A New Love

In the human world of Equestrian Girls Soarin broke up with Rainbow Dash because he didn't want to deal with his babies. When Fluttershy confesses her love what does Rainbow Dash do?


1. Confession

Rainbow Dash finished up soccer practice then she jogged to Fluttershy who was sitting on the bleachers. "So what are we doing today? Watch the clouds in the field of daises, have our feet in the water while watching the butterflies or have a tea party with Angel and Tank?" "Ummmm I-I-I think that butterflies sound nice," Flutters said nervously. "Well let's go to your cottage plus you had something to tell me." Dash grabbed her backpack and headed towards the cottage. "Now come on let's go to to the cottage and to your pond and watch the butterflies and you can tell me whatever it is you need to tell me". Flutters nodded turning red as the waked back to her house hearing the birds singing softly.


Rainbow Dash took her boots off and set them aside before putting her feet in the cold water that hugged her knees. She looked at Fluttershy warmly, "So what did you want to tell me?" "Well um Dash this is umm a bit to say that um," she blushed deep red and slowly moved her hand to hold Rainbow's. Dash caressed Fluttershy's face. "Hey, you can tell me anything." "It's just that you're very special to me," as she revealed this her face turned a deeper shade of red. "Well yea our friendship is strong and I'm loyal to my friends." "Not just that Dash." "Then what is it shy?" Flutters slowly leaned forward and kissed Dash's lips slowly before blushing and looked away. Dash blushed bright red as her eyed widened. Fluttershy was scared of Dash would do next as she closed her eyes and waited. Dash caressed Fluttershy's cheek and kissed her deeply. Flutters opened her eyes and slowly felt a little less nervous but still nervous as she slowly placed her hands around Dash holding her close and stroked her wings. Dash kissed Shy gently to not scare her. Shy looked at Dash, "Now you know Dash."


"I may not be the most romantic person but I promise I'll make you happy." "T-Thank you Dash." Flutters hugged her close and held her hand as she slid her boots off and put her feet in the cool water. "I'm sure Pinkie Pie knows or will soon find out after all she has a knack for that kind of thing." shy smiled lightly as she looked at Rainbow, "Thank you Dashie." "Your welcome. Pinkie is all party and only takes friendship and parties seriously. Twilight may be an egg head but I'm sure she's read a book about signs of when someone has these kinds of feelings. I don't think AJ has ever had a boyfriend. Rarity has probably is busy making an outfit or flirting with the stallion of the week." "You're probably right."


"Now let's see," she pondered over what to do to surprise Fluttershy for their first date. She flew in circles while she was in deep concentration. "Do you want to swim for a bit?" Shy watched her for a bit and smiled nervously nodding slowly as she slowly began to take her top off allowing her soft squishy GG cup chest to bounce in her bra she also took off her skirt and panties. Dash took off her clothes showing her cutie mark on both hips. She then got in the cool water as her D cup boobs were in the water. Shy's bra was stuck as she tried to unhook it from the back as her face turned even a deeper shade of red. Dash swam over to her. "Here let me help." Shy slowly turned around so that her back was facing Dash. Dash was able to unhook the bra easily. Shy covered her boobs as she slowly backed into the water. "Shy you don't have to be nervous around me" Fluttershy then got fully into the water.


"Now come on I know how much you love to swim Shy. Remember when you aught me how to swim? You showed me that I could be just as fast in the water as I am in the air." Shy smiled and slowly began to swim with Dash. Dash drew out her wings and started swimming. Shy began swimming towards her using big arm strokes then hugged Dash close. "Thank you Dashie." "Why aren't you using your wings like you always do? Unless you plan on diving in." Shy was right behind her and cuddled her then nodded. "Ok let's dive in." Dash took a deep breath and dived in the water seeing all of the creatures in the water as Shy was right behind her. Rainbow was watching all the creatures as she was always in awe whenever she saw them. Shy smiled and tried to touch them as they came swimming along. Rainbow smiled at the rare fish then came up for air. Shy followed her and breached the water. "The water sure does feel good." "Sure does Dashie poo." Dash dived back in not feeling comfy with the 'poo' added to her name. Shy dived back in with her with a sorry look to her Dashie. Rainbow swam in a different direction than her. Shy looked at her and waved at her. Dash came back out of the water for air. Shy surfaced too. 


