Celeste derived form old Latin translating to heavenly yet the girl who wears the name is anything but, in fact she seems to be have been spit out from the depths of hell.
Alec and Celeste have an agreement but this agreement is proving to be harder for Alec to maintain than he would've thought.
He's falling for her and that's a breach to their contract in her words he's just a smart, safe and easy fuck nothing more.
He thought he would've liked this contract after all it's what he wanted with Sheila but Sheila loved him too damn much. However Celeste isn't Sheila or like any of those other girls. Celeste is different, she's a challenge because unlike the other girls it was quite easy getting into her pants, it's just harder for him to slither his way into her armoured heart.


5. Changes

I got a B

I Alec Kane studied for a test, math no less and got a B.

It wouldn’t bother me so much if it didn’t mean that if I’m getting a B now for a test that I was prepared for it meant a C on my finals. A C on my finals meant an average college, an average college meant an average job, and an average job meant I couldn’t take my brother out of this sorry ass town into a bigger city with more opportunities for him.

I didn’t have any solid plans for the future just that I’d be going to a big university, get a degree and I’d get some important job like an accountant, business manager, lawyer, doctor, lecturer, engineer anything that paid enough to take care of me and give a teenage boy financial security.

I’d considered prostitution once, or drug dealing when I’d gotten really sick of my parents but I needed to be a role model for my brother and a respectable job would make me that.

I had requested to re-write the test to ensure my average in math isn’t going to drop to an eighty but that old hag had ensured me that one B wouldn’t dent my Straight A average. If I was doing this for me I wouldn’t give two shits, in fact I would’ve settled for becoming a mechanic down at my uncle’s shop of course in between studying and taking care of my little brother I knew almost nothing when it came to cars but I was willing to learn.

“Hey Alec, haven’t seen you for a while,” Sheila smiles the moment I exit the class almost like she was waiting for me outside. “Hey Sheila,” I smile back despite not feeling like it. “How’ve you been?”


“We should probably start walking to Chem, the lesson starts in a couple of minutes,” she states and starts slowly walking ahead of me probably trying to see if I’ll catch up with her because I’m bored and it’s Monday I do catch up to her.

She updates me on the parties she went to on the weekend, how everyone misses me and if I can find the time I should just pop by.

Eventually we reach the Chem lab and she plants herself on my lab partner’s spot. I like Julie as a lab partner unlike three quarters of the class she actually knows what’s going on, I just hope we don’t do a practical today or I’m screwed.

“I’m not your lab partner,” I kindly point out once Julie enters the classroom looking all lost. “I’ve missed you,” she says. “You know how Ms. Johns is about this stuff.”

Ms Johns could actually care less who and who were lab partners but she wouldn’t know that because she doesn’t pay attention to this class. Sheila was an artist, all her clothes had tiny paint stains in them that couldn’t be scrubbed off, most of the time she had paint on her cheek, sometimes she’d have paintbrushes in her hair, she did manage to keep a B/C average in every other subject she took but she didn’t have the passion Julie had for this class.

“Okay but we’re sitting together in English.”

“I’m counting on it,” I smile and she gets up. I call Julie over and she takes her seat beside me. “You two back together?” she asks as she digs into her bag for stationary and her textbook. “We were never together besides I told you she’s straight.”

“It was a momentary lapse of judgement I have my eyes set on another, less addicted to you fine young woman.”

“Do tell,” I urge and she just slightly blushes shaking her head. Being her lab partner for four years had forced us to bond in some way and I was pretty sure I’m the only person who knew she wasn’t straight, not because she hid it but because she barely talked to anyone else except me and the dude who she’s always tied for first place with; Freddie I think.

“Maybe later, for now we have Chemistry to focus on we’re finally finishing up stoichiometry, I don’t know why it took us so fucking long, moles aren’t that complicated.”

This was the one quality I disliked about Julie. She always managed to make me feel stupid, it’d taken me two full weeks to get this whole mole concept nonsense in and out while it had taken her an hour and five example questions.

Luckily my last lesson on Mondays was advanced mathematics and I took it with Julie, Freddie and a bunch of other people who valued their education equally as much as I did. I don’t know why I didn’t surround myself by these sort of people all the time instead I took pleasure in the company of those like Sheila, Billy, Jay and the rest whose names I can’t recall unless I see their faces.

“You got a B?” she shrieked way too loudly as we walked to the car park at the end of the day. “Do we have to tutor you?” Freddie asks and I just shrug. “I’ve just been busy lately taking care of Kyle and all.”

