Golden rain

Rain was a loveable girl with hair as golden as the sun and eyes as green as the grass that grew In the meadow. Rain lived for music and when she has to go on an adventure it seems that music is the only thing keeping her sane.


Author's note

This is an original story please I hope you enjoy it

2. Hold your head up high

She sits at her kitchen table a beautiful girl of sixteen. Her long golden blonde hair tied back into a messy ponytail. Her father sits next to her an older man with graying hair and a kind smile. His blue eyes crinkling at the edges thinking about his beloved wife. It all happened so fast his beautiful wife only 40 years old died of a plane crash. Every year since then the two have been like this on the anniversary of her death. Sitting staring at absolutely nothing but thinking of the once playful woman who was the best mom and wife anyone could have. Just then her father got a sudden bolt of energy. Rain (her name) stand up we will not sit here sulking your mother wouldn’t want that she would want us celebrating her not thinking sadly of the life she could have lived, but if the life she did live. Rain still looked down at her feet. Rain look at me hold your head up high and try to think of happy things okay now go get ready for school.


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