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Jim still believes that the Amulet made a mistake to declare he was the trollhunter. He was a human, not a troll. Despite that, training with Blinky and studying about the second world below Arcadia. There's something interesting Jim soon discovers about Changelings.


1. A late night visit

New Fandom, new story ideas, new way of thinking and come out with ideas.
Yet again I've been pulled into another fandom and simply adore it so much!
I got plenty of ideas and lots of ships to play around with, but the first one, is one that I've found rare among this fandom.
Few i've seen and liked.
So i wanted to support this small ship and write something of my own.

Remember guys. If you find mistakes, grammar mistakes or mis-spelled words. I'm still Dyslexic, I work hard to try and make this good and readable as possible.

Hope you guys enjoy




Jim dodged the large iron blade that swung down upon him. Dodging and rolling away from it, holding the Daylight sword in his hand tightly. He panted, feeling the exhaustion taking a tall on him.

He couldn't remember how many hours he's been putting into the training today, just that he had continued on, wanting to learn, wanting to become stronger.

Yet, he still felt weak. Being a Trollhunter meant so much more than what it first appeared to be. He wasn't a troll, he wasn't a hero. He was just a human.

He was... Jim Lakes Jr.

"Jim! Look out!"

Hearing Toby calling out, Jim looked up and noticed the second blade coming fast down. He lifted his sword up, trying to block it, but the Amulet pulsed out and gave a blue wave around him, breaking the larger blade before it hit the Daylight sword. It cursed him to be pressed down as well against the ground.

The daylight sword disappeared in the blue mist, Jim being too exhausted to even get up now, the Amulet disarmored him so he was wearing his regular clothes again.


"Master Jim!"

The echoes of his name faded a bit, looking at the ceiling of the training area, blurriness covering his blue eyes.

The silhouette of Blinky and Toby covered above him, Jim let his eyes blink a couple of times. Trying to clear out his vision again.

"Master Jim, I believe it is enough training for today, you've already overstimulated your body enough." Blink used all four of his arms to get a hold on Jim, helping the teen up from the ground and let the boy rest upon him for merely seconds.

Jim shook his head, moving his hand to his head and cleared out his mind. He had so much to think about, so much to ask and... know, but he had no courage for the moment to ask further into his plenty of questions or doubts.

"Jimbo, he's right. Perhaps we should leave for today and come fresh tomorrow." The concerning voice from Toby was rare to hear, but knowing his best friend right. Jim knew it was for the best now to stop the training.

"I... believe so too," Jim replied, being pulled properly to his feet, he still felt all four hands from Blinky on him, they held him with care and ease, Jim felt that Blinky would always be careful whenever they handled him.

Weak... He was a weak human after all.

"Go on Master Jim, remember to read up for tomorrow in the book I gave you."

Jim made a short nod, standing steady for a moment and felt the many arms letting go of him once knowing Jim could stand on his own "Thanks, Blinky. I'll look into it."

The six-eyed troll made a nod, having a small smile too as he watched Jim walking with Toby out. He really looked exhausted and Blinky knew that Jim just needed a good nights rest, a day in school and he do be back again to combat in the arena tomorrow again.

"Yo Jimbo, you seemed a liiiitttle to off out there the last few minutes" Toby exclaimed while they walked up the crystal stairs to get out from Troll Market.

"I guess, you are right," Jim replied, he didn't think about covering it or lie to his best friend. "There are so many things happening, Tobes, I don't even know what's up and down anymore about this," Jim explained, he exhaled a deep sigh while Toby managed to make an exit with the crystal.

"Well, you got a lot of adventure coming around, with school, being the Trollhunter, training and let's not forget the constant worry of Strickler now knowing it too." Toby ever so kindly explain it out, which just made Jim roll his eyes. He does always get the full story from Toby, but at times it was better to know it than forget everything, right?

"You are right about that, Tobes..." Jim admitted, his gaze went distant once they went out from Troll Market, they grabbed their bikes and went on to get back to their homes.
The light was disappearing over the sky, it was tainted in the familiar purple, orange, and red color, indicating the sun vanishing and the night once more would claim it's position upon the city.

"So, see you tomorrow, Jimbo?" Toby asked once they reached Jim's house. It made Jim smile a bit, as he gave his friend a nod "Of course Toby, see you tomorrow" He bit his friend a good night as he dragged his bike cycle into the garage.

He unhooked his helmet from his head and let it rest over one of the steerings handles on his bike. Jim rubbed his face, still feeling a bit dizzy from the combat training today.

Had he been eating? Oddly he couldn't remember if he had lunch at school. Did he even have a few snacks while training in combat?

Jim shook his head, he was really starting to losing it, wasn't he? He sighed, looking at his bike for a moment before patting the seat and walked past it. All he could do now, was sleep when he got to his room, he couldn't handle more for today, perhaps he should grab an apple before he does go to bed.

When Jim opened the door, he noticed his mother's purse hanging on the knob upon the stair railing, he frowned a bit, not expecting her to be home this early in the evening.

"Jim? You are late home sweetie."

Jim heard Barbara out in the kitchen, where he walked the way "Yeah, Toby and I had some homework we do-"

Jim stopped his talk as he saw Mr. Strickler sitting and drinking from a mug.

"wanted to do..." Jim finished his sentence while his eyes kept looking at Strickler.

