In Spite of Everything

Sometimes you just gotta eat the blood of others in order to get the nutrients you need to survive. But to drink blood, you need to do it correctly, and there are rules to follow too!

This book follows two entirely different types of vampires, and how they must feed and stay hidden in order to save their eternal soul. They explore the streets of London through new eyes as well as old while trying to maintain a human-like personality and not casually jump throats because someone is being a little annoying and too cheery that day.

The book covers subjects such as; LGBT, allergies, acceptance, and a whole bunch of ignorance and anger towards all of those who do not understand the vampire's way.

Join the fun and learn to follow Briar's rules, please?


1. Briar Kingsley’s rules

1. Table manners, PLEASEOut in the sun - SUNSCREEN REQUIRED

2. Mirrors are a-okay, but you might hate that sleepless look

3. Veganism? PFFT

4. Just pick a new cooler name, seriously. At least once a century

5. Don’t tell the human he might get scared buhu

6. Did you really think we could run that fast?

7. A vampire is not Spiderman, get it into your head

8. No, I am not lusting for your stupid nosebleed

7. How do I know, you won’t kill me?

8. It is impolite to stop the prey and ask for their blood type.

9. No minors allowed on road trips - they can’t get drunk

10. Ageing takes years - LITERALLY - I haven’t had my first wrinkle yet... 

11. Food? Sure, eat it. It won’t look good coming out again though

12. Trust me, you will regret the side effects

13. Blood only works if you know your blood type

14. Shame if you never found out while human

15. Trust me, you learn the hard way

16. Brush your teeth. And your tongue.

17. Table manners, PLEASE

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