Golden rain

Rain was a loveable girl with hair as golden as the sun and eyes as green as the grass that grew In the meadow. Rain lived for music and when she has to go on an adventure it seems that music is the only thing keeping her sane.


Author's note

This is an original story please I hope you enjoy it

1. Music for each chapter

Chapter one- Hold your head up high music- hold your head up high by the Darlingside.                        

Chapter two- purple rain music- purple rain by Prince

Chapter three- ABC music ABC by the Jackson 5

Chapter four- Smile music Smile by Mikky Ekko 

Chapter five- Boredom music Boredom by Tyler the Creator

Chapter six- can’t help falling in love music can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley 

Chapter seven- Moonriver music Moonriver by Frank Ocean

Chapter eight- Boogie music Boogie by Brockhampton              Chapter nine- Ocean eyes music Ocean eyes by Billie Ellish


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