The Freezing Planet

When Carter Harrison wakes up in his New York apartment, he finds out that the city has been under the control of the Military rule. As he struggles to fit in, aliens have invaded America-intent on invasion.

The first novel in the new science fiction YA series.


2. The Freezing Planet-Part Two


Carter shook his head.

"The election is in October", he said.

"The President knows he's winning. Besides, he's got the Republicans on his side", Lieutenant Kelli Morrow said. She saw Mary was thinking about Carter. 

"If we're invaded...", the General begun to say.

"Then we'll deal with it", Carter stated.


R. Payton Jones, III, stared at his three sons.

"There's going to be World War IV. The time has come before we all must sacrifice for the better good", he said. He watched them shudder; he focused on his wife who looked out of the window. The soldiers were marching down 131st street again; the thudding of their shiny, black boots, caused everyone to look in awe. The eighty year old billionaire shook his head, as he waited for them to speak.

      "Why is there another war, Dad? Is there anything we did to the United Kingdom?", Thomas Payton, asked. He looked at the Internet feed of Simon Fortune, the British Prime Minister on his E-pad. The middle-aged man in his forties, (the same age as Thomas was), stood at the podium. "For a long time, we were friends with our ally The United States of America; for centuries, we knew that we could be on good terms with them. Sadly, that time has changed; for now on, we'll go at it alone. By six o'clock London time, no Americans are allowed into London; no Americans at all", he said. 

      And, one hour later, the conference ended.


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