after Peter Parkers disappearance, along with Spider-Man, i was bitten by a spider like Peter's little bugger. now i'm Spider-Lady, and have to join the Avengers to look for the fallen Avengers. Thanos is on the loose with an avenger with him, mysteriously vanishing when clicking his fingers and the only witness was Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Thor. find the fallen and defeat Thanos. easy right?


Author's note

WARNING!!!!spoilers if anyone hasn't seen the movie. i haven't seen the movie but i have seen videos on youtube. cheers

2. training with the remaining heros.

 when i got to the headquaters of the Avengers, it was unusual for different people to be there. Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, a raccoon, a blue robot lady, Captain Marvel, a black lady called Okoye, James Rhodes, another black lady called Princess Shuri and an Asian-looking wizard called Wong. unusually small.

"what happened to the rest?" i ask.

everyone looks sad all of a sudden, including Tony, and the raccoon. then the raccoon spoke.

"how come you're alive? how come Groots' life had to be traded so you live? why?"

i just stare.

"his name is Rocket, by the way."Thor said.

"I'm Nebula." said the blue robot lady.

"i'm Dainelle." i said.

"is there anyone else who is like her?" Steve Rogers asked.

"Where's Nick Fury and Maria Hills? they're practically the leaders of the Avengers and they called me. where are they?" Captain Marvel asked. she didn't look happy.

"oh, so that's who those two people were. oh they are dead. i had to keep this just in case someone came looking for it." i said.

they looked even more sad.

"list those who have died in our group. go on." i urge.

"Bucky." Steve said

"Groot." Rocket said.

"Gamora."Nebula said.

"Peter. both Peters."Tony said.

"Both?" Nebula asked. "i don't know two Peters."

"Quill? What about Mantis, Drake and Strange?"Rocket asked.

"Strange? Why would he die?" Wong asked.

"Don't ask. i had to give Thanos the Time Stone for my life." Tony said.

"Black Panther." Okoye said.

"Falcon." James said.

"Vision" Thor said.

"Scarlet Witch."Black Widow said.

"Woah, who did you say?" i ask.

"Scarlet Witch?" Thor asked.

"No no no no, the other one, the one Tony said."

"Both Peters?" Tony asked uncertain.

"Yeah. Who were they?"

"Oh, Peter Quill, Starlord in other names, he was a..." Tony said.

"Cut to the chase will ya?" Rocket said.

"Peter Parker, i am sure you know him from school."

"Wait, does his aunt and friend know?"

"No but they are alive."James said.


"start running."

i turn and run. somehow i got past all the blasts after a month of training.

"you think you're ready?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, i feel..." i stop. there was a ghost of Vision

"Thou shall find those who have vanished and heal thou that are wounded."

"this is Viking language. i understand this.

" Thou shalt find those lost in thy wind at the edges of thy earth."

then he vanished.

"Does he mean to say those who have died might reappear?" Steve asked.

"Has to."

then a loud bang and Thanos arrives.

"Are you..." Rocket yelled but i can't repeat what he said. very vulger.

"Language." Steve said.

"Yeah this piece of ..." Again but this was James.

" Didn't Cap just say 'Language'?" Tony said.

"Still a kid. what do i deserve?" i said glumly.

then i see the metal glove. 

The Gauntlet of the Infinity Stones.

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