Hell of a girl

Mystery girl in town and only one guy knows her name and that is weird very weird


5. The House

Bronte-Leigh's POV:

Once my father picked me up at the airport and he drives us to his seaside house and OMG! It is BEAUTIFUL! unlike mum's house in London and this one is near the beach! How cool?! Right!? Yea but I don't have a swimsuit or a surfboard or anything like that so we get to the house and my dad says

"Do you want a tour or are you okay getting around?"

"No, I'm good thanks dad," 

"Okay, your room is on the second floor and is the door to your lll...right sorry I cant do directions,"

"All good dad,"

And with that, I go to try and find my room and OMG! IT IS SO BIG! I have a king four poster bed and my own ensuite and WIB! I love it and I fall on my bed and I get a text from Snapchat boy Nikolas!

Niko_Boy12- Hey! How was the flight?

LeLe_Babe92-Hey! Great thanks to you

Niko_Boy12-Your welcome soooo now that you are probably at your dad's can I have that                             picture you promised me

LeLe_Babe92-Okay *Send picture*

Niko_Boy12-So cute here as promised *Sends one back*

LeLe_Babe92-Thank you, Your so cute with your baby face XD

Niko_Boy12-Thank you and You're welcome 


And we continue talking for hours until I go down for dinner with my dad and my newly learnt twin brother Benjamin 


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