The Legend Of Karii Onna (A TMNT Fanfiction) [Major Editing]

Zylie Fleur De Vil(Karii Onna), she's a human every morning but she's different when the night strikes she is known to be a Kitsune Yokai, everyone thought that she is only a mythical creature that was written by one of the famous writers, Akira Yu.

And Karii Onna is one of the famous urban legends who curse people when they stole something from Their Liar but they didn't know that the story of Karii Onna . Akira Yu was just trying to protect her from the human and Shredder.

P.S: I do not own any media's or the TMNT characters, except for my OC's.


Author's note

I do not own the TMNT characters, The Media's except for my OC's

3. Chapter 3: The Fox Escape Plan

Zylie's Point Of View 

I pace around the room, waiting for Keira to come, seriously where is that girl? I groaned as I took a bite of my leftover sushi last night, I look below, seeing people and cars pass by, I take my shirt off, wrapping my tails around my waist, I wore my shirt back and I wear my hoodie to hide my ears, I pull the hood and look down..I gulped.."Well. You want to now the city then go for it, hopefully I won't regret it" I mumbled and I jump down, landing safely.. Oh.. It wasn't that bad, I look around and start walking. Finally, I can explore the city.

Keira's Point Of View

Master Splinter led me into his room, I sat down as he look at me, sternly "Tell me the truth Kei, Are you taking care of the kitsune?" He ask, My eyes widen "A kitsune? No. Why would I take care of one? I mean like I don't even know if they are real." I said "Hm, Really? What about the urban legend you wrote? Are you sure that Karii Onna Is just a legend and she is not real? he asks "Yes, I am sure of that. Wait, H-How did you know that I am Akira Yu and the author who wrote the Japanese Disturbing past?" I asks "Well, I can see it in your eyes Keira, The same eyes of the cheetah I've met few year ago" he smiled "Please don't tell them, Yes I am Akira Yu But I am not protecting a Kitsiune" I said "You are dismiss now, Take ca-.." he was cut off when I hear a beep "Shit" I cursed as I look unto the watch and I notice that someone's in trouble, the brothers seems to notice it too, I didn't know that they have this sort of stuff.

"Donnie, what is going on?" I ask, Donnie look at his monitor and he looked back at me "Someone needs our help probably the foot clan again but I am afraid we can't" Donnie sigh "Well.. How about a escape plan?" I asks "We don't want to be in the Hashi" Raph Spat "Please save our people" I pleaded as I look at Leo with my puppy eyes, I saw a visible blush on his cheeks as he scratch the back of his neck "Let's roll boys" he said, grabbing his katana "and girls" I finish his sentence

Zylie's Point Of View

I ran into an alley, bumping into a guy with red eyes and ninja suit, he grab his katana as I got into a battle stance, he was about to hit me when a shuriken(star) hit him, he fell down and I look down at him, blinking. I smirk in triumph when a familiar voice echoed "Zylie?" I look back and I see a familiar ravenette , Keira. 

She jump down, her tail swaying side to side while here eyes twitches. "ops.." I start to back away when I felt something behind me, I squeaked and I turn around, my eyes widen as I look up, I saw a 6 foot mutant..T-Tortoise or..T-Turtle..?

"Ekkk!!! Are you a turtle or a tortoise?" I squealed and hug him, I felt him flinch "Dude, did you see that! that girl just hugged Raph!" someone said "I am obliviously a turtle" he said with a Brooklyn accent, I look up at him and pouted because I can't see him very well because of the shadows, I grab his arm and pull him out of the dark, He looked at me with his green eyes, half of his face is covered under those red bandanna mask "Dude, she didn't get scared" "Shut up Mikey" suddenly a turtle jump down but this time, he have orange mask and he have sky blue eyes, two turtles soon followed after him, the other one have a blue mask and deep blue eyes while the other one have purple mask and brownish red eyes, he seems into computers. 

"Close your mouth Girly, you might catch some flies" the turtle with the orange mask winked, while the red mask just grunted in response, I close my mouth suddenly I saw a catnip above my head making me stare at it in awe, I look at Kei And she punched me

"Zam, Lets get you home" Kei said "Is she your Sister?" One of the turtle asks And all I see is darkness.

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