The Freezing Planet

When Carter Harrison wakes up in his New York apartment, he finds out that the city has been under the control of the Military rule. As he struggles to fit in, aliens have invaded America-intent on invasion.

The first novel in the new science fiction YA series.


1. The Freezing Planet-Part One


Carter awoke from a dream of invasion.

He yawned, then peered at the glass window.

It was raining in New York.

He saw soldiers marching down 131st street, and 7th avenue. They wore gas masks on their faces; they walked towards his apartment holding air rifles in their cold hands. Carter blinked his green eyes; he gazed at the digital clock that was on his black table in his right-side bed. To his surprise, he saw Earth's bitter moon glance at him from above; he thought the Earth was angry. 

     Carter, who wore red pyjamas, and black slippers on his feet, opened the door. He gazed at the soldiers with irritating numbness; he was an ex-military soldier back in 2,126. That was four year's ago until he was discharged on medical grounds due to epileptic seizures that was contained by medication. In short, Carter stared at the groups of protestors at the New York City Hall; they held out placards about President Anderson's radiation plants which would invest millions of dollars into the economy. He didn't care about the fate of America. Ever since Carol Anne Grimes left him two year's ago, the divorce was nasty. She got half the assets, the house, and five million dollars. Carter got half the money, and nothing else, since they didn't have any children. Now, in the year 2,130, he had turned thirty-five, and enjoying the single life.

       Carter shook his head. He thought that the military would enforce martial law, and a curfew for all of the people who lived, and worked, in New York. He shook his head. I'm dead, he thought to himself. There wasn't any kind of issues before; there was just the injustice of his failed marriage to concern him. He saw a woman was knocking on her front door. "Damn, damn!", she uttered. Carter walked towards her. "Lock yourself in again, Mary", he said. She sighed. "The key is inside the apartment on the hallway stool", she said. Carter grabbed a silver key, and opened it. Mary smiled. "You're great, Carter". She kissed him. He smiled. They went into apartment 247, just as the soldiers marched towards there.


"I want everyone to co-operate", General Amos Sheppard, Jr., said. He glanced at the bright sun, and squinted. He stared at the tenants of Scholl Apartments. He smoked a cigar. He walked towards the African-American doorman. "Joel, how are you?", he asked the elderly man. Joel smiled. "Fine; just fine", he answered him. He started to shiver. "Really. I know some people loathe my work. But the President wants the job done", the General smirked. 

      "I don't want any kind of trouble", Joel said.

      "This is America, my friend. Everything's fake", the General stated. He looked at Lieutenant Kelli Morrow. She looked at apartment 245. "Carter isn't here", she sighed. The General stopped talking. He knew, deep down, what Carter did back in his day. He loathed him. He feigned a smile, and watched Joel squirm with growing tension. He gripped a laser gun in his right hand; he was set to fire it. "Holt!", Lieutenant Morrow shouted. She saw apartment 247 open. Mary and Carter gazed at them. Carter smiled at the General, then at Morrow. "Looks like there's no more work for the military, General", he said. "Everyone's preparing for the alien invasion, Carter. You know that; I know that; everyone knows that...even the President and his Cabinet knows that". He took his time to digest what he said. "All I know is if, and it's a huge if, we're invaded, I could expect the aliens to behave during our testing", Carter stated.

       "Our testing is classified", Lieutenant Kelli Morrow said.

       "I know", Carter said. He didn't need to be told information he already knew. He didn't want to resign from the military. He was forced out by the General colluding with the President on "Project Firewood". He wasn't going to tell everyone what it contained; he wasn't going to blab to The Washington Post. It was something that preyed on his mind. "Are you in, Carter?", the General asked. Carter shook his head. "In. You mean I am back working for the President...and you", he answered. The General smiled. "We need valuable men and women in New York who won't spill the beans", Lieutenant Morrow stated. 

       And he nodded, and said: "Yes".


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