The Legend Of Karii Onna (A TMNT Fanfiction) [Major Editing]

Zylie Fleur De Vil(Karii Onna), she's a human every morning but she's different when the night strikes she is known to be a Kitsune Yokai, everyone thought that she is only a mythical creature that was written by one of the famous writers, Akira Yu.

And Karii Onna is one of the famous urban legends who curse people when they stole something from Their Liar but they didn't know that the story of Karii Onna . Akira Yu was just trying to protect her from the human and Shredder.

P.S: I do not own any media's or the TMNT characters, except for my OC's.


Author's note

I do not own the TMNT characters, The Media's except for my OC's

4. Chapter 4: The Truth Part 1

Keira's Point Of View 

I sigh as Mikey keeps on asking questions while I carry this girl to our apartment "Keira~!" Mikey whined "What?" I asked "Can you stay the night?" he asks "no" I glared "I have to get this girl home before sunrise" I said "But It's dangerous" Leo said "Nah, I'll be fine" I replied "And you probably need to go back before master splinter punish you" I said and Smirk, Raph eyes widen "Oh no, Sh*t!" Raph muttered "We're on the move, Bye Keira" Leo waved bye as they run off, I chuckled before unlocking the house.

I set Zylie on her bed, I sigh as I went into my lab, I grabbed my lab coat as I started a research about shapeshifter and Hybrids. I scrolled down, gathering some important information, I softly ruffle my hair as I watch some videos that amaze me. then suddenly a face video appeared..about shredder..and his clan robbing another place for deadly chemicals, I look back at the sleeping kitsune...How am I gonna protect her on my own? I let out a frustrated sigh and closed my laptop. I guess it's time, to tell the truth to the turtles without Master Splinter knowing. 


Percy's Point Of View

I glared at the person in front of me as he leaned down, examining my bruised face, I gave him a low growl "I am not surprised that you ordered shredder's army to hunt me down" I smirked at Eric Sacks, just to receive one kick from Karai, I groaned in pain as I landed into the floor, "I thought your race disappeared..Heh! Seems like I'm wrong" He said, "It only took one bullet to kill them ya know." He looked into my eyes and I snarled at him. "Fuc--.." I was cut off when Karai Elbowed my back, making me fall on the floor and cough multiple times. "Karai, Make sure she's locked up. I still need to look for the ones" He grinned and my eyes widen [Oh, No...Please not her] I thought as Karai Dragged me into my cell; The cell where they killed my parents...And the cell I was born and Experimented on...


Zylie's Point Of View 

I open my eyes when the sun hit my face, I immediately got out of my bed; I touch the top of my head and look behind me, "Okay, You're back to normal...Now, Where's Kei?" I muttered then everything came to me making me squeal with joy when I remembered what happened last night. I ran to Keira's Lab only to find her asleep with her laptop open. I glared at the sleeping figure before poking her "Oiiii..." I whined she groaned softly before she opens her eyes only to find me glaring at her "What?" She asked "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT MUTANTS? I THOUGHT I'M THE ONLY MONSTER IN NEW YORK?" I yelled, asking her with tears on the corner of my eyes, she sighed softly "They are Master Splinter's son." and again... Who is Master Splinter? e.e

"Who is Master Splinter? I asked you twice yesterday and you didn't reply" I said "You'll know him soon, Zam... Now! Would you like to eat breakfast?" She asks, grinning widely and I grinned back before I ran to the kitchen, she was dumbfounded for a moment for she knew what I meant "Hey! No fair!!" She whined before chasing after me and I just Laugh. 

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