My Short Stories

This is just a collection of my tiny stories that I post randomly.


1. The People of the Fire

The fire burned bright as the mixture of amber and scarlet flames consumed the logs, flakes breaking off and joining the people of the flames in their hypnotic dance. The orange glow cast a warm shadow over the fish that swam below whom were oblivious to what was going on above the cool waters which they ruled. The people of the fire began their chants of crackles and pops as the wind encouraged their dancing by passing by, its invisible feet treading lightly so as to not extinguish the beauty that was happening below. The leaves of the nearby trees were tinged by orange touches as they too danced in the light breeze. Their songs encouraged the people of the flames even more as their movements got more erratic and frantic; they had to move, they had to be passionate, they had to be together.

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