My Short Stories

This is just a collection of my tiny stories that I post randomly.


2. The Elf Under the Bridge

Once upon a time, under the old stone bridge there lived an elf. He was short and stout and had a long white beard that he carried over his shoulder because it would often drag in the water if he wasn’t careful. The little elf, as cute and as jolly looking as he was, was bitter and full of spite towards anyone who held a speck of happiness or joy. As passer-by’s walked over the bridge, old, young, in love, lonely, he would call for them to say he was lost. He took advantage of the kind people, taking away their happiness and joy, tricking them into thinking he himself had all the joy in the world tucked into his rosey cheeks and his round little belly. He held his truth close to his chest, masking them under his outward shell and no one knew until it was too late and they too felt the same.

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