bad boy clifford (new account)

"I can't control myself around him. It's like I'm a completely different person." I said to Chloe. She raised her eyebrows.
"It's not a bad thing, he just makes me feel, I don't know.... dangerous."


1. seeing him

I was out at lunch with Chloe as I saw him, and instantly I knew I needed to know him.

"Who's that?" I asked Chloe.

"Michael? Oh yeah he's bad news." Chloe said back. Michael was walking out of the building next to us with headphones in. He had bright red spiked hair going every which way, and he had a black eyebrow piercing. He was wearing a black hoodie with black skinny jeans. He looked as if he was in his own world listening to his music, and I have to admit, he was absolutely gorgeous.

I stared at him hard as Chloe said,

"Seriously Alex.. he has gotten arrested like 4 times. Apparently his parents hate him or something."

"Wow." I said, resting my head in my hand. I stood up after finishing my salad and grabbed Chloe's arm. Chloe dropped some money on the table and we started following Michael. We followed him into an alley leading up to the apartment buildings near my neighborhood.

We watched as he pressed #108 and put in his key. I now knew where he lived, and I felt like a stocker.

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