“I have two younger sisters and a sick grandmother that doesn’t drag down my A* to a plain A let alone a B.”

“Cut him some slack it’s only two percent from an A.”

“Yeah and not everyone is as great as you.”

“True,” she nods and hands me back the test.

“You walking home?” I ask her after a while.


“I can drop you off but we’ll have to pick my brother up first in the primary school.”

“Oh crap you just reminded me I have to get my sisters too.”

“It’s amazing being a last born,” Freddie smiles then waves at us as we head down towards the primary school.

“Show off,” she mutters under her breath as we walk off.

It was three thirty that meant he’d been waiting for me for a whole hour and a half. I wonder if I hadn’t mentioned her brother would she have remembered her sisters.

I don’t blame her though, I’d take any opportunity I have to forget them as well, they were monsters and it didn’t help that almost no one could tell them apart, not even her. Kyle seemed to like them though probably because of my poor taste in women.

I love Celeste but it doesn’t change the fact that I know she’s not good for me and she’ll probably leave me in pieces.

“What’re you thinking about?” she breaks the silence.

The primary school was far and it would’ve been smarter if I took my car but maybe I just needed the walk.

“It’s a who and I won’t tell you until you reveal who it is you’re crushing on.”

“All you have to know is she doesn’t school here and her name starts with a J.”

“My mystery woman doesn’t school here too and her name starts with a C?”


“I’m not providing you with further detail.”

“I feel proud of you either way she sounds like more than just a fuck.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“I’d be dumb if I didn’t see it.”

The rest of our walk is filled with mindless chatter until we finally find our younger siblings who decided to wait for us in the dance studio instead of their class or the car park.

“Oh my God are we going to Kyle’s house?”  the one who always wear blue asks. To make it easier for the teachers she colour coded them; Britney wears blue, Hannah wears purple. Occasionally they switched when they felt like causing a little mischief.

“No we’re going home,” she smiles at them and they fold their arms over their chest. “It’s cool they can come over,” I say even though I don’t know if Kyle’s okay with it or if there’s another reason why she doesn’t want them to be at our house.

“I guess you’re going to Kyle’s house,” she announces and they rush to hug her as if she’s the cause of their happiness. “Where’s Kyle?” I ask noticing he isn’t here.

“He went to the bathroom,” she informs me. We wait a while and I say they should get a head start because the car is far and I hand Julie the keys. They walk off, the twins hand in hand talking of their day almost always finishing each other’s sentences.

I sit for a while again and decide to go to the bathroom to check if he’s alright. There’s only one closed stall when I enter and I knock softly on it. “Kyle, you in there?”

“Uh, yeah,” he answers then I hear some shifting, whispering then he opens the door slightly enough for him to slip out but not enough for me to see inside the small stall. He’s only seven; I honestly do not want to know what or who he’s hiding in there.

Wrinkled clothes and messy hair.

“Everything good?”

“Yeah, yeah I was just uh, everything’s fine.” He looks so guilty with his face a deep shade of red and unable to keep his eyes focused.

“I’m sorry I’m late let’s go.”

He washes his hands and we walk out of the bathroom. He grabs his bag from the studio and we walk towards the high school side where my car is parked. The girls are a few feet ahead of us walking at a moderate pace. I always feel like Mondays are slow, everyone’s still reeling from the weekend, trying to get back into the working groove.

“You know if you ever want to talk to me about anything, you can,” I break the silence. Even though I don’t want to know I can’t help but think that he must’ve been doing something in there. Maybe not something nasty like my gut is telling me after all he is only seven but something he doesn’t want to share.

“I wasn’t alone in the toilet.”

Crap, I wasn’t ready for this, couldn’t he maintain his innocence for just a little longer maybe until he was twenty one, I’d be okay with twenty one.

“We were uh, we were trying on dresses.”

I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding. Oh God what was I thinking he’s only seven, there’s no way he was doing anything else.

“You do that with Celeste and Mindy all the time, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Yeah but I showed my friends the video of me and Celeste wearing those dresses and dancing to that old music she likes and Lola said boys don’t wear dresses and everyone agreed with her but then this guy Joshua said it’s cool that I wear dresses so we took some dresses from the rack for the actors and we started trying them on and taking pictures of each other.”

“Lola’s stupid she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, dresses are nice and if you want to wear a dress you can wear a dress, screw Lola.”

