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Jim still believes that the Amulet made a mistake to declare he was the trollhunter. He was a human, not a troll. Despite that, training with Blinky and studying about the second world below Arcadia. There's something interesting Jim soon discovers about Changelings.


2. A special offer

So, got a bit of a long chapter going on now xD
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Chapter 2. A special offer

The feeling of the blanket soft against his skin, still a little damp coldness upon his head. Jim woke with those small feelings, moving his head slightly, the cloth had slide down a bit, in which Jim reached up and gently took it off. He groaned softly, opening his eyes a little and looked at the cloth in his palm.

Why was it here? And... How did he come to bed? He didn't remember walking to bed, nor remembering if he got dinner either.

Jim moved to sit up upon the bed, cloth still in his palm as he was pondering about those things.
His eyes suddenly wide, noticing how light it was in his room. He turned his gaze to his clock and saw it was 9AM.

"Oh no! NO NO NO!" He panicked a little, as he went to get out of bed. He was late for school, he was supposed to meet up with Toby and get to school.
Why had his mother not called him?!

Jim reached down to his shoes, so he could get them on, but his hand came to halt, as he saw a sticker note on them. His brows turned into a frown, picking up the note he sat down at the edge of his bed.

'Morning Jim, take it easy this morning. Mr. Strickler wrote in that you are off school today. I spoke with Toby this morning and explained you needed a day off too, he reminded me to tell you, you could always get a hold on him if you needed anything. Please get some sleep, sweetheart and relax. I'm home late so don't wait up for me -Mom'

Jim's frown only seems to grow larger as he read the note again. Strickler sat him to have a day off? Odd, why would he even do that?

The teen sighed, letting the note rest on the bed, his hands moved up to his face and rubbed it slightly while he sat and thought this through.

What was Strickler's plan about this? Why would he even seem to care for him in that matter?
Jim tried to remember what happened last night. Did Strickler do something that cursed him to pass out? He couldn't put a finger on what happened.

Perhaps it mattered not for now, he might had overreacted this for now. Jim moved from the bed and went over to his bag, seeing it placed neatly over his chair. He roamed around for a moment and found the amulet. Least, it was still there.

"Thanks merlin he didn't take it..." he breathed out, as the amulet made a small blue glow, almost like it was glad to be in Jim's hold.
The teen shook his head a bit, he let the amulet back again into his bag, knowing for now it was the best place for it to be.

With a day off, what could he possibly do?

As that question crossed his mind, his stomach certainly seems to answer him that. A loud growl of hunger was loud and clear, Jim covered his hands over his stomach, feeling his inside protesting about not getting the food it required for least a day.

He should properly start out with some breakfast first, then perhaps look at the homework he had pushed away due to his combat training in Troll Market.
It sounded like a plan for him at least, so what could go wrong with that? A day off school might be the best for now, he could gather his thoughts, not worry about acting all weird in school.

Jim glanced at his bag, considering for a moment if he should bring the amulet with him. Then again, he was in his own home, nothing should be going on. Jim shrugged, letting his feet guide him the way down to the kitchen. He still felt a bit tired, but his hunger properly wouldn't let him fall back asleep.

Jim moved to the sink, turning on the warm water while he washed his hands clean, always keep them clean whenever you are making food. He grabbed a kitchen cloth and moved to the fridge. He knew they do have some eggs and properly some vegetables, he could make a nice omelet.

Gathering the ingredients, Jim went to work with his master skills in cooking. Beating the eggs, cutting the vegetables, mix it together on a pan and vola, he had a nice omelet plated.

He had always been proud for his cooking, least he could tell the best chief between him and his mother, Jim do win that anytime soon. Though, he does always try out his mother's food, even knowing at times help her without she knew it, just to pep the meal up a little.
It was wonderful what a bit of salt and pepper could do to one meal.

As he was about to sit and enjoy his breakfast, his mind went to the book that Blinky so kindly had reminded him to read up on, let alone borrow so he could learn a bit of troll history.
He moved a little fast, taking the stairs with two steps ahead and got up to his room. He got to his closet and find the book, hidden away from his mother's sight, knowing she wouldn't search his room through.

He glanced at the old cover, seeing the symbols of Troll language and lettering. Perhaps he did need the amulet. Jim went over to his bag and reached for it, eyes still on the book. His hand went into the pocket and took out the amulet while heading out again from his room.

He let the blue light from the amulet cover over the lettering, seeing it translating into his own language was and will surprise him that magic was real.
If he could do it with any other language, that do be amazing!
Jim mumbled a few of the words as he took seat in front of his meal, letting the book lay on the table as he grabbed the fork and started to eat. His stomach satisfied over finally getting food again.

