Eclipse is ours to command

Jim still believes that the Amulet made a mistake to declare he was the trollhunter. He was a human, not a troll. Despite that, training with Blinky and studying about the second world below Arcadia. There's something interesting Jim soon discovers about Changelings.


3. Breaking Point

So, third chapter is done, this got a lot of emotions in it.
I hope you guys will enjoy ^^

Chapter 3. Breaking Point

The words that Strickler had spoken about earlier kept running around in the young teen's head. If he truly didn't want him to be hurt, why did he continue to work for Gunmar?
Why would he not take their side instead and help fight for what was right?
He felt a headache come around, all the things that seem to come crushing down on him, started to really be a pain.

He had only been halfway down the crystal stairs, before he do stop up, his bag held firmly to his side as he clung his hand around the rem of the bag.

Why now? Of all times, things had to change now, and they had to make it more complicated than ever before?

"Oh, Trollhunter."

Jim's eyes glanced up, hearing the still new nickname upon him, seeing Draal standing just a few crystal stairs down from him.

"Draal, hey..." Jim greeted, he gave a bit of a nervous wave, as he walked down a few Crystals "How was the meeting with Vendal?" he questioned the bigger troll.

"We still agree, that I should look after your home and be in protective reach." Draal explained, he let his hand be carefully on Jim's shoulder, they always had to make sure they didn't put enough pressure on him, since he could be harmed easily enough.

"I'm glad you both came forward with that conclusion, I'm not sure what I would do if Bulgar appeared near the house." Jim admitted.

He felt the hand resting a bit harder on his shoulder, but Jim showed no sign of pain or that it was getting to heavy for him. "Bulgar wouldn't dare come around, knowing very well you are guarded to the brink of him being taken down by all of us." Draal said right out. "I'll keep him down, while you Trollhunter, slash him with the sword, end of story." It humored them a bit, as they started to laugh a bit.

"Trollhunters..." Jim corrected him, his blue eyes went up and met Draal's fiery ones. "I am not alone in this, I got you, Toby, everyone here. I'm not standing alone..." He said as he placed his palm on Draal's arm "And I'm happy, having a Team behind me is the coolest thing I could ever ask for " he explained.

It seems to make the Troll smile, hearing that Jim truly meant every word he spoke of. "We'll always be there, Trollhunter. The day Bulgar will be slain, is the day we'll celebrate big and proud, we'll get him." Draal truly knew what to say to make Jim at ease.
However, the still endless thinking with Strickler, with his two lives he's coping with, one being Regular Jim going to school, cooking food for his mum, the other, being the Trollhunter, combat training, saving the world for whatever would come out and be sat in his way.

"I'll be in the basement of your home, Trollhunter. Unless you need my assistance around here?" Draal manage to draw Jim back again from his train of thought that came around again.

"Oh, no please go ahead. I'm just going to speak with Blinky and Aaarrrggghhh. " Jim replied with a small smile "I'll come back tonight before my mum comes home." He promised him. Jim got out from Draal's hold and continued down the crystal stairs.

"Very well, Trollhunter. "

It was the last Jim heard, as he could hear the heavy footsteps of Draal climbing the crystal stairs. All while Jim himself, light as he now was walked down.
He wasn't sure how it really happened, but from the moment he reached the end of the stairs, was the moment he seems lost in his thoughts again.

All he knew by the end of it, he was suddenly at the training arena, Blinky waved two of his hands in front of him, trying to get his attention.

"Master Jim?" Blinky asked for the third time, finally getting a reaction from the teen. "huh? oh..." Jim looked a bit around, shocked over he had arrived that… quickly?

" Master Jim, you seem... lost in thoughts, are there something you wish to speak about?" Blinky asked.

Jim stood quiet, the things he had wanted to ask, the things he wanted answers for...
He suddenly felt scared to ask them, scared to know the answers for them, but perhaps...

"I...I just came to get some more combat training" the words came out faster than Jim could stop himself from saying it.

"I do admit, I was a little worried when I saw you come around, by this time you always do be in that... School of yours, correct?" Blinky asked, he had a little hint of concern in his voice.

"I'm off today and tomorrow, don't ask why, but I got till Monday off." Jim explained, he moved past Blink and got over to one of the small stairs. He took the amulet out from the pocket and let his bag hit the ground.

"For the Glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command."

Jim spoke the chanting words, the amulet glowed and moved to the chest as his armor was summoned and settled upon his bod. Jim let his hand stretch down, making the sword appear into his palm, which he grabbed tightly around.

"Start it, Blinky. I want to train. " Jim's never sounded so commanding before, it did set a little concerned look from Blinky to him, but nonetheless, Blinky went on over and started the arena, so Jim could go on and train.

Blinky must admit he was quite impressed with Master Jim, seeing him trying his very best and listened in to what he had explained for a few combat rules and skills.
Having Aaarrrggghhh coming around to help Jim along, even protecting the human from grave mistakes he might be doing.

However, Blinky had the feeling that Jim wasn't 100% focus on the combat training. He noticed that the teen at times seem to flash out from his mind, stare for a moment before the attack would be placed and he was back again.
Had it been real, Jim might not had been there for the first 10 minutes of his training with Aaarrrggghhh.

"Master Jim!" Blinky called out, another time where Jim had suddenly seemed to stop in his actions, he seem lost in thoughts, but it wasn't the time for it.

Aaarrrggghhh had just manage to get over to Jim and blocked one of the larger blades to get down on him. It seems to take Jim out from his thoughts, as he moved so Aaarrrggghhh didn't have to hold it for much longer.