"Dashie did I do something wrong?" "Yea you can call me Rainbow, Dash, Dashie, Rainbow Dash, babe, sweetie or sweetheart. How about we go to the beach this Saturday? Knowing you I know you'll make the best picnic." Shy blushed a deep red, smiled hugging her and kissed her softly. Dash kissed her back, "So that's a yes?" "Yes." "Hmmm should I bring my surf board and volleyball or is that something we do with our friends when we go to the beach? Plus the surfing tournament is coming up and I know I'll win again. Shy giggled, "Yes you will Dashie darling." "If anyone makes fun of you for being with me you know to just out for me and I'll be there for you."


Shy smiled, hugged her close and snuggled her neck. Dash petted her softly. "You excited to swim with the dolphins?" "Yes very much so." "Be sure to wear that bikini I bought you." Flutters blushed thinking about it. "You know me I got my sports bikini not like the other girls. In a few weeks I'll bring my surf stuff as well. I'll be there to cheer you on the chef tournament and the best plant for gardening club." Shy smiled and kissed her again. "You know you're the best Dashie." Dash held her close as she kissed her deeply. "Though I never liked how boys looked at you. Now that you're mine makes me want to break their noses." "Easy darling," she smiled and kissed her neck. "Well it;s true. They only looks at your boobs not your beautiful face." Shy smiled blushing slightly, "I know you are the beautiful one Dashie." "You're beautiful inside and out. Plus, it's a good thing you're good at medical stuff else the cuts would be scares."


Dash smiled and pulled Flutters on land with her and nakedly laid down. She then pulled Flutters beside her and purred against her. Shy Smiled and nuzzled her chest. Dash continued petting her softly as she kissed her forehead. Shy smiled and leaned up looking over her lover's naked body. Dash giggled, "Has my love been liking whenever we go swimming in the pond?" Shy nodded and kissed her collar, "I've seen you looking at me Dashie plus don't come to anyone else for comfort." "That would explain why you only invite me to swim with you at the pond." "I wouldn't trust anyone else like this Dashie." "Not even Twilight? She's only into Timber Spruce." "Well maybe Twilight." "Not Rarity since she had that lesbian phase." "AJ is a bit old fashioned but maybe her too." "Pinkie Pie would dive in scaring all the fishes away." "If she didn't try to inflate herself to sink faster or watch from the top of the water." "She always wears floaties when we all swim together. Hopefully Rarity will be able to move when the volleyball tournament comes up. Can't have her getting a broken pelvis again." "Yea get her limber up." "Think half of the guys in school know she's limber." "True." Shy pushed Dash's rainbow hair behind her ear and smiled nibbling her neck. Dash held her close while petting her softly. "Mmmmm my Dashie."


"You wanna have a sleepover with me even though it's Wednesday." Shy nodded and blushed, "Yes please." Dash held her close as she kissed her softly. Flutters kissed her back and nuzzled her neck. "So tell me how long have you loved me?" "For a while Dashie." "Must've been difficult to tell me." Shy nodded and looked down. "But I'm glad you did." Flutters smiled and slowly climbed on top of Dash snuggling her. "Fluttershy don't try to do anything sexual I'm not ready for that." She nodded and kissed her deeply. Dash kissed her just as deeply. "Maybe we should invite Twilight to watch our stuff when we go swimming. Egg heads like her will most likely be reading the entire time. I have a surprise that will need that." "Oh?" Shy perked up at that. Dash kissed her softly, "I want our first date to be extremely special and romantic." "Mmmmmm," she smiled nuzzled Dash's chest softly. Dash stroked her hair softly. "Maybe we should get our clothes and go inside we can still be naked if you want." Shy nodded and smiled.


Dash grabbed the clothes, headed into the bedroom and turned on the TV. "Looks like I'll have to tell Soarin." Shy came in right behind her and snuggled up beside her on her couch. "Tell Soarin what?" "Well you know how everyone is saying how much he loves me well I'll have to let him down easy. That way after college I'll finally be a Wonderbolt without any awkward stuff." Shy smiled hugged her, laid her head on Dash's chest and watched TV with her. Dash wrapped her arm around her. "Though I confess I loved him once but that ended when he went to college. But now we're seniors so not too long ago before my dreams come true." She signed, "You remember the break up right?" Shy nodded, "I think the that was the first time you came to me for comfort." "Yea by the way Lightning Bolt and Thunder Blast are doing good; Twilight is watching over them. Starlight Shimmer will watch over them on Saturday." "Alright that gives us the place to ourselves then," Shy smiled and signed happily nuzzling up to her naked lover. Dash started to fall asleep in her arms. "I'm glad Lighting Bolt has my hair and the boys both have my eyes. Once college comes I know you'll be very happy yo be a mother. I know you always wanted to be one." Shy nodded and poked her stomach softly and giggled. "Plus less stress for me when I get into the Wonderbolt Academy." Rainbow Dash fell asleep and snored loudly. 


