the rise of freddy

the events of the bite of 87 take place at Fred bears family diner. at my youngest brother's birthday party. it was Michelle's idea. it was his birthday. he was scared over something about walking nightmares, razor sharp teeth and claws. one was Fred bear. I hear things going bump in the night and I saw one. a bear. razor sharp teeth. he woke up with cuts. bags. I never really thought I might take the nightmares place on the stage.


1. the birthday

it was my brother's birthday when it all started. I never forgave what I did to him. 

I didn't believe him when he said that there were monsters under his bed, in his closet and in the halls. I for one never heard anything except his screams. every time that he did this, I got up and went to see him. nothing stood over him, whatever it was. anyway, I found out that he was up and 12 until 6, like the night guard at Fred bear's family diner. they all seem to disappear. no traces. i will tell you that if anyone was behind this, it's afton. this is my story 

"I DON'T WANNA GO!" shrieked my brother as we went to see the two animatronics on the stage. he requested this a few days, but yet he doesn't want to today. maybe Fred bear looks like the one i saw last night. yellow mouldy skin, 5 cm long teeth and claws, red glowing eyes. it saw me, but wasn't interested. instead it continued its lumbering walk down the hall. i was frightened but i didn't want to show my fear in front of my friends. " come on guys, let's get him closer," i say in my big-man voice. the others laugh and host him up. Michael held him and my brother was wailing "let go of me," he wailed. 

" hey, i think he said get closer. HA HA HA!" Michael teased. we approached and i felt dread as we approached the stage. Fredbear looked gentle up on the stage with Springbonnie the yellow rabbit. but after the other night, i don't think that he is as he seems. "don't trust your eyes," my parents warned. the laughter brought me back to present. my brothers' head was being stuffed into the mouth of fredbear. "NO!" i shrieked, but the other sound interrupted my screech. 

a sickening CRUNCH


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