she won’t be able to prove I was here.

It’s a male figure who walks in perhaps 6’4 from the looks of it and definitely not her brother. “Marv?” she croaks out tears filling her eyes and her knees give out. He rushes to her and makes sure she doesn’t land on the floor but rather on him.

“Shh, I’m here now,” he holds her to his chest and she clutches his shirt so her as she cries into him. “How bad is he?” the question barely comes out of her but we can both tell it’s what she asked. “It’s never been this bad C, even your mother’s there.”

From what I had gathered her parents were still alive they just didn’t take care of – wait did he just call her C?

“Do you think he’ll make it?” she looks up at him with pleading eyes looking at him for any assurance whatsoever that she’s not about to lose her grandfather. “Of course he will, he’s a fighter.”

It’s obvious he doesn’t believe it but his voice sell the conviction it’s the faltering smile that gives him away. “I can’t lose him Marv,” she sobs into him holding him as much as she can.

I should be more sympathetic but all I can see right now is the fact that I’ll never have that with her. She’ll never come to me with her tears for me to console her not unless she’s under the influence of so much alcohol. She doesn’t need a bottle of vodka to bear her soul to him.

“You won’t,” he holds her face in his big hands. He places a kiss on her forehead and she closes her eyes her body naturally at ease, leaning into him slightly. I shouldn’t be feeling like this, I should be worried for her grandfather. I should be worried for her.

He’s probably the one paying for her tuition. More than that he took her and her brother in even when the parents didn’t want to.

They sit there for a while maybe even hours, her crying into him, him telling her it’s all going to be okay, me a bystander just watching.

Is this how all those girls felt when they saw me moving on? In the background; insignificant; invisible.

The situation is different but if this hurts this much, how did they feel? Every time I moved on I didn’t shy away from rubbing it in their faces, every time I got a new ‘girlfriend’ I didn’t hide it from Sheila even though I knew she cared more than she let on.

When she’s done crying he waits for her to pull away and eventually she does. “Thank you, it wouldn’t have been good if I lost it in front of Kali, we have to be strong for each other.”

“No problem. I’ll always be here for you, you don’t need a tragedy even if someday you just feel like shit hell you don’t even have to be feeling like shit, if you just want to talk to me.”

“I know I’m just not ready to forgive yet,” she looks away from him and tries to stand but fails so he helps her up. He’s definitely not eighteen, he must be at least twenty five and it seems as though their relationship is far more than just platonic.

“Where’s your bag?”

“You’re still here,” she sighs moving to pick her bag up. “I’ll just slip out the window.”

“Okay, send me a video of Kyle’s rehearsal; make sure he knows I’ll be there.”

“I’ll be praying for you.”

“You’re atheist,” she states. “You’re not,” I quickly peck her on the lips too fast for her notice.

“Bye,” I mutter and open the window stepping out of it.

I feel like a coward, I should’ve done something, he was all over her. He’s practically twice my size though and that muscle didn’t look like it was for show and those were some gang looking tattoos, he could’ve been strapped.

In broad daylight I can actually just walk out of this school because a shit ton of visitors come in and come out especially on weekends so I don’t have to sneak out.

“Alec?” Nick stops me. I was so fucking close to the gate. I could’ve managed to avoid this conversation. “Oh hi, I was looking for you, your mother told me to drop you or pick you up or something I don’t remember but then I couldn’t find you and my phone died so it’s this whole mess.”

“Oh but she’s coming,” his eyebrows knot together and I immediately think back to Celeste who’s probably breaking from the inside out but I was too jealous to see that. “My ma must’ve said it you know how she is, she’s crazy.”

“It’s cool I can tell her you’re here anyway and there’s no need for her to come in.”

A sleek vintage car passes by me and judging by the plate I can tell it’s Marv’s unless coincidentally there’s some other person here from her town. “That’s a wicked ride.”

“Who the fuck uses wicked like that anymore?” I ask Nick who just shrugs. “Kay cool, let’s go.”

I liked Nick but he was too clingy and I’m positive he had a crush on me. I switch on my phone only to find five missed calls from Sheila and one from Billy. “Bye,” Nick waves to the guardswoman with a smile as we step out the gate.

“Why don’t you just come in with your car again?”

“I failed my driver’s test,” I mutter looking through the stream of texts Sheila sent. She was clearly drunk thus all the sloppy nude pics that I was quite quick to delete. There were a few others from booty calls 3, 4 and 9 that I also deleted.

We finally got to where I packed my car and I fished my jacket for the keys, Luckily there were in there so we got in. “I’ll go over to Bill’s to shower then I can drop you off.”

“Why don’t you just shower at home?”

“Because me and Bill are secretly in love and it’s our Saturday tradition.”