"Um Dashie?" Shy looked down up at her. Dash was snoring like a lion and spread wide eagle on the bed as she snored. The next morning Rainbow yawned loudly as she put on a to go take a shower. Shy followed after her. "Dashie can you make room?" "Ok but I take cold showers." Shy nodded and jumped in the shower with her. Dash washed her rainbow hair and tail then put conditioner in it and washed her body before washing out the conditioner. She used a loofah to get her back and to get to her wings. Shy did the same and helped Dash get her wings and back as her chest was very perky from the cold water. "Flutters are you ok?" Dash walked behind Flutters to wash her back and wings. Shy smiled and washed her body lightly spinning around spreading body wash all over. Dash got out, wrapped a towel around her body and another one around her hair. She then started to brush her teeth. "I'm sure you used to me waking me up so early now a days. after all Lightning and Thunder usually wake me up all night." "Well babies will do that." "I don’t like being a single parent, but it can't be helped but at least Lovestruck is the babysitter." 


Shy smiled and turned around. "Well you don't have to be anymore," she hugged her and kissed her softly. "Sweetie my parents taught me you shouldn't move in till you're married, and we just started being a couple yesterday. They said to wait at least 6 months or a year before engagement. Also you know I had to move away cuz they would be proud of everything I did and way too affectionate. I needed to be independent but now I don't know if I'll back in or not. My job doesn't really cover all the costs of the bills." Dash sighed, "I guess you and the girls can help me move back in." "What's wrong with us helping you move in?" "I love Lightning Bolt and Thunder Blast it's just a shame that their dad is a dead beat. Well let's get me all packed up and moved in today. Least AJ is good at heavy lifting and Pinkie Pie will be good at watching over the boys while we work." "Why don't you live with me?" "So soon? Well your job at the animal shelter sure does pay a lot and has lots of benefits." "That way it saves you from all the frustrations of moving or paying extra bills plus the closeness will do us good." "Alright after school today. Now come on we have to get ready for school." "See plus there's plenty of room for you and the boys."


Dash put her hair in a ponytail, got dressed then started to make breakfast. "Remember when the twins were born? All the gang was there plus my parents cheering. Soarin held my hand and I accidentally broke his hand." Flutters got dressed and sat at the table. There was eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Dash wolfed down her breakfast and chugged down the coffee. Once she was finished she put the dishes in the dishwasher. Fluttershy gracefully ate her breakfast then put her dishes in the dishwasher. Once they finished their breakfast they both slipped on their boots and put on their backpacks. “Wanna race?” “Sure.” Rainbow Dash sped through the air as fast as she could as Fluttershy simply flew as a gentle pace. While flying Dash thought to herself if she should have her hair cut short again. She was the first one to get to school and headed over to her friends to tell them what’s going to happen. Pinkie Pie started handing out pink bracelets around the school to let everyone know to come to the beach on Saturday.


“Hey Pinkie,” Shy smiled and hugged her. Pinkie smiled as she hugged her back then went back to handing out bracelets. AJ smiled, “Thank gawd you are moving out of that crappy apartment.” Shy smiled at her, “That’s what I said too.” “Fluttershy you’re way too sweet to curse. Let’s just get today over with so smooth sailing to Saturday.” Shy nodded and sighed. After school everyone went to the apartment to pack up all the stuff. AJ and Dash were taking care of the mattress, Rarity was packing up the clothes, Twilight was packing up the Xbox, games, and Daring Do books. Pinkie Pie was busy keeping the twins happy. “Fluttershy darling why don’t you pack up the 90-inch TV, her laptop and anything else you can find,” said Rarity. Shy smiled and started packing up all the stuff she could find including all of Dash’s trophies and Wonderbolt posters.