“Language,” he mutters but there’s a smile on his face and he no longer looks as stressed or as guilty as he did when I found him in there. I ruffle his hair and he smiles brighter then skips over to the girls.

Julie falls back and walks with me, them leading the way.

At home the twins and Kyle have disappeared off to somewhere leaving me and Julie with a bunch of equations and a couple of drinks.

We solve a few and make idle conversation about math and how she feels like she won’t get the scholarship because she’s lacking in extracurricular activities. Somehow she ropes me into applying to join the mathletes and debating.

My phone flashes and I legit leap over when I see Celeste’s face on the screen. She told me she’d call me today but I didn’t believe she would and I promised myself that I’d only call her if she hadn’t called my by six.

“Hello,” I instantly smile despite not having heard her voice yet. “Hi,” she replies and my smile broadens. “I didn’t think you’d actually call.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, I just called to tell you I might be staying longer than planned. My baba-go passed this morning.”

“I’m sorry for your loss.”

“It’s okay, don’t be, last night he woke up and talked to us, he said his goodbyes he was ready to go and I may not entirely be ready to let him go but its life.” I can hear the smile in her voice but it’s evident there’s a twinge of sadness and judging from the sniffle I can tell she might be tearing up.

“I’m glad you at least have closure.”

“Yeah, I’m glad too.”

Silence stretches between us for a while. I don’t really know what to say. I am glad that she’s not taking this bad and that she won’t fall into a depression like I had expected, she’ll be sad yes but not as bad as I thought, which is awesome.

“How’s Kyle?” she finally asks.

“Uh, he’s great, I bet he misses you, you should talk to him.”

“I did, I have, I called him in the morning and he called me right when he got home to tell me about Joshua.”

It kinda stings a little to know that she called him first but I guess the nature of our relationships is different.

“Did he tell you about Lola too?”

“Yeah, he did I don’t like her and if she wasn’t in grade two I’d probably kill her.”

“Overreacting much,” I chuckle a little.

“I am so not she’s such a bitch, I don’t know why she can’t just let him be and Kyle’s too sweet of a soul to do anything about it.”

“Come on it was just a dress remark.”

“Crap I assumed because you asked he told you everything,” she breathes out on the other end.

“How long has it been happening?” I ask suddenly feeling a new profound hate for this Lola person whose face I can’t even recall. “Not my place to tell you, Alec. When he’s ready to tell you he will, he doesn’t like talking about it, I had to pry it out of him the first time. He’ll be fine he’s strong.”

“If it’s consistent don’t you think he should report her?”

“Of course I do but he doesn’t want to, he’s convinced she’s not a bad person and that it’s not her fault she makes him feel bad.”

“Doesn’t it scare you how grown up he seems to be sometimes?”

“Yeah but I guess it’s good for him in a way, he’ll be more ready for the world.”

“I guess.”

More silence settles between us until someone calls her in the background. “I should go before Rex goes crazy,” she chuckles and he calls her louder. “Okay bye, love you,” I say hurriedly and I freeze up realising what I just said and how casually I said it. I mean she already knows but still. I hear her breath stutter on the other end then the line goes dead.

Julie’s staring at me wide eyed with her mouth open. “Now you have to tell me about this mystery woman.”

I groan and lean further into the couch.

“It’s not mutual.”

“The fuck you mean it’s not mutual; she’s practically adopted your son.”

“He’s my little brother,” I correct narrowing my eyes at her. “It’s just complicated, she doesn’t love me.”

“Oh now I have to see the face of the woman who managed to resist the charms of the notorious Alec Kane,” she mocks.

“Ha ha ha,” I throw a pillow at her face. “You’re lucky I got contacts, you dick,” she throws the pillow back.

“Honestly though I want to see a picture.”



I had a hidden folder on my phone with all sorts of pics of Celeste, not nudes she’s never understood the appeal of sending people those and it’s not like any of those pictures were sent to me, I just took them at random moments, when she was laughing and I didn’t want to forget that expression on her face, when she was sleeping, when she was sitting, playing with my brother, I just took a shit ton of pictures of her to look at later.

It sounded creepy and stalkerish but it was true. Unbeknownst to her, her coffee stained smile was my wall paper on both my phone and laptop.

She moved onto the couch beside me and looked into the phone as I scrolled through my gallery to find pictures of her. I actually knew where they were I just didn’t want to seem creepy.