“Why can’t you drop me off first?”

“Because your mother can’t see me like this, she loves me.”

Kyle wasn’t the only attention whore in the family, he’d probably gotten it from spending too much time with me anyway. I didn’t miss an opportunity to be praised for anything.

“What are you doing after that?”

“I’ll probably go pick up Kyle and take him to his rehearsal with Mindy cause Celeste can’t make it.”


Oh yeah me and your apparently third or fourth cousin are screwing and my brother’s grown a weird attachment to her.

Now that I think about it if I weren’t friends with Nick and his mother hadn’t loved me so much I wouldn’t have met Celeste. Nick had invited me over my brother snuck into the car and after gushing over the both of us his mother convinced us to stay over for dinner, she omitted that a bunch of her family that was schooling here would be coming over as well.

They weren’t even all technically family sure they were somehow weirdly related to the same people but they were just from the same town and Nick’s mum had gotten just a bit over excited once she’d learned of their existence. She made it a tradition to invite them all over at least twice a month.

“Dude you okay you just kind of zoned out?”

“Yeah, I should probably just start driving.”

“You mean Celeste as in my cousin?”

“No,” I answer and pull out of my parking space and into the road.

After letting out my frustration by swearing at a bunch of drivers who were probably better than me and actually had skills we finally made it to Bill’s in once piece.

I didn’t bother knocking and just entered the house. Mindy was half way down the stairs as we made our way down the stairs of the foyer into the living room. “Hey Alec,” she smiled jumping into my arms. “Hey Mimi,” I hugged her back.

“Celeste can should come to my room today; I have to get her pretty for the rehearsal.”

I found the relationship Mindy had with Celeste weird. Once in a while she even called Celeste sister wife even though at first she was seething when Kyle had introduced Celeste to Mindy as his future wife. I knew Celeste found the sister wife thing unnerving but never really complained about it.

“It’s just me today munchkin, Celeste had to go back home.”

“Aw Kyle’s going to be devastated.”

“You can make her pretty for the big show not that she isn’t already, she’s actually very beautiful but-” she cuts me off. “It’s okay I understand.”

“Oh hi Nick,” she waves at him and he waves back. “I’ll go shower now.”

“I’ll tell Billy he’s in the back,” she says and jumps down. I make my way upstairs to the guest room where there’s a few of my clothes. Billy uses this house to throw most parties and my parents were way too strict for me to even attempt sneaking girls in so most of them except Sheila and Celeste thought I lived here.

I took a quick shower then went to the closet to fetch a pair of black pants, a black t-shirt and I topped it with another leather jacket. I put the dirty clothes and underwear into the laundry. I attempted to fix my hair but just decided to leave it a mess, after all Celeste does like it like that.

I go outside to where Mindy said Billy was. He’s alone smoking a joint per usual. It’s going to kill him one day.

“So I hear your girlfriend’s at her favourite café giggling with some guy who’s apparently her cousin.”

There were two reasons why I hated small towns:

No one had anything better to do so they made it their mission to gossip News travelled like wild fire

“Now I can bet you six joints and my sister’s lungs he isn’t her cousin.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“You’re her bitch you at least get to call her your girlfriend which gives you the right to go to that café and stop some funny business from happening.”

“How are you so sure I’m her bitch?”

“If she threw a stick and told you to fetch, I’m willing to add on my sister’s kidneys as well that you’d run to fetch it.”

It was a bit of an over exaggeration but he was right I did listen to her every command.

“What did you propose we do?”

“From what I hear he’s probably not even a college boy he’s a man so you have no chance physically and he has gang tattoos so he’s most probably strapped so what we’re going to do is, we’re going to that café and find out if you’re winning my sister’s lungs or not.”

“If I’m not?”

“I’m taking you out for a drink and we’re getting you Sheila back because to be honest Celeste isn’t worth all that,” he gestured to me. “All what?”

“You’re a mess Alec, you’re wearing your shoes wrong, your hair is a mess and you look like you’re about to start crying. I’ve never seen you so down it’s not healthy, she’s not healthy.”

“I think I’m in love with her.”

“It’s just the oxytocin.”

I don’t know what that is but I don’t ask for fear of looking stupid so I just shrug. “Let’s go I’ll drive,” he throws the joint that was only half used into the long grass.

“Bye Mindy,” I place a kiss on her forehead as I walk out. Her brother gives her a small lecture on staying safe and locking all the doors and how she should only open for the maid who also works as her nanny. “I got it, just go and don’t be late to pick me up for Kyle’s rehearsal.”

In the car I was dreading my decision as he drove to the cafe. I don’t know what I was hoping to achieve by seeing them together. Her grandfather was sick for crying out loud and this guy was probably her cousin yet here I was on this crazy mission.

