Hell of a girl

Mystery girl in town and only one guy knows her name and that is weird very weird


4. London, England to Topside Beach, North Carolina

Bronte-Leigh's POV:

Today is the day I move in with my dad and my twin brother, yep, you heard it my mother kept from me that I had a twin brother in the states! What a bitch anyway I am moving in with my dad because my mother died a fortnight ago and the police tracked him down and now I have to move my whole life YAY! not! I hate it that my mother died and it is risky me going to Topside Beach because of the flight distance but dad has everything waiting for me there all my clothes, shoes, school thing etc but I have never met my brother and I am little nervous about meeting him and my dad but my dad has enrolled me in a new school and everything and all I just need to get there and all but I get on the plane and I get a message on snapchat and its a new friend request and I accept and I get a snap of a cute guy called Nikolas and I say hi back and I have a conversation while flying to Topside Beach.

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