Lightning Bolt was trying to fly as Thunder Blast was crying because he was hungry. Pinkie couldn’t feed Thunder because she was trying to catch Lightning. Lightning flew around to play with Pinkie Pie as everyone else was packing and putting boxes in a rental truck. ” Pinkie I used the pump and the milk is in the fridge, just heat it up a bit.” AJ and Dash were carrying the giant dresser after they put the mattress in the truck. Pinkie put a towel over her shoulder as she feed and burped Thunder Blast. He calmed down as Lightning flew over to Dash. “Not now Lightning.” Fluttershy went to go help with Lightning as AJ and Dash continued to carry the heavy stuff to the truck. Pinkie smiled at Flutters, “Thanks.” Flutters changed the twins’ diapers then Dash took them into the car and bulked them up. AJ got into the driver’s seat in the rental truck while the girls got into Rarity’s car to follow the rental truck. After awhile the girls got out and Pinkie Pie got the boys out of the car to play with them. Dash and AJ dealt with all the heavy stuff as the others dealt with the other boxes to put into Fluttershy’s cottage. Flutters helped Pinkie Pie with the twins to hold them and play with them. The girls put away all the stuff in the boxes as Pinkie was playing peekaboo with the twins. “Hey Flutters, can you help me baby proof the cottage? The stuff is in the box labeled baby proof.” Shy nodded and quickly made the cottage baby proof.

Dash made baked potatoes, cream corn, green bean casserole, and steaks were made for everyone after everything in the boxes was put away. She was also breast feeding the twins as she drank a protein shake. Shy smiled as she kissed the top of the twins’ heads and kissed Dash sweetly. “Flutters you really should eat something.” Everyone started to fill up their plates with food. “I’ll be right back,” Dash burped the babies and put them in cribs as they fell asleep instantly. Rainbow came back and also filled up her plate with food. Flutters hugged Dash as Dash hugged her back. Shy smiled happily. “Least Lightning is trying to fly.” “That’s true.” “I’m sure he’ll be awesome at it.” Shy giggled, “Let’s hope for the future. I want to have kids of my own Dash.” “Why do you want more children Flutters? We already have two babies. If you have babies they will also be pegasi.” “I would like to have girls as well as boys.” “And just what would you even name them?” “Maybe Autumn Rose and Windy Belle.” “Those are good names Flutters.” “Thank you.”


“I hope the boys will find some sports that they’re good at.” “I would be interested to see that.” “I do love to watch them sleep.” “Well they’re being quiet.” “Yes and now mommy is going to sleep,” Dash headed to her room. Fluttershy hugged her and kissed her deeply. “Good night my sweet.” “Good night Flutters.” Dash passed out on her bed snoring loudly while having her iPod play music while she sleeps. Shy came over and snuggled into her. While Dash was sleeping she just continued to snuggle a pillow. Flutters got up and got the sleep apnea machine and her headphones. Dash started talking nonsense in her sleep. Shy pulled one of her earphones off to hear her. “Don’t let Flutters eat the stripped pineapples.” Flutters was puzzled by that. After awhile Lightning and Thunder started crying. Dash heard it from the baby monitor and got up to see what’s wrong. “Hey lumber Jack,” she smiled and joked then got up to check on the babies. Dash went back to bed as the twins wanted to be feed. Shy was a little sad that she wasn’t their true mother as she bottle feed the boys. They calmed down as they were in her arms. Shy smiled and nuzzled them softly. She also made sure to burp them and change their diapers. As soon as she put them back in their cribs they fell asleep instantly. Dash felt so relaxed that she could finally fall asleep for the entire night. Shy came to bed planting a kiss on her cheek and lied back down.


As the morning alarm went off Dash stretched, yawned and turned off the alarm. She sleepily got up and feed, burped and changed the boys then went to make breakfast. Shy smiled, got up, came behind Dash, kissed her neck and held her from behind. Dash sighed as she got her pancakes and bacon. “What’s wrong dear?” “You don’t want to know. Let’s leave it at that.” Once they finished eating breakfast and put their dishes in the dishwasher they went to get dressed. Dash put on a light blue crop top with her cutie mark as the logo, her blue sleeveless jacket, booty denim shorts, rainbow leggings and black sneakers, and fingerless black gloves. Flutters put on a yellow sweater were the sleeves hung past her shoulders, a mini light pink skirt, white leggings and pink flats. Shy looked at her, “Hunny you know it’s Saturday, right?” “Oh right” Dash and Flutters put their swim suits on underneath their clothes. Shy smiled and kissed her sweetly. “Flutters you ready?” “Yes I am.” Dash grabbed the stuff for the beach as Lovestruck rang the doorbell. “Have fun you two,” said Lovestruck. “Don’t worry Lovestruck we will.”


