My Short Stories

This is just a collection of my tiny stories that I post randomly.


4. The Man Inside My Head

There’s a little man in my head, well he was little until one day I fed him. 
He knocked on the door one day, begging for attention like a little puppy dog with big doe eyes that glinted like diamonds. So I let him in. ‘Only for a second’ I said. ‘Only for a second’ he repeated.
A second turned to a moment, a moment turned to a minute, minute to an hour, an hour to a day, a week, a month, year. And now we’re here. He’s fully grown now and should be going off to college like any mother would hope. You fed him, clothed him, gave him shelter and now it’s his time to leave. But no. He stays - milking you of every last drop of happiness and joy that you may feel until the soles of his shining shoes press against the inside of your skull, the one he has battered with his words so many times that now you expect them and feel abnormal when they’re not there, bouncing around him in your skull. 
The lesson is - don’t feed the voice in your head, it’ll only grow and cling to you and leech off of you for everything you have until, one day, you have nothing.


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