"Master Jim! What in merlin's name are you even thinking?!" A bit of anger came from the Troll, approaching the teen.

The amulet on Jim's chest seem to take all the armor of him, it almost dropped, but Jim caught it just in time as he looked at Blinky coming on closer.

"You are unfocused, you don't seem to grip that this arena literally could kill you off if you are not careful!" Blinky went on and scold the teen, his all four arms were raised and he for the first time really expressed a great deal of anger.
But, of course mixed with the anger, his concerns laid on it too. "I've never seen you this distant while training in your combat skills, Master Jim..." Blinky said a little calmly now, seeing as Jim had looked down, perhaps a bit in shame?

"Sorry Blinky, I just... I... " Jim let the amulet slide into his pocket, as he looked up at the troll. Perhaps for the first time, Blinky could see the eyes tearing up. "I've... so much..."

"So much, what?" Blinky's voice had calmed again, speaking a bit softer as he let two of his hands rest on Jim's arm. "Master Jim, from the very start, I've made myself very clear about a few things." Blinky said to him, Jim had held his sleeve down and dried away the coming tears.

" You always could and always will be able to come around and speak of your bare problems, Master Jim. whether it's a question, statement, guidance, no matter what, you are always able to come around to me, to us" he said as he gestured to Aaarrrggghhh too.

With the gesture to Aaarrrggghhh, the giant Troll came on closer too. "We help..." Aaarrrggghhh spoke out kindly too, as he gave Jim a small smile too. "Wingman help too." He added in, reminding Jim that Toby always would be there for him as well.

But... would they? If what Strickler said earlier was true, then he had nothing to gain down here, he couldn't seem to get the combat training done properly, they might not even help him train to the real deal.

"I believe you should do what is best for now, Master Jim. Draal will help you train a little tonight and until then, rest, read up to your school and come down here Monday." Blinky said to him, his two hands remained on Jim's shoulder and arm.

"Get home, get some rest, focus on your school for now, Master Jim." Blinky exclaimed once more, seeing that Jim made a small nodding. Aaarrrggghhh had been over and grabbed Jim's bag, he had held it out for Jim, as he got on over to the Trollhunter once more.

"Thank you." Jim said quietly, he let his hand reach out and grab the rem of his bag. He took the amulet from his pocket and placed it into the bag pocket instead. Feeling safer for it to be there than in his own pocket.

"Rest well, Master Jim." Blinky told him as Jim left the arena.

The endless train of thoughts seem to just continue, Jim leaving Trollmarket after... who knows how long?
When did he even get down to the Trollmarket to begin with? He couldn't remember what time he left.

Once Jim exited out of Trollmarket, he stood below the bridge, Sun still high on the sky, casting the shadow below the bridge. He stood quiet, looking at a distant.
This was too much for him, wasn't it? Jim exhaled shakily, his hand clenched around the rem of his bag before he started to run.
He wasn't thinking clearly, he wasn't even trying to connect where his legs carried him to. He just, ran.

His lungs started to scream for oxygen, running as fast as he could through the forest, his legs hurt, he needed to...

He needed to...

All of sudden Jim stopped, his hand had dug down into his bag, taking the amulet. He was far away from the city, from the bridge.
He screamed out, the feelings he had bottled up inside of him for who knows how long came out in that scream. He threw the amulet as far as he could, before he dropped to his knees.

Hot tears tracked down his cheeks, his body was shaking, he tried to catch his breath as he leaned forward. Being on his hands and needs, panting and sucking in the air to fill his needing lungs.

He was exhausted, he knew he do only become more exhausted as his cries escaped him. Jim being on the ground, not paying attention to his surroundings more, he didn't feel well, he didn't think he would feel better about all of this.
There was too much on him...

Too much for him to hide, to carry, to bring up and to hide from others.
Toby wouldn't understand, Blinky couldn't, Aaarrrggghhh didn't.
No one understood...

A light blue glow appeared to his right, it just seems to anger Jim a bit more as he reached out, sitting back onto his legs. "It's all your fault..." He said with a raspy voice, the tears still half tracked down his cheeks.
"Why did you pick me?! WHY ME!?"

With the small anger and frustration feeling he had left, he threw the amulet again into the forest. He hated the damn thing, he hated it had choose him to become the Trollhunter.

Had it not... Jim would have a normal life, he wouldn't know Strickler was a Changeling, he wouldn't know to the other world...
He would've been perfectly fine...

The teen tugged his knee to his chest, hugging around it and let his head rest down onto the knee. He's never felt more alone...

Jim sniffed a couple of times, he tried to calm himself, he tried to see if he could find some peace and get back home, act like everything was normal. However, each time he seems to just calm down a bit, the feelings boiled over again, the tears wouldn't stop approaching and escape his eyes.

The light blue glow appeared again, Jim reached out to take the damn Amulet and throw it again, but as he did, something grabbed him around the wrist instead and tugged him up from the ground.
His heart froze, he tried to reach the amulet, desperate to get the armor on so he would be protected nonetheless.

Another hand grabbed his outstretched hand, making him immobile and unable to reach the amulet.
He had let his guards down, and now, he was going to pay for it. Jim closed his red puffy eyes, ready to take whatever blow might come to him.

Yup, I did end it there xD
Wanted you guys to have a small Cliffhanger ;)
I do have a small road I wanna follow on the idea, so hopefully chapter 4 will be out next week. :D
Thank you for reading so far, see you next chapter! Remember to comment on what you think :D

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