His eyes scanned over the words, reading through some of the Troll history. He was surprised nonetheless, knowing that this had been happening for centuries without any human had noticed it.
Had he not found the amulet, Jim properly wouldn't have known about Trolls, Troll Market, Trollhunter... everything.
He do live in the unknown along with his mother, having a daily life without worrying that someone could come and kill him off, making the amulet choose the next Trollhunter in line.

He was worried, worried he do leave his mum behind, worried he would leave Toby, his only friend. Blinky and Aaarrrggghhh.
He was the Trollhunter, he had to become better, he had to defeat Bulgar, to make sure killahead bridge won't be restored and that Gunmar won't return to the human's realm.

Thinking about all of this, his shoulders became heavy, a deep sigh escaped his lips as he let the amulet rest on the table. The rest of his half cold omelet was poked a bit around.

He was hardly an adult, he had such a big responsibility laying upon his shoulders.
He was the one to keep the world safe, to keep it from being destroyed and get into a dark time.

Was it to much to ask a teenage boy all of that? Laying such huge deal upon him? Glancing at the amulet, he still believed it had picked wrong.
He was just a human... he wasn't a troll, he wasn't a changeling, he was... Jim.

Jim Lake Jr. Son of Barbara Lake...
He refused to think of his father, yet when a thought of him stroke his mind, he couldn't stop but noticed a tear had dropped down on his arm.
Jim held his sleeve down, wiping his eyes while sitting back on his chair.

A shuddering breath escaped him, this really seem to upset him more than it should. All those things, happening on such a short time and he still couldn't wrap his head around it.
It's like an odd dream, that's not even a dream at all. Surely, he had wished for more adventure, but this?
Had this been what he really meant about it?

Jim's blue eyes looked stared at the amulet and book for who knows how long, his thoughts gone wild, distant as all this just came crumbling down upon him.

It kind of scared him, knowing all this, knowing that if he failed, he would leave everyone behind that he cares and love.
Did the Amulet really do the greatest mistake to choose him?

Jim exhaled deeply, letting his arms rest against the table. He wasn't sure what to do, he wasn't sure what to think or just consider for the moment. Food was done, trying to read... well half done. He just felt his mind was getting all over the places. Even, pleases he didn't wanted them to be.
The teen closed his eyes, the silence around him was calm, but also kind of scaring him in the end. It was to quiet...

He opened his eyes, the birds outside wasn't singing away their joyful song, he couldn't hear a wind moving either, properly due to the weather being so nice and sunny.

Jim moved from his seat, walking over to the window near the kitchen sink and glanced outside. The neighborhood was awfully quiet.

"Perhaps I should go to Troll Market and get more Combat Training done." He muttered for him. His eyes stayed outside for the moment, checking one last time to see if something was out of the ordinary.

He still found it to quiet out there, a small panic feeling sat in his chest.
He sighed a little as he went away from the window. He turned toward the table but found himself suddenly standing back against the counter.

"Young Atlas."

Jim had not heard nor expected that Strickler would be inside the house. How did he manage to get inside?! How did Jim not hear him entering the house?!

His eyes darted toward the table where his Amulet was settled over the book. He cleared his throat, as he noticed Strickler moved into the view for the Amulet. Seeing in the glowing yellowish eyes.

"I wouldn't do anything to drastic, young Atlas. " Strickler said to him, his voice being calm, but he could easily see the panic in Jim.
Of course the boy was clever, he knew what Strickler truly was, the boy knew he was under Gunmar's rules and realm.

"What are you doing here, Strickler?" It felt like a venom bite the way Jim questioned it. He certainly wasn't happy for Strickler being around, especially not, while he blocked the way to the teen's only way to protect himself.

"Simply watching over you, Mr. Lake. Your mothers concern is very big, she called me this morning and asked if i would mind passing by to see how your wellbeing was." Strickler explained, he let his arms rest behind his back, giving a little bit of a trust sign to the teen too.

"Keep my mother out from this, she doesn't need to be involved in all this-"

"And how exactly do you expect to keep this a secret from her, Young Atlas? One day, she might discover you, she might find you heavily wounded, then what will your explanation be?" Strickler interrupted him before he could get another word out.

Jim was taken aback from what Strickler said, another train of thought came crashing into his endless spiral of doubt and distrust to the Amulet's choice.
He was still a human, he was still just a fleshbag that took more damaged that he could handle.
What if Bulgar got him killed? His mother would be devastated, Toby wouldn't have anyone to get along with to school, let alone a friend...

"Reality hit hard, Young Atlas?"

"Stop calling me that..." Jim spat back, his hands clench into fists as he looked at Strickler with a glare.