Dash then walked out the door and put the stuff in the trunk of the car then got in the driver’s seat. Shy was right behind her smiling. Once they got to the beach they changed into only their swim suits which Dash was wearing a light blue sports bikini with her cutie mark of a cloud with lightning in the colors of red, yellow and blue on the left side of her chest as Fluttershy wore a yellow bikini with her cutie mark of tree pink butterflies also on the left side of her chest. Dash then opened the trunk and carried all the stuff. “Shy go find Twilight and I’ll meet you there.” Flutters then went to go find Twilight. Dash started to follow Flutters as Shy found her. Twilight was reading under a beach umbrella while relaxing in a beach chair. Shy shouted to her and waved at her. She looked up as she smirked at Dash. Rainbow was setting up everything to be just perfect. “So Shy wanna go swimming before we eat?” Shy smiled and nodded slowly placing her towel under the beach umbrella Dash brought. Dash raced to the ocean. Shy watched her smiling. “Come on Shy let’s go diving,” Dash shouted. Shy playfully ran to the ocean, “Sure hun.” Rainbow waited for her to come into the water. Once in the ocean Shy splashed Dash slightly. Dash giggled as she splashed her lightly she then swam further into the water into water to go diving. Shy swam after her. Dash swam faster and faster to escape her dark feelings towards Soarin. Twilight texted Pinkie Pie and Rarity bout the plan. Shy tried to catch up to her to no avail. Twilight shouted to Fluttershy to come back as Dash just kept pushing her limits to swim as fast as she could. Shy swam back to land then ran over to Twilight. Shy sighed softly, “I don’t know what’s wrong with her.” “Did she act up last night?” “Not that I noticed.” “She’ll still in love with Soarin. So, it’s your job to get her to be in love with you.” “Alright then.”


Dash dove in the ocean to look at the underwater world to try to feel better. Once she felt a bit better she swam back to land and ran to the picnic. Shy was already there eating a sandwich. Dash took out a banana peanut butter sandwich and ate it fast. “Don’t eat so fast Dashie; you’ll choke.” “I’m fine,” she then ate 3 more. Shy watched her and tried to stop her by grabbing her wrists and lying on top of her. “What are you doing Flutters?” “You are going to choke if you keep eating everything that fast. I just want you to be safe and slow it down a bit ok?” She kissed her deeply and rubbed her cheek against hers. Dash kissed her back, “Ok.” Shy smiled and nodded placing her forehead softly on Rainbow’s.


Dash tried her best not to show her true emotions. Twilight looked at her, “Rainbow she’s not like that.” “I love you Dashie.” “Why do you love me though?” “Because you’re the only one who knows how to comfort and understands plus you’re super cute and colorful.” “I’m just trying my best I can.” “I know you are,” Shy kissed her deeply slowly inserting her tongue in her mouth. Dash ran her fingers through Shy’s hair as she kissed her deeply. “Tell me Shy what is it that made you fall for me and don’t tell me it’s my looks.” “The fact that you’re always there whenever I need you.” “Well that’s what true friends do. You know I’ll be there to beat up anyone who cares to try to hurt you. I still feel so broken though.” Shy held her close and snuggled her softly. Dash just cried into her. “I know none of our friends understands this pain I feel.” Shy nuzzled her neck and softly kissed her. Dash kissed her back and held her close. Shy smiled and kissed her neck and nibbled her neck softly. “Shy this isn’t that kind of beach.” “I know it was just a little nibble.” “Says the horny little vixen.” Shy laughed a bit, “Maybe a little.” Now why don’t we go play volleyball?” “Alright then.” Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and AJ all came over to play volleyball with them in teams. Dash got out the volleyball and got in position then passed the ball to Flutters. Shy spiked the ball to Pinkie Pie. They all played for a few hours then it started to get dark as the girls except Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash all went to a giant stage on the beach.Twilight said, “Alright everyone we’re gonna throw a very special concert for our friends Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.” Twilight starting singing ‘Kiss the Girl’ from the movie Ariel while the spot light was on Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Soarin flew to Dash, dipped her and kissed her deeply and passionately. Shy shoved Soarin away and kissed Dash deeply. After kissing Dash Shy turned to Soarin and proceeded to beat the crap out of him. Dash blushed bright red as Soarin fought back. Shy smiled as she blackened both of Soarin’s eyes and split his lip. She told him darkly, “Don’t ever touch my Dashie ever again.” He pushed Shy’s gut hard then broke her nose. “You don’t know anything about what she likes romantically.” “Dash is my love and if you ever come near her or my family I will clip your special tool.” He smirked wickedly, “You think she won’t come to me?” Shy kicked him in the nuts and knocked him out.


