the rise of freddy

the events of the bite of 87 take place at Fred bears family diner. at my youngest brother's birthday party. it was Michelle's idea. it was his birthday. he was scared over something about walking nightmares, razor sharp teeth and claws. one was Fred bear. I hear things going bump in the night and I saw one. a bear. razor sharp teeth. he woke up with cuts. bags. I never really thought I might take the nightmares place on the stage.


2. the suit

 screaming and shoving woke up my numb brain. my brother. dead. i turn and run, crying. i find the closest guard and tell him what happened. when my tale finished he grabbed my hand and led me out the back. he shoves me against a wall. i look around. animatronic suits and endoskeletons were in the dark and smelly room. i turn and gasp. Afton stood in front of me, a brown suit in his hands. he sets it down in front of me and grab my underarms. i scream but he gags me. muffled, i breathe heavily as he puts me in the suit. soon my arms and legs are in the proper position in the arm and leg sockets. he puts and mask over my head and leaves. i push up in and seated position but then snapping and pain. i scream as blood starts seeping through the suit. spring locks and parts start ripping through me and ripping up my organs. i try screaming help but my vocal cords are severed. i collapse, dying, a pool of blood surrounding me. as my vision fades i feel myself being pushed up into seated position. a white and black face stares at me. help, i mouth and i fall unconscious.  


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