Juliet has problems, a lot of problems, and it looks like her Delinquent step brother is one of them


2. chapter 1: a joke

My brothers and I stared at her in disbelief, what other reaction are you supposed to have when your mom tells you the unthinkable. We all walked in here thinking that she would tell us that someone was pushing daisies, and what we got instead was her flaunting her right hand at us.No, it wasn’t because she got a fucking manicure.

“ Mom, what is that,” I said with a shaky voice. She looked at me and my brothers with an annoyed expression and said,” What are you guys, death. I’m engaged, I’m getting fucking hitched.” She then again flaunted her right hand in our faces, showing us a a ring with a silver band, and upon the band laid three diamonds, two blue, and a white in the center.

We all looked at the ring with widened eyes, as all of us took her hand to inspect it. We thought this had to had been a joke, and one that wasn’t very funny. I mean this was our mom, the one known to be a notorious slut. The one who had three kids with completely different fathers. The one who said she’d never wear a ring on her right hand because it was huge cock block. The one who said she’d never get married because she didn’t like the idea of being tied down.

As far as we knew, this wasn’t our mom’s character at all. We all thought she was lying, but it was my brother Chris who had the balls to call her out for it.”Mom this is a joke, right,” Chris said nervously laughing. The look she gave us next, made us practically shit ourselves. She looked at us with one of the coldest expressions ever known to man and said,” Do you all actually think I’d joke about this.” We all looked to the floor, when suddenly Chris spoke out again.” Yes! We all think this is one Damn fucken cruel joke. One day your with one man and the next your with another. I bet you don’t even know who our dads are, DO YOU,” he yelled.

She slapped him across the face and yelled,” Don’t talk to me that way, I’m your mother. What gives you the right to practically call me whore. Your right, I don’t know your dad nor do I fucking know who James’s dad is . Hell, I think I only know who Juliet’s dad is, and I’m extremely happy about that you little assholes. Juliet is the mistake that I’m glad for, she’s kind, she has amazing grades, she doesn’t curse, and she appreciates me. Now I want you all to listen to me when I say this. I met a guy, I fell in love, and we are getting married. He owns a company in California, so we are all moving there. He has a son Juliet’s age, and your gonna treat him like fucking family, do you all understand.”

I nodded at her and said,” Yes Mom, we understand, I’m happy for you by the way.”She hugged me and said,” thank you Julie, at you least your happy for me. Your the only one who actually takes after me.” She then walked away and my brothers looked at me in disapproval and stormed off to there room. I just sat there on the couch, crying my eyes out.

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