The concert continued as Twilight was singing ‘Cherry Pie’ by Warrant. Spitfire, the commander of the Wonderbolts came up to Dash, “Dash I don’t know what’s in the future for you and Soarin or Fluttershy, but you’ll be a Wonderbolt you just need to work and train hard. Shy smiled, threw up a thumbs up to Dash, got off Soarin and came over to Dash to hold her. Dash looked down. “I just don’t know what to do Spitfire.” Spitfire smiled and walked back in with the crowd. Shy held Dash and kissed her cheek softly. “I can’t believe I just met my idol.” “It’s awesome isn’t it darling?” “I know right, and she gave me a life lesson.” “I know but I love you Dashie and I want you to be happy.” “I know.” Shy nuzzled Dash and smiled. Rainbow snuggled her. “My beautiful Dashie.” “I’ll always be yours.” Shy smiled, scooped Dash up and cuddled her softly. Dash kissed her softly. She kissed her back while deepening the kiss. “Let’s go home. Also, Flutters do you know how to give a deep tissue massage?” “I do my love.” “Ok goof, I’ll be needing one every Sunday. After all, training to be a Wonderbolt is tough like training for the Olympics. Not just anyone can get in you have to be the best of the best for at least 5 different sports.” “Of course darling.” “Let’s go home I’m sure the boys miss me.” Shy nodded and put Dash in the car before packing up all the beach stuff and put it in the trunk. As Flutters drove them home Dash passed out in the car. Lovestruck was leaving as Flutters pulled into the drive way. "Thank you Struck." "Hey it's my job to babysit those boys. Now then VInyl is throwing a big party and maybe I'll help people fall in love." Shy giggled, " Go on you." Lovestruck got in her pink car and drove to the party. Shy kissed Dash, picked up Dash and put her on their bed, laid down with her putting her head on Dash's chest and fell asleep.


Lightning and Thunder started crying. Shy rushed over to them to see what’s wrong. They wanted to be fed and had dirty diapers. Shy fed and changed them. Thunder looked at her with his magenta eyes as he held her hand in a loving way. Shy smiled and kissed his tiny hand and smiled. “Hello Thunder.” He made happy noises. “I’m going to be your other mommy,” Shy smiled, sat down in the rocking chair with him and rocked him softly. He held her hand as he fell asleep cutely. Shy smiled and laid him back down in his crib, covering him with his thunder print blanket and rubbed his tiny cheek softly. Lightning also made happy noises. Shy smiled and kissed his tiny head softly and laid him back down in his crib as well. “Sleep my loves.” Thunder woke up as they both wanted to play some more. Shy smiled and sat them on the floor. “Alright boys but your other mommy is sleeping in the other room. Lightning played with a raddle as Thunder flew to Fluttershy to play with her very pretty, long, little pink hair. Shy smiled allowing him happily helping him down as she flew him around the room herself. He giggled and flew happily as Lightning joined him. They both grew tired and flew to their cribs and fell asleep. Shy smiled and kissed them both glowing with delight watching Thunder fly for the first time.


The next morning Dash yawned as she did her morning routine. Shy was making waffles singing happily with the boys. “Anything happen last night?” “Yes, darling Thunder flew for the first time last night.” Shy showed her with magic.” “Did you get it on tape?” “Yes I did it’s in the VCR.” “Alright let’s go watch it.” Dash held Thunder and gave him raspberries as he giggled. “Funny how pegasi can fly before they can crawl. However, by the time they can walk ugh they’ll be able to fly all the time.” “Well we’ll be ready love,” Shy kissed her softly. Dash kissed her back, “Which one of us will them to talk though?” “Maybe you should because of your time with Soarin but if it will be better I will help you.” “Yes, probably should be me. Also, I want them to have a puppy to love and protect them.” “Why a puppy?” “Cuz a puppy or kitty makes kids happy. We could always try aa hamster instead if you want and big rule is never ever fly with the pet.” “Absolutely.” “That will include us, so we set a good example.” “Angel wouldn’t be that bad.” “Angel is a bunny he could get swished. What about Tank after all he’s a tortoise. Plus, Tank has a device to make him fly but for you to hold Angel is exactly what I don’t want Lightning or Thunder to do. I know you help birds fly and help wounded animals you even have a bear and such but no puppies or kittens.”