"Evening, Young Atlas. "

Jim clenched his hand into a fist, as he kept looking at Strickler, only to look at his mother when she appeared out from the kitchen. " Mr. Strickler came by, he wanted to speak about your well being in school lately, Jim."

Jim didn't move away as Barbara came closer, she pressed a kiss to his forehead and rubbed his cheek. "You look tired, sweetheart, did you study to hard with Toby?" She asked.

"I'm... fine, Mum. Really, just tired." Jim replied. "Could I get a cup of tea, Mum?" Jim asked kindly as he had given Barbara a small smile "Of course, sweetheart. I'll make one for you." She said as she stroked her hand through Jim's hair before walking back to the kitchen.

Jim knew that she do be out of sight, he held his Amulet tight in his fist after taking it out of his bag. "What are you doing here, Strickler?" Jim hissed in a low voice, making sure that his mother couldn't hear him.

"Simply just visiting and speaking with your mother, Young Atlas," Strickler replied with ease, voice calm as he looked at Jim, his eyes fixed down to the Amulet.

"If I were you, Young Atlas, I would put that away so your mother wouldn't be caught between our... troublesome story" he exclaimed, his eyes turned the glow yellowish color.

"If I were you, I would walk out that door now before I'll armor up and slice you in pieces... You stay away from here! You stay away from my mum!" The young Teen uttered displease threats, breaths were drawn heavily while he kept the amulet tight in his palm.

Strickler's eyes returned back to normal, hearing that Barbara soon was done with the tea for Jim. She hummed while getting close to exiting the kitchen, Jim put away his amulet in his bag fast enough, knowing he shouldn't show it to her while he was angry. He maintained his normal facial expression.

He still, felt tired and just now when he had been angry, he felt dizzy. The world started to spin before his eyes.

"Jim, sweetheart?" Barbara looked at her son when Jim held a hand to his head. It was getting too much.

"I'm... fine, I'm fine mu-" Jim hardly managed to get the last bit out, as he stumbled back. Strickler was faster than Barbara as he managed to get over and grab Jim before he do fall and hit his head.

"Jim!" Barbara put the mug aside with the tea, as she got over while Strickler held Jim against his chest. "He passed out, Mrs. Lake, I believe he's been to focus on his homework lately that he even forgot to eat,," Strickler explained.

"Do not worry, I'll get him to his bedroom, Mrs. Lake. I believe I should leave then," he told her, as Barbara seems to worried. "I'll get him a cold cloth, thank you Mr. Strickle,r" She said to him, her worry still written over her face, as she left to the bathroom to make a bowel with water.

Strickler looked down at Jim in his arms, he moved one arm under his legs and picked him up in bridal style, walking upstairs and located the boy's room with ease. This close, yet he didn't want to take the amulet, he knew it would be risky and... if the boy truly seem to exhaust himself to this extend, perhaps he do get him in a combot next time they do meet in a battlefield.

Strickler placed Jim upon the bed, looking at him being in his unconsciousness sleep. His eyes made a glow once more, looking at the Trollhunter, vulnerable, asleep, with no care in the world in this state.

He always saw Jim as a good student, one that at times needed guidance but nevertheless, he was a bright, intelligent boy.

Would he consider the option to change side? Of course, his humanity would try to fight against it, not joining their side since Blinky and Arrrgghhh has gotten their claws digged into his skin already.

"How is he?" Barbara asked when she came inside, her hands occupied holding a bowl with water, which she got over beside Jim's bed on the nightstand.

Strickler had let his eyes return back to normal before she do noticed. "I believe it's best for him to get the rest tonight, I'll sign him up for a day off tomorrow so he can catch onto the sleep he needs." He replied kindly to her.

"You are so kind and understanding, Mr. Strickler." Barbara said with a sweet smile, as she sat upon the bed, she wrenched up the cloth and folded it neatly , placing it upon Jim's forehead and adjusting it a bit, she looked so worried at her son.

"He's a good student, Mrs. Lake. But i believe at times he needs to figure out when it's time to stop and take a break. He lack the skills of realizing when it's to much for his... young body." Strickler explained. "Furthermore, I believe I'll take my leave. It was nice having a chat with you, Mrs. Lake " He said with a kind and charming smile.

"Thank you for coming by, I'll make sure he's home tomorrow and get the rest he needs." Barbara replied with an equal smile of gratitude.

Strickler gave a kind smile to her, as he made a nod. "If anything happens, you are welcome to call me at any time, Mrs. Lake. With that said, I wish you a goodnight" He said kindly, Strickler turned around and walked out Jim's room, the sound of the front door opened and a short time after closed. Barbara sighed and looked at her son.

She caressed his cheek softly, letting the cloth stay upon his forehead. She moved down and took his shoes off, placing them down beside the bed.
Barbara took the spare blanket from the end of the bed and pulled it over Jim. She glanced at her son, worry and loving eyes.

"Sleep tight, sweetheart." She whispered, her hand gently caressed Jim's arm. Barbara moved to her feet and walked out of his room, closing the door behind her to let him be.

The night seem to pass by faster than they do expect, but by morning, Barbara left a note for Jim, telling him to stay home, she had called Toby and told Jim stayed home so he wouldn't wait in vain for his best friend too.

Jim however, seem to still be asleep when it was past 9AM, unknown for what was coming toward his home.

So first  chapter  done , is this something that's good? bad? do tell me!

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