Golden rain

Rain was a loveable girl with hair as golden as the sun and eyes as green as the grass that grew In the meadow. Rain lived for music and when she has to go on an adventure it seems that music is the only thing keeping her sane.


Author's note

This is an original story please I hope you enjoy it

3. Purple rain

Rain looked at her clothes options. A flower sundress, a black tube top with jeans, or leggings with a T-shirt that said “I woke up like this” she didn’t feel like dressing up happy because she would just be lying to herself she was not happy at all. She missed her mother more than anything in the world. Her dad tried very hard to help her with things but only her mother could talk to her about boys, period cramps, and which chocolate she liked best for her period cramps. Anytime she would mention a boy in front of her dad she got a talking to about how she should never date until she was about fifty years old. Her father was never keen on guys and even the thought of a boy with his little girl would live him raging. Rain decided on the tube top with jeggings and high heel boots. She brushed her hair and put it into a messy bun and put her headphones on. She listened to Purple Rain her favorite song all the way to school.

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