The Freezing Planet

When Carter Harrison wakes up in his New York apartment, he finds out that the city has been under the control of the Military rule. As he struggles to fit in, aliens have invaded America-intent on invasion.

The first novel in the new science fiction YA series.


8. The Freezing Planet-Part Eight


"We have to do something, Carter", Mary said. She gazed at him. 

"What! Get rid of them before we die", Carter stated.

"We're not going to. Besides, we have to fight back", Carter said. He looked out of the window. Black smoke was spread all over the city that never sleeps; more black smoke filled the apartments near 131st street and 7th avenue. Carter took control of the he always did.


"I can't believe it", Sandra Roberts said. She smoked a cigarette, as the aliens teleported New Yorkers on board several space ships. She stubbed out the fiery embers, as she focused on the blackened streets. She saw her brother, Allan Roberts, gaze at the aliens. "We have to leave Earth", he told her. She shook her head. "Mars has a different climate to us", she said. He shook his head. They shook their head, as the Internet feed on the alien invasion crisis went viral.         

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