after Peter Parkers disappearance, along with Spider-Man, i was bitten by a spider like Peter's little bugger. now i'm Spider-Lady, and have to join the Avengers to look for the fallen Avengers. Thanos is on the loose with an avenger with him, mysteriously vanishing when clicking his fingers and the only witness was Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Thor. find the fallen and defeat Thanos. easy right?


Author's note

WARNING!!!!spoilers if anyone hasn't seen the movie. i haven't seen the movie but i have seen videos on youtube. cheers

3. he came with no warning.


"so you're the next insect, ehh?" he grumbles.

"Arachnid, thank you very much."

"What ever."

"you killed too many. Groot, Quill, Parker, Bucky, Vision,Black Panther, Gamora,Drak, Mantis, Nick, Maria, Sam. Shall i continue?" Rocket asks.


"thank you!" Rocket yelled and Shot Thanos.

we all wince and look at Rocket to Thanos.

"you took my family from me!" i scream.

"You took our friends from us."Steve responded.

"You took our brothers from us."Thor said.

"You took our families from us." Tony put in.

"And now it our turn to do you a favour." James said. 

we were full battle rage.Mad at Thanos for taking what was ours. we were fully suited to our armour and mine was Peters' old suit. the one he had before becoming an Avenger. the one he named the suit lady Karen.

"Hello Dainