The Legend Of Karii Onna (A TMNT Fanfiction) [Major Editing]

Zylie Fleur De Vil(Karii Onna), she's a human every morning but she's different when the night strikes she is known to be a Kitsune Yokai, everyone thought that she is only a mythical creature that was written by one of the famous writers, Akira Yu.

And Karii Onna is one of the famous urban legends who curse people when they stole something from Their Liar but they didn't know that the story of Karii Onna . Akira Yu was just trying to protect her from the human and Shredder.

P.S: I do not own any media's or the TMNT characters, except for my OC's.


Author's note

I do not own the TMNT characters, The Media's except for my OC's

1. Chapter 1: The Legend Of Karii Onna

"Karii Onna."

Karri Onna is one of the Yokai (Yōkai 妖怪, ghost, phantom, strange apparition are a class of supernatural monsters, spirits, and demons in Japanese folklore) A Kitsune Yokai, She could appear in her human form which is a lady in a brown kimono with below waist locks, snow white skin and a pair of white ears and a white nine tail where she use as her bed, Karii Onna is the one who protects the forest which is her home and haunts people who are destroying mother nature's creation.

Many people claimed that they have seen of a glimpse of Karii Onna.

Other said that you can also summon Karii Onna by waiting until it's a full moon and here are the instructions that might need to follow but be careful, summoning a Yokai will put your life at risk. 

you need to go to the forest with a few offerings like dead sheep, lamb, pig or even a chicken with their blood on a bowl, a match, a candle and a piece of paper you need to go deeper into the forest if you think that you are far enough from the crowd and noise, you lit up the candle and you need to write the word "自然" into the piece of paper with the animal blood and chant her name a few time and she'll appear in her kitsune form.

While Others say she'll appear when you try to steal something from her Liar and after a few days if you didn't return what you stole she will curse you until you to death until you asked for forgiveness and offer her a Cow's Brain.

And many people said that she killed a few people and she has no mercy, Karii Onna is known to be a peaceful and a kind yokai who always help and protect nature, she even used to heal human's but when the human start to abuse nature her rage grew and no ancestors could see her no more and she let the human suffering from illness and the sickness spread throughout the nation and wipe half of the population and she also love watching people suffer, showing that she really cares about mother nature's creation  but in a meantime the sickness stopped due to doctors, medicine, and other things She-..."  April O'Neil stopped reading when a pair of hands stole the book away from her, she looked up and saw the turtles, clutching into Leonardo Hamato, known as the fearless leader and oldest of them all, Leonardo throw the book away from his brothers, April found this ridiculous and she burst into fits of laughter and the turtles look at her in confusion so she stopped "Guys, Karii Onna is not true" She said reassuringly "B-But t-that sounded real!" Michaelangelo Hamato, known as the youngest of the brothers "If she is real I'm sure she wouldn't hurt you, I mean like she sounded like a good spirit." April said "Yeah, she's totally a good spirit, a good spirit who curse people and nearly wipe the entire population. " Raphael Hamato, known as the second oldest of the Hamato clan said, rolling his eyes "Guys, stop we all know this urban legend ain't true, I mean like There is more scary stuff out there and I'm sure there is no stuff such as a nine-tailed fox."Donatello Hamato said, the third youngest and the Family nerd, adjusting his glasses, Michaelangelo sneaks behind Raphael, Wrapping his arms around his brother's neck "Ah! It's Kuchisake Onna!!" making Raphael Jump, grabbing his little brother arm for dear life, his eyes showing fear and shock but Michaelangelo Burst out laughing, Raphael soon noticed that his little brother tricked him twice today "Mikey!!!!" He yelled to a running Michelangelo, he got up and start chasing him around the liar suddenly a human size rat enter the room, smiling slightly of what's going on "You'll know the truth soon my son's" master Splinter took a glance at April before leaving to meditate.

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