"It must be a lot you are caring upon your shoulders, Jim. Trying to maintain the normal life, being the Trollhunter, protect both worlds, the humans and the troll's " Strickler continued, he had not moved an inch from his position in front of Jim, having him cornered a little and a little far from the amulet.

Jim's gaze went over to the amulet on the table, his doubts and thoughts returned to the mistake the amulet had made. He was still just a kid, hardly out of school, hardly able to do the exams too.
How was he really going to save the world from Gunmar?

"What do you want, Strickler?" Jim pressed onto the question, he wasn't sure what the changeling wanted, or why he was there in the first place.

"Like I explained, Jim. Your mother was concerned, asked me to come check on you." Strickler replied, this time however, he took a step closer, which Jim tried to take a step back.
Only half a step and he felt his back hitting the kitchen counter. Trapped, he couldn't escape.

He had a feeling of fear creeping up his spine as Strickler approached just close enough. What he didn't expect, was Strickler's hand reaching out and grabbed his chin, forcing his head to look up so their eyes met for a second.

"Has it ever accrued to you, that I can help you, Young Atlas. That you do not need to be burden with all these things." Strickler said to him, Jim though seem to continue his glaring to him.

"I don't believe you... You want the amulet, so you can open killahead bridge and get Gunmar free." Jim slapped Strickler's hand away from his chin, he manages to dodge underneath Strickler's arm and tried to reach the table and get the amulet.

He heard the strange noise behind him and before he knew it, he was in a headlock, pressed back against a firm and hard surface. He felt the fear consume his entire body, knowing that Strickler changed to his changeling form.
Without the armor, he wasn't able to be protected. Any kind of damage Strickler could lay upon him, he easily could do by now.

"Let go of me... Draal is downstairs and he'll-" Jim tried to use Draal as one threat, but also knew that the big guy wasn't even there. Strickler wouldn't know, would he?
He knew Draal was down in Trollmarket, doing some business with Blinky and Arrrggghhh, properly blaming the next combat training.

"Will what, Trollhunter?" Strickler's rough voice spoke to his left ear, it sent a shiver down Jim's spine. "I believe the scent of Draal went off hours ago, he left you exposed for someone like me to easily break in and do what I may please, but..."

While he spoke the last word, Jim felt the headlock loosen, yet the grip around his waist did not. "As I was trying to speak of earlier, Young Atlas. I am not here to harm, but to help" He said with a low calming voice.

"How can you exactly help me out, Strickler? You work for-"

"I am an Impure as you know, for their sight. The moment Gunmar would be released is the moment he does kill and cast away those who's been helping." The hold around Jim seem to loosen furthermore.

"You need proper training, Jim Lake. Not something that's a child's play." Strickler let go fully, his form changed back again to human form as he had walked past Jim. He grabbed the amulet from the table and looked back at Jim. "I've always liked you as a student, Jim. I saw a bright future for you, one that didn't include this burden from my world. " he explained.

Jim wasn't sure what to say, this encounter had been... weird? Strickler worked for Gunmar yet... he's here, offering him… help?

"Bulgar will tear you down the moment he's alone with you. The stalkling wasn't the worst that you could encounter... " He explained, Strickler let a heavy sigh from him, before he extended his arm out, the amulet flat upon his palm while he offered it to Jim.

"Stay home today and tomorrow, I've written you off school this Thursday and Friday. " Strickler explained, his eyes never seem to leave Jim while he spoke to him.

Jim carefully let his hand out, taking the amulet from Strickler, feeling the magic pulse a little within the grip he had around it.
"Just because you got the power to write me a few days off school-" Jim looked up into Strickler's eyes, still unsure about the changeling's plan.

"It is merely out of concern for your health, Jim. Lack of sleep, too much homework, useless combat training that drain you. You need to relax, eat your meals and look after yourself. " Strickler informed him, he seems to show a little form of concern toward him, but that couldn't be, could it?

"Saturday, Young Atlas..." Strickler moved on, he let a note be on the table that he pulled out from his inner pocket of his jacket. "This place is where your training will begin, a true training. I take it, that if you do not show up, Young Atlas, the offer was not of your interest. "

Strickler moved away from the table, glancing back at the teen for a moment. "Have a good day, Young Atlas. " Strickler walked out from the kitchen, seconds after Jim heard the front door opened and close.

He was alone.

The teen looked down at the amulet, thinking over what Strickler had been telling him.
It could be a trap for all he know... but, Strickler really sound concerned for him.
"It cannot be... there has to be a catch for all this." He muttered, he tight his hand around the amulet and looked toward the doorway.

He should get to Trollmarket and speak with Blinky. Perhaps he could show some light over the many questions he had in mind. Jim walked over to his bag, he put the amulet in the pocket, swung the bag over his shoulder and left the house.


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