How MCU Should Have Ended

How they should end the MCU and probably will instead do something much more predictable and a lot less gratifying. Deadpool and Darcy Lewis were legends we need Deadpool in "Avengers 4" and who doesn't want that adorable girl back?


Author's note

The first one is what I think could have happened. Whereas I would give up anything to see millions of breaths being held as their secret MCU crush returns to the big screen one last time.

1. Alt. Ending #1 (Infinity War 1)

Now that he bore the power of the Infinity Gauntlets, Thanos successfully killed all the Avengers. The scene cut to the credits and we receive a mid-credits scene.

Thanos stood over their corpses laughing.

Thirty seconds later the credits cut back to the scene.

Suddenly, in came Deadpool. He held with a massive gun.

"Like seriously you think I'd let these clowns die?" asked Deadpool, confronting Thanos in a rage.

"Who are you?" Thanos replied.

"Their success is my meal ticket," replied Deadpool. "Come on!"

Raising his gun, the mighty anti-hero proceeded to blast the seemingly almighty Thanos into a pile of ash. Deadpool then took the gaunlet and resurrected the Avengers, who looked confused.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Mary Sue.

"The name's Deadpool, Natasha, the guy who just saved all your asses." He regarded her as she regained her feet, being the first to do so. "You're welcome by the way."

Deadpool then turned to face the audience and broke the fourth wall (again).

"How's that for a surprise ending? See you in the next movie!"

The screen cuts back to the credits, which are now playing "Invaders Must Die" by the legendary Prodigy.


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