I realised that I had a few memes otherwise the rest were either pictures of me and Kyle, Kyle doing something, Kyle performing, Kyle with Celeste, Kyle with Mindy, a bunch of nudes I hadn’t deleted.

“Damn, she’s beautiful,” she praises once I open a selfie of her and me that I seem to have taken. We’re at the café and she’s smiling up at the camera and I’m smiling at her.

“I know.”

I show her some more pictures that she over appreciates. “She doesn’t seem like your type though.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sheila, Jazzy, Miley, Sipho and the lot of them all kind of have a trend.”

“What trend?” I ask not seeing where she’s going with this.

“They’re all size twos.”

“I never noticed.”

I did, I did notice. The first thing I noticed about her was her weight actually, then I noticed she’s a beautiful in a subtle way now I feel like she’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.

She smiles up at me almost like a proud mother then ruffles me hair. “Aren’t you adorable all in love and shit with Celeste?”

“I don’t think I told you her name.”

“I happen to know her by association, it took a few pictures to remember but yeah I remember her.”

“By association?”

“Well my girl the one I told you about, Jane, she’s Celeste’s roommate.”

“How do we end up dating roommates?”

“Well from what I learned from Jane the two of you are sex casual,” she says. “However from the pictures I’ve seen and the talk you just had Jane’s intel might just be wrong.”

“It is wrong,” I confirm glaring at her.

“Now that we’ve established that we might as well continue with math until the kids get sick of each other,” she sighs then pulls her stuff closer to her pouring herself a small portion of the whiskey I put out.

“It helps with the math,” she takes a small sip and I just laugh and take a sip of my own cup.


The weeks go by excruciating slowly and I just can’t wait for Celeste to come back. I was spending most of my time with Freddie and Julie swiftly avoiding Sheila and the lot of them who considered themselves the ‘popular kids’.

Parties were becoming less and less because were inching closer to exams and nobody wanted to be in high school forever but they were still there.

I’d even managed to get out of soccer and I was going to the gym instead accompanied by Billy, Julie and Freddie. Billy seemed to take a liking to them and wondered why they didn’t associate at school more often.

My request to join the debating team was being taken into consideration and they set up a date for me and Julie to continue, we’d only be starting next term though, that’s if we got in. The mathletes were eager to have us in the group, they did doubt me at first because of my recent B but after some convincing they let me in.

Kyle’s life sadly wasn’t going as well and I also desperately wanted Celeste to be back because of this. He wouldn’t talk to me about it and his teachers were completely clueless to what was going on, all I knew was he cried himself to sleep, he hasn’t been going to dance practice, he won’t eat as much and only ever talks to Celeste to check in. She says he won’t tell her what’s going on either.

She’d be back tomorrow which was Friday around two. Kyle asked if I could go pick her up and I instantly agreed. Marvin whom I’d learned not to hate so much would be dropping her off.

“You have to talk to me at some point,” I say to Kyle who’s been in bed ever since he got home from school. I know he’d being bullied when I picked him up we was covered in egg and crying. I held him for as long as he let me.

He wouldn’t tell me anything and when I pushed too hard he stormed into his room.

He just faces away from the door and pulls his blankets tighter.

These are moments when I wish we had parents who were there most of the time rather than occasionally. Kyle needed his mum and dad right now to hold him and tell him everything was okay, to provide him with a sense of security I could only mimic as a brother.

“Good night,” I switch off his light and leave the door a little open so I can hear if he decides to call out to me sometime in the night.

I strip down and enter my covers feeling exhausted even though it’s only Thursday.

I grabbed my phone and stared at Celeste’s smiling face for a less than creepy amount of time before deciding to text her.

‘Are you a hundred percent ready to come back tomorrow?’

I shouldn’t have asked but my reasons for wanting her back were purely selfish and I had to know that she didn’t just feel rushed. Firstly I wanted her to help with Kyle who was my little brother, secondly I really fucking missed her and lastly I hadn’t had sex for more than three whole fucking weeks.


It comes after twenty minutes of idly waiting and scrolling through texts I haven’t answered and don’t intend on answering.

‘Great, cause I fucking missed you’

I wait for about thirty minutes but get no response I wouldn’t know if she’s seen it or not because her blue ticks are off.

I fall asleep after that and dream of a million Lolas throwing eggs at Kyle and Celeste magically making it better.



I don't know if you've figured it out yet but I have no fucking clue what to name chapters. Also RIP Grandpa, I know you didn't know him but you'll hear about him in the chapters to come I think he was great.

It's sad to lose someone close or not.


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