When we walked in I noticed Sheila first and suddenly it dawned on me why Billy knew all this and the real reason I was being brought here. I passed by here table without a second glance and sat at the booth across from Celeste’s favourite booth and sure enough she was there having an animated conversation with Marv an untouched piece of chocolate cake in front of her while he chewed on  roasted pistachio nuts. He cracked them open without struggle and popped them into his mouth.

He would cut her off to feed her one and she willingly just opened her mouth and ate. She had a Choco frappe in front of her as well that she seemed to have not touched.

I couldn’t hear their conversation but from what I could make out from behind my menu was that the conversation had now taken a darker tone. He pushed the plate of chocolate cake forward and she just looked at it.

He was glaring hard at her and she just looked out the window.

She liked that booth because not only was it in the back and the booth furthest away from the toilet but you could also see the small garden they had outside. I’d only been here a few times with her cause she wanted to stop for food considering she only ate school food.

Lately we hadn’t done that.

He took her fork and used it to take a piece of the chocolate cake he placed it in his mouth and chewed dramatically, appreciating how good it was then took a sip of her frappe. He said something then brought the straw to her lips and she drank from it.

For some inexplicable reason my cock twitched. It wasn’t inexplicable she was sucking and her cheeks were going in but it was embarrassing.

“Good,” he praises and she rolls her eyes. He feeds her half the chocolate cake and allows him to give her more of the frappe before she decides she has to go to the bathroom.

He rubs his temples and looks in my direction. I glue my eyes onto the menu but it doesn’t change the fact that he walks over and sits opposite me.

“Your name’s Alec right?” he asks and I look up from my menu to him. He doesn’t seem as intimidating as he was when I first saw him he actually seems quite worried and exhausted, he must be putting up the front for her.

“How long have you and Celeste been fucking?”

“Couple of months,” I answer trying not to flinch as his muscles flex when he puts his hands on the table. “Is she eating?”

I don’t have a solid answer to that one. I don’t actually know if she’s eating.

“Hey look, you have no reason to like me, intimidating ex just pops into town but we don’t have to be dicks to each other. I messed up with Celeste, I lost my chance with her and I get that but doesn’t mean I don’t still care about her, now has she been eating.”

“I only see her in the nights three times a week and on weekends I wouldn’t know.”

“On weekends does she eat?”

If I’m being honest I realise she always come up with an excuse or eats a few bites and claims she’s not hungry.

“Not really.”

“The way she’s lost weight isn’t normal now I know you care about her which is why you showed up here but I also know she’s not necessarily good to you, but I need you to promise that you’ll be taking care of her and making sure she’ll be eating properly.”

I just glare at him gaining more confidence now that I know he’s not a threat.

“Look Alec, I don’t know you and you don’t know me but we both know her and from the looks of it we’re both in love with her or at least care for her. That is the reason why we’re having this civil conversation and I haven’t gone all apeshit on you because she needs you.

When she sets her goal to something nothing ever really gets in her path and she’s determined to not eat for all the wrong reasons. If she was exercising and eating right because she wants to be fit I wouldn’t be in her path but she’s not, she’s starving herself and that’s dangerous to her health.

Fact of the matter is she’s stubborn and what she’s doing to herself isn’t good for her and I need you to help me get her eating right. Can you do that?”

“If you really did care about her you’d be suggesting she get professional help instead of approaching another teenager and relying on his feelings for her. What if I didn’t like her like that and I like her like this now?”

He didn’t seem taken aback by my answer in fact he seemed like he was anticipating such an answer. He effortlessly grabs me by the shirt and pulls me over the table forcing me to look into his dark eyes that make me want to piss my pants.

“I tried being patient with you but you are just like all these other high school shits. You’re probably the reason she’s starving herself trying to force herself to lose weight at an extreme pace so she can be desirable by shits like you.

For her sake I was hoping you were different,”

He lightly slammed me on the table and I can tell it took a lot of effort for him not to hurt me. Luckily the café was close to empty so no one was present to witness my shame apart from an elderly couple, Sheila and Billy.

It angered me that he’d spent barely an hour with her and realised that she was starving herself, he knew her that well, it also pissed me off that he was so sure that her starving herself was caused by the fact that she wanted to be desirable.

Celeste did what she wanted when she wanted and all those insecurities whispered to me by the girl didn’t stem from weight issues. Celeste was tough and she didn’t care what high school shits like me thought or said about her, right?



Yay second chapter. I was going to wait a while until I introduced Marv but I got a bit too excited. I sincerely like him but sadly he messed up with Celeste but I hope I'll be able to fit more of him into the story. 

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Oh and quite unedited but I guess it's quite obvious



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