In Spite of Everything

Sometimes you just gotta eat the blood of others in order to get the nutrients you need to survive. But to drink blood, you need to do it correctly, and there are rules to follow too!

This book follows two entirely different types of vampires, and how they must feed and stay hidden in order to save their eternal soul. They explore the streets of London through new eyes as well as old while trying to maintain a human-like personality and not casually jump throats because someone is being a little annoying and too cheery that day.

The book covers subjects such as; LGBT, allergies, acceptance, and a whole bunch of ignorance and anger towards all of those who do not understand the vampire's way.

Join the fun and learn to follow Briar's rules, please?


5. Portland Hospital, sometime in the middle of the night

It was near impossible to figure out modern hospitals and I felt the need to pretend to be someone that I was not.

My body shuddered. I had to pretend to be … a patient.
In the A&E I managed to snatch a number to make sure that I could get in and luckily I had bought a small pack of the crap blood that my body would not digest and then I drank a few times from it before I went in.





“Help!” I yelled, blood pooling under me as I threw up again, and again. People stared horrified at me and a nurse came rushing to my aid. She was panicking just as much.

I began to fake cry.

“I just had stomach ache,” I cried and a doctor came out too and tried to make my temperature.

“He has a significantly low temperature, we need blood in him. Stat.” the doctor man muttered to the nurse, seeming to think that I could not hear as I pretended to be horrified about my blood.

“I have AB+ blood,” I whispered to the doctor and then pretended to pass out.

Alarms were basically blaring everywhere and they began calling me John Doe, could not find any ID and a lot of things were going “wrong” in their eyes.


When they thought they had me stabilised and I could lie still on my own, I carefully removed the IV from my arm. An old doctor friend had taught me how to do it years ago in order to avoid too much pain and damage to the blood package.

I got it out, it still hurt like a bitch and began drinking a whole bunch of the baggies, as I managed to figure out that had left a half empty hanging.

Empty for them and not for me, I could lick the sides of the plastic bag and get a decent amount out of it.

I stole one of the last bits of the bag they had stuck inside of me, and seeing that I had

gotten a lot through my veins I was not as hungry as before.

With a swift glance out the window I noticed that I was still on the ground floor, so I just casually crawled out and ran away.


And that is how I got my fix of blood.

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