to the person who hyped up love.

"i was busy thinking about boys" at such a tender age. with such a tender mind. we teenage girls just want to be loved- don't we?


1. [1] what's the point of love anyway?

[1] what's the point of it anyway?


01 Jan 2018

As I write this entry, I'm surrounded by my 16 year old friends snogging each other's faces off. These are the type of people that actually want to get heartbroken for a fucking boy. Pathetic. What's the point of love at such a young age anyway? You're signing up for heartbreak.

No way in hell I'm going through that shit again. N o no no NO NO Fuck that. Get him out of your fucking head Jadey.

By the way, I still have the bruises and marks he left on my wrist. It's slowly going away but- damn. It's pretty visible. Two of my friends that I haven't seen since I was 12 asked me about them. I had to lie and say that Wade wasn't the one who did this to me. 

Who even came up the idea of kissing on new year anyway? If you love someone why can't you kiss them on any given day? Wouldn't it be special if he were the one?

The one. Hmm. As if soulmates exist. AhhHHh My HEad IS POUNDing.  I think I had a littleeee too much to drink. Fuck this. Why is no one approaching me? I didn't put up 5 pounds of make up for no reason. This is stupid. stupid. stupid. Stupid Jadey. I wish I didn't come here in the first place.


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