“We need something for the boys to take care of. But nothing too dangerous like a tiger for example.” She giggled, “They’re nicer than you think.” “Sweetie you know what I mean. I know you understand them and have a sanctuary for the ones that aren’t here, but the boys will be scared of the big animals. Animals don’t like it when people pull on them. How would you protect the boys in time if they upset a puma?” “Well we’ll have to monitor them to make sure they don’t go picking it up wrong, but I see no reason why not.” “Well get in the car and go pick one out I’ll be here to take care of the boys.” Shy went out to her sanctuary then went inside and began to look for a white tiger. All the animals gave their greetings to her. Shy smiled and greeted them happily. All the animals started eating cuz it was feeding time. Shy went to her section where the tigers were and realized that the white tigers had a litter of subs a while ago, but one was a runt and not getting enough nourishment it was supposed to. She then asked the parents of the cub if they wouldn’t mid her taking it so it had a chance to grow up as she walked out with the cub and drove home. Dash was in a rocking chair feeding the boys. Shy came into the room with a furry white mass in her arms. Dash looked at her, “Is that the tiger? If so please name it, feed it, and give it a bath. I have to change and bathe the boys.” Shy nodded and smiled to the small furball she held. Dash cleaned the boys off then went to the bath tub to wash them.


“By the way Flutters Wonderbolts do sky diving, basic jumping such as jumping off buildings or cliffs, soccer, boxing and bull riding. Our biggest competition is the Shadowbolts.” “Wow Dashie darling that’s amazing.” “Yea Wonderbolts do the most extreme sports. Did you know that basic jumping is more extreme than sky diving because it doesn’t give time to shoot the parashot? Most people do it as a way for suicide but Wonderbolts do it for the excitement, the trill, the rush and always have a trampoline so no deaths ever happen.” “Well try not to die alright.” “Shy did you forget I can fly?” “No but all the same love. Shy kissed her deeply then kissed the boys. “Boys say hello to Blizzard.” Dash changed the boys again. They flew to the cub and snuggled Blizzard. Shy smiled and lightly stroked Dash’s Dash up to her chin with a finger as she lightly set Blizzard down. The boy made happy noises as they played with Blizzard. Shy smiled over at them and smiled scooping up Dash and cuddled with her. “Shy what are you doing?” “Playing with my cute pony.” Dash giggled.


“Least Wonderbolts don’t do cycling cuz that risks getting run over. The boys are still too young to watch me sky dive to a skiing competition that I always win. Might need a bigger trophy room.” Shy giggled. “Oh Dashie.” “Though it’s only a 2-year Academy and I’ll need you to take care of the boys while I’m at the Wonderbolts Academy.” “Don’t they have motherhood dorms.” “No cuz usually people send their babies to their parents since they have no parenting dorms. After all this Academy is all focus about what the studies; no time for taking care of kids. Getting into the Academy is harder than getting into all the best colleges.” “I know love but it’s up to you the choice is yours to make.” Shy kissed her softly. Dash kissed her back. “I know I can trust you with the boys.” “Yes love, but if Soarin touches you, he’s dead.” “I know but even after I make it into the Wonderbolts he’s still gonna be my co-worker. Plus, even after college others won’t make the cut. I know I’ll be a Wonderbolt but there’s only one spot available.” Shy smiled and kissed her deeply. “Well do the best you can sweetie pie.” Dash kissed her back. “Bit nervous about the math courses. Nervous about any course that involves reading books. However, if you want to be a vet there’s another college really close by where you can bring the boys. You are going to college right Flutters?” “That sounds beneficial for both of us.”


