after Peter Parkers disappearance, along with Spider-Man, i was bitten by a spider like Peter's little bugger. now i'm Spider-Lady, and have to join the Avengers to look for the fallen Avengers. Thanos is on the loose with an avenger with him, mysteriously vanishing when clicking his fingers and the only witness was Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Thor. find the fallen and defeat Thanos. easy right?


Author's note

WARNING!!!!spoilers if anyone hasn't seen the movie. i haven't seen the movie but i have seen videos on youtube. cheers

5. into the past

 the scout team looked at us.

"What do you mean, the past?" the wizard asked us.

then Thanos landed behind us. i wirled around and fired a web at his face. he used the gaunlet. i pulled hard on it. he lost his balance. Tony's helmet went on and he fired a laser blast at him. he roared in pain and threw me off balance by shifting his hand. Clint fired an arrow and hit Thanos in the head. a dark red blur went passed me and the boy was riding Thanos's shoulders. he had a mask on. it looked like mine but dark red and blue lights. Thanos threw the boy off him and just before he hit the ground, six thin but strong legs opened from his back and caught him. darn that boy was smart. i jumped onto Thanos and when he looked down at me, i shot a web into his face and jumped off.

"Darn, my rockets are jammed!" Tony yelled.

Steve ran passed and tried to barge Thanos. he swung his arm and hit Captain Rogers in the face in a backslap.

"Did you just slap him? Ant-man yelled from beneath Thanos, as he was stood on when running passed and regrew to hit him in the face.

"I think he did. weird, huh?" Natasha said.

good god we were all going to die. the wizard was smashed away, the boy was held to the ground by Thanos's glove free hand while his friends were trying to retch the gaunlet off, but his arm just kept swinging and flinging off people. 

"this is madness!" James said.

"Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!" i yelled and kicked thanos.

"seriously? a movie joke?" Tony said.

"What do you expect? i watch tv too." i defended myself from a glove attack. 

i hate Thanos.

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