after Peter Parkers disappearance, along with Spider-Man, i was bitten by a spider like Peter's little bugger. now i'm Spider-Lady, and have to join the Avengers to look for the fallen Avengers. Thanos is on the loose with an avenger with him, mysteriously vanishing when clicking his fingers and the only witness was Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Thor. find the fallen and defeat Thanos. easy right?


Author's note

WARNING!!!!spoilers if anyone hasn't seen the movie. i haven't seen the movie but i have seen videos on youtube. cheers

4. We fight

 Ant-Man, Clint and Wasp were at my sides. Wasp was obviously above me because she could fly. i see Thanos lift the time stone and know we're screwed. he used it to open a portal. i swing by him and land behind him. and i notice i wasn't the only one there.

"Dannielle, there is an invisible person behind you." Karen said.

i turn and punched whoever it was.

"Darn it!" a boy yelled.

he became visible. he was an afican american with green eyes and black hair. not something to be here if he's not fighting.

"Mr Stark? problem. there's a kid here of 13 years and he's got no weapons." i report.

" i can see that."

i jump onto thanos but he picked me up but dropped me when the boy jumped on him. and purple electricity was envoloped over thanos. then he kicked me into the portal. clint tried to grab me but missed. wasp swooped down but too missed. ant-man could do nothing but hang tight. i land on my back in the middle of no where. then i see a man looking down at  me and looking up.

"Does anyone here have any orange slices?" scott asked. 

another person looked down on me. looked like tony.uh oh.

i jump up and punched him. there was a kid behind him and he grabbed my hand after the man reeled back. i jumped up and took down a man of blue skin and red markings.

"how's everything down there?" Tony asked.

"Fine just a bit clogged up."Scott said. he was fighting the boy.

"on your left." steve said and i went right. tony landed on his back.

"on your right." he mumbled.

i go left and Steve lands on his stomach.

"screw Thanos. where are we?" he questioned.

"Titan. darn i hate this place." Tony said while getting up.

"Great grief..." Clint started as he landed beside me.

"Exactly what it is."

the rest landed beside me and looked around. and noticed the other group, staring at us.

"What..." the boy said.

"What are you looking at? what time is it?" Rocket yelled from my shoulder.


"you don't get it do you? War and a group of people land infront of us? what is going on!?" yelled the boy.

"Infinity War, dumb kid. don't you know?" i ask him with a hint of annoyance.

he shook his head. so did the rest of his group.

"Did anyone realise that Thanos used the time stone? we could be in any time." Steve said.

"You know Thanos?" the man in armour said.

"yeah. man with the gaunlet of 6 infinity stones and the ashes of half the life in the galaxy on his hands. don't thionk we don't know him." tony said.

the boy pulled a confused face.

"Excuse what? did you say he has the ashes of half the life in the galaxy on his hands? that has not happened and it probably won't happen." the boy said.

"uh, OK, screw Thanos, we're in the past." Rocket yelled.

"that means i live the trauma twice. unbelievable." tony muttered.


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