The Freezing Planet

When Carter Harrison wakes up in his New York apartment, he finds out that the city has been under the control of the Military rule. As he struggles to fit in, aliens have invaded America-intent on invasion.

The first novel in the new science fiction YA series.


9. The Freezing Planet-Part Nine


Sara felt cold.

She reached a side entrance that lead to the pool area. Several alien people were watching her. "Welcome to the Freezing Planet", a alien girl said. Sara blinked, then she said: "I hate the cold", she said. The alien girl smiled. "I'm Anna Beth Grahame", it stated. Sara stared at the alien. "I don't want to be a spy", she said. Anna Beth Grahame grinned. 

      "Spies are treated with honour", she said. 

      "And you're one of them?", Sara asked.

      "Yes", Anna Beth answered proudly.

     And Sara nodded, as they walked towards the silvery door, and were prepared for the next stage of the invasion to begin.


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Page 9.


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