The Wand Collector

Set after the days of the legendary Harry Potter, Auror Derrick Culdain is tracking down a dangerous dark wizard. However, there is something different about this one. Can Culdain make it out of this alive?


1. Darkness...

A cloaked, hooded figure glided along the rooftops of London. This person seemed not to touch the ground as they ran, jumped and climbed over the buildings. They even moved silently over the roofs of London. In fact, if no one knew better, this person would seem to be a Dementor. Being a wizard, running to a location is strange when there are many other forms of magical transportation. Unknown to anyone but this person, the reason they weren't using magic was simple. The adrenaline. The thrill of the hunt.


Eventually, this person came to a stop, crouched on the edge of a building overlooking a street. There was the target, walking alone along the street. However, the dark of the night must have her on edge. She appeared to keep looking over her shoulder, as if she knew someone was out to get her. Then, with a final look around, she disappeared down an alleyway out of sight.

"Perfect", came a man's voice from beneath the hood.

He stood upright and withdrew a wand from within his robes. He stretched his arms outward and fell forward.

"Arresto Momentum," he muttered, before gliding toward the ground like the Grim Reaper himself.

He landed on one knee and then, he grinned beneath his hood. He turned right down the alley and saw his target creeping away from him. However, she checked over her shoulder again to see him standing there. With a look of terror, she started running away from him. The man sighed before wondering to himself why they always run. With a small crack, he appeared in front of her.

He raised his wand at her, smiled, and said," Expulso."

With a blast of blue the light, the woman was sent flying backwards and landed headfirst into a brick wall. Dazed, she raised her wand at the man but she should've been quicker.

"Expelliarmus", the man muttered, blasting her wand out of sight.

He kneeled over her and pressed one hand on her shoulder.

"You and me," he said," are going on a little trip."

The woman began begging and crying. The part of this whole endeavour the man loved the most.

"Accio wand," he smiled.

And with a final crack, they vanished.


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