“However, if Soarin somehow gets his way I don’t know what to do. Sex isn’t even allowed in the Academy and the one who gets chosen; that is if they’re female it would be dangerous to be pregnant with how much dangerous stuff with Wonderbolts do.” “I understand hunny.” “Honestly I never imagined myself with kids.” “I know but now it’s part of our lives.” “I know they’ll see their daddy with me on TV.” “Well only if we recognize him as their father, we could just tell them he died.” “Fluttershy Lightning has fire hair the colors in my hair while Thunder has midnight blue hair like Soarin’s.” “I know sweetheart.” “Anyways so who’s sperm do you want for your kids?” “Hmmm maybe Big Mac.” Dash nodded, “Well he is kind hearted, strong, sure he only says “yup” or “nope” almost all the time but he’ll make cute babies.” “True plus he does seem like a gentle giant.” “Course you need Applejack’s permission, teehee.” “I would like your babies to get to know their daddy. After all he would never do anything to hurt you and be respectful of our relationship.” “Maybe yours could also consider them their dad too if AJ says yes.” “Soarin would try to steal me away.” “So? He’ll be dead soon.” “But if you want we can have a custody agreement he can have them on every other Saturday and Sunday.” “That is true.” “In the mean time I shall go to the gym and practice boxing. In the mean time why don’t you go take the boys and go talk to AJ at the farm.” “Alright then love.” Rainbow left and walked to the gym. Shy gathered the boys up and bulked them up in the car then got in the driver’s seat and drove to see Applejack. Dash started working with her trainer Lola as AJ was picking apples. AJ had her long blond hair in a low ponytail as always, wore a straw country hat, an orange sleeveless jacket and a white tank top that was tied in the front, denim booty shorts and knee-high cowboy boots.


“Hey AJ.” “Oh, hey there sugar cube.” Shy smiled at that as she got the twins out of the car and held them in her arms. “Aww they’re so cute. So what brings you by?” “I wanted to ask you something a bit personal.” AJ stopped picking apples and gave her full attention to Flutters. “Alright what’s eating you?” “Dashie and I want to have babies and Dash suggested that Big Mac would be a good sperm donor.” “I thought Dash swore she’d never get pregnant again.” “It’s not her it’s me.” “Well why do you want my brother’s semen?” “Because she thought Big Macintosh would be a better choice than someone like Soarin.” “I thought you played for the same team.” “I love Dash, but I would like to experience my loves pain and pleasure of birth plus I,” she blushed bright red. “Well why do you want his sperm? Do you wanna be half apple?” “I would prefer my babies have a good man for a father and not some deadbeat hotshot who can’t give anyone the same amount of respect that is shown to him.” “Well ok I’ll go ask him, he’s very shy. Would you bring them here? After all I know Big Mac would want to be a part of any of his kids lives.” “Of course I would AJ.” “Ok sugar cube, I’ll go talk to him. He’ll probably say yes but I’ll come by to tell you.” “Ok,” Shy smiled, kissed AJ on her cheek softly and hugged her. She hugged her back, “You and Dash will be part of the family. Plus, after college would be best. After all one baby is hard enough as it is and you two have two.” “I know AJ.” “Well I know after college we’ll be together again. Twi is going to Yale, Dash is gonna be a Wonderbolt, and you, Pinkie Pie and Rarity are going to Canterlot University. You’ll be a vet, Rarity will have multiple boutiques across the world, Pinkie Pie will be a baker, think Twi wants to be a doctor and I’ll be her working on the farm. Plus, our babies will grow up together. Hopefully I’ll find me a real man one day.” “Very true.” “So you planning on popping the question before or after she graduates from the Academy?” “Before.” “That’s good, wonder how you’ll do it. I know it be big. I mean your first date was pretty big. The beach and a concert where everyone threw lanterns to the sky just for you. Dash sure does know what she wants Pinkie Pie to do for a big surprise.” “Well I gotta go pick up Dash from the gym. See you later AJ.” AJ waved her goodbye as Shy got in the car.


After picking up Dash and going home Dash went to go get the boys and set them in the family room to play. Flutters smiled as she played with the boys. Dash nodded then fly to the tallest building to practice basic falling. Shy smiled and kissed the boys softly. The boys made happy sounds as they played with Fluttershy. Dash kept practicing to clear her head from all the complicated stuff she would have to do in the Academy. She loved the rush and thrill that basic jumping did. Shy waited at home hoping her lover was being safe. After awhile Dash came home feeling much better. Shy smiled, wrapped Dash in a big hug and kissed her deeply. Dash kissed her just as deeply then went to feed and change the boys. “Are you ok hunny?” “I’m fine.” “You hungry for supper darling?” “Sure.” Shy looked worried and kissed her once more and went to make dinner for them. Lovestruck walked in with the boys. “I’m excited to get my degree so I can be a caretaker. Either that or work at a place to help people find their true love. Are you excited Fluttershy?” “Yes, I am super excited.”

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