bad boy clifford (new account)

"I can't control myself around him. It's like I'm a completely different person." I said to Chloe. She raised her eyebrows.
"It's not a bad thing, he just makes me feel, I don't know.... dangerous."


6. the mall

I walked into my house giving my mom a big hug. I had a really close relationship with her and she always had my back. I have never really met my dad though, and I had an older sister named Sierra.

"Hi sweety!" my mother exclaimed, smiling.

"How was your day?"

"It was good!" I replied.

"Want to go shopping? I need some new shoes." she said.

"Absolutely!" I excitedly yelled back. My mom was a lawyer, so she makes good money. She hasn't been on a date in years, but she enjoys being single.

We got to the mall, and we bought my mom new ankle boots, while I got an olive green dress and lace up sandals. We continued walking around when I saw Michael and Luke. Luke gave me a nod, while Michael just stared.

"Do you want to go talk to them?" my mom said, I shook my head no as we headed for the door. We got in the car as I got a text from a random number.

Unknown: Hey it's Luke, can I take u home tomorrow

Me: Yeah sure

Unknown: Can I take u back to my place actually

Me: I guess

I was kind of weirded out. I barely knew him, as he wants to take me to his place? He was really attractive, but I didn't want a relationship with him. I was into Michael, not him.

Wait, hold on.

I'm into Michael?

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