My Short Stories

This is just a collection of my tiny stories that I post randomly.


5. The Little Boy in the Clouds

The little boy stared down at the clouds as he bounced across them towards a woman in bright white. She smiled warmly down at him and opened her arms, welcoming him into her world. ‘Where am I?’ The little boy asked.
‘You’re with your family now.’ The woman picked him up and held him in her arms.
‘Where’s my mumma?’ The boy searches frantically but instead of seeing the woman he loves most he was only greeted by fields of white.
The woman pointed down as a section of clouds separated so the bright light from the land where he stood, shone down on a woman below. She was on her knees in the grass, a child’s book in her hands as she read to a lump of stone. ‘There she is, she’s reading to you. Can you hear her?’
The boy listened carefully and sure enough he heard his mother’s voice in his ears, a warm sensation filled his body as he blew a kiss down to his mother.

As his mother read a white feather fell into the spine of the book.
The boy looked at the woman who held him tightly, ‘Do you think she felt my kiss?’
The woman nodded as the mother below wiped away her tears. ‘She will always feel your kisses.’

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