In Spite of Everything

Sometimes you just gotta eat the blood of others in order to get the nutrients you need to survive. But to drink blood, you need to do it correctly, and there are rules to follow too!

This book follows two entirely different types of vampires, and how they must feed and stay hidden in order to save their eternal soul. They explore the streets of London through new eyes as well as old while trying to maintain a human-like personality and not casually jump throats because someone is being a little annoying and too cheery that day.

The book covers subjects such as; LGBT, allergies, acceptance, and a whole bunch of ignorance and anger towards all of those who do not understand the vampire's way.

Join the fun and learn to follow Briar's rules, please?


4. Do I look like a crumpet to you?

For a long time, I didn't really remember how it happened. To be fair I also didn't really care. Would you blame me? I could finally look at myself in the mirror without wanting to puke. All traces of the curse they called my true puberty were gone. I was finally truly myself.

The side effects took me a little by surprise at first but you get used to the diet restrictions and constantly being awake.

To be honest being a vampire is way different from the movies and tv shows.

But anywho that wasn't the point of this.

I think it happened in November, no December. Well, it was bloody freezing either way. My friend Stevie had insisted that we go to this new club she had heard all about. I only went along cause she promised me chips after. It wasn't all that impressive of a place, to be frank, but it could due to the newest grimy gay club deep in the sub-streets of London. We hadn't been there for more than a minute I swear before Stevie was whisked away by some cute little blond in what looked like an outfit consisting of a bra and ripped stockings with the other 80% of the body covered by a glow in the dark paint.

So there I was. On my own. Just a scared little pan trans boy who looked a little too girly. I was standing in the corner of the room that I believed had the least amount of stickiness on the floor. I was wearing a new pair of shoes and mum would murder me if I lost them out clubbing.

I was standing on the sideline probably looking miserable when a man in a purple suit came up next to me. He had been eyeing me for awhile and thought I looked like the kind of boy who could use a little lesson in partying. Rude right ?! I mean omg awesome for the correct gender but fuck him for basically saying I don't know how to party. I tried to get him to back the fuck off but he didn't budge. Finally, I gave in figuring he would give me some party drug I could fake taking and the find Stevie who was the ticket to my crisps. He had other plans though. He pulled me out to the backroom and I figured I was done for. I would be raped and killed in a cheesy no good bar that was trying too hard.

He did pull me in for a kiss but when I turned my head he let go and said that's okay I won't force you to do anything you don't want to. Bull. I squinted at him and said “fine then I’m leaving”. Of course, that didn't work. I had barely turned towards the door before I felt his lips on my neck and then a horrible pain. The bloody bastard had fucking chomped down on me like I was a damn crumpet. All I remember after that is turning around slapping him across the face and then fainting like a little bitch.

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