The Freezing Planet

When Carter Harrison wakes up in his New York apartment, he finds out that the city has been under the control of the Military rule. As he struggles to fit in, aliens have invaded America-intent on invasion.

The first novel in the new science fiction YA series.


4. The Freezing Planet-Part Four


"Christ! This is horrendous!", Carter said. He watched Mary gasp. She gripped his black trousers with her small, right, hand; she was determined not to leave Carter alone. The General shook his head. "The planet is freezing", he said. He shivered from the eerie cold weather, as a blackness consumed New York City.


Sara Childs watched the aliens in her bedroom.

"Mom! MOM!", she yelled.

She ducked her head, as the air was frozen.

Suddenly there was a bright light that illuminated her small bedroom.

And, seconds later, she disappeared on board the space her parents broke down and cried.


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