My Short Stories

This is just a collection of my tiny stories that I post randomly.


6. The Girl with the Appointment

She tapped her foot on the grey speckled concrete floor as she stared at the ceramic mug that sat on top of a stack of trashy magazines that held all of the secrets to ‘Keeping a Tidy Home’ and the ‘Top Ten Tips to a Happy Household’. She stared intently at the delicate shapes the steam from her coffee made in the air. She wondered how many people had sat in the same chair she was sitting in and how many people had walked through the doors of the same hotel. She wondered how many women had come here to do the exact same thing as her. Her foot began to tap faster. Her eyes wandered until she was blankly staring at a plant in the corner of the room, it’s leaves falling over the red and brown plant pot that it sat snugly in, her mind beginning to race with her insecurities and lots of ‘what ifs’. Her eyes quickly snapped back to her mug and her glove covered hands trembled slightly as she lifted it to her lips. As she pulled away there was a bright red shadow of where her mouth once was. She wanted to slip by unnoticed, to be invisible to everyone around her.
“Excuse me ma’am.” A heavy hand was placed on her shoulder.
She turned to face him and smiled, “Yes sir?”
“I believe we have an appointment.” He smirked and reached out for her hand.
She sat her mug down and placed her dainty hand in his and stood on her feet, flattening her dress as she did so, “I believe we do.”

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