How MCU Should Have Ended

How they should end the MCU and probably will instead do something much more predictable and a lot less gratifying. Deadpool and Darcy Lewis were legends we need Deadpool in "Avengers 4" and who doesn't want that adorable girl back?


Author's note

The first one is what I think could have happened. Whereas I would give up anything to see millions of breaths being held as their secret MCU crush returns to the big screen one last time.

2. Alt. Ending #2 (Infinity War 2)

The backs of the Avengers were against a wall, courtesy of Thanos, Dark Lord of the Infinity Stones. However, Darcy Lewis, Lady of the Taser, stood in his path.

Darcy and Thanos truly had a lot in common. Both of them were extremely intelligent and expressive. Both of them had a dead love interest (Death physically and Ian Lucky B****** Boothby mentally). Both wore beautiful hats.

"Step not in my path, inferior girl," Thanos hissed. "Who do you think you are?"

"Um...Darcy Lewis?" Darcy replied with her unbeatable logic she'd had since she was a baby.

"Thou fool," Thanos sneered, realizing what Darcy was pulling out from her jacket, slowly, nervously. A flawless, foolproof antidote to Avengers and freaky mutated beings in general. "I cannot be hindered by your insufferable..."

Darcy fired her legendary taser with predictably exceptional accuracy.

"AAUGGH!!" Thanos screamed. By now many eyes were watching her. Including a couple stalkers.

"What? He was scary!" shouted Darcy defensively.

But Thanos was only slightly disheveled for he was far mightier than Thor Odinson. "And you shall be..." he began.

Darcy tasered him two more times. Thanos crumpled to the ground, swearing loudly.

"But the Infinity Stones..." Thanos groaned as his life force continued to evaporate, his vast, superior mind lost all coherence, but only after one last thought ran through it: she, a supposedly weak thirty-year-old girl, a scientist, not a bounty hunter or a mutant, had slain him, one of the most powerful figures in history. It was this realization of the indignity of his fate that he carried with him into the void. "I've failed you, Death...

"I should not have to do this," Darcy complained unexpectedly and pointedly. "I don't get paid enough. In fact, I don't get paid at all."

"Then let me live so I can finish taking o..." The implication of his words set off Darcy and she tasered him three hundred more times. Life lesson one: Never freak out Darcy Lewis. Nearly ten years ago, back when Darcy was still attending Culver University, Thor learned this the hard way. On this fateful day, Thanos had done likewise.

"He is dead," said Thor. "...Hey! I remember you!"

Darcy felt proud and horrible at the same time as she watched Thanos lie dead. Now I'm a murderer. But his freakiness puts Thor to shame. But she felt flattered by the fact that Thor remembered her after ten years and after breaking up with her BFF Jane Foster. "Look at you, still all muscly and everything!"

"She's cute..." Iron Man mused. Behind him, Lucky B****** seethed. She was already married.

"Thanos' army is on the move," said Thor, concerned.

"But Thanos' army is still at large," repeated Mary Sue.

"But Natasha, once I recharge this taser's battery, no one will be able to undo its might," Thor replied reasonably.

"What are we waiting for?" asked the Hulk, who was thankfully in his Bruce Banner identity. "Then we can assess this half universe..."

"He even blew up my iPod...that's why I did that." Truly, Darcy missed her precious. "Vengeance."

"She killed Thanos with a taser?!" asked Mary Sue, still dumbfounded.

"Yes I did" said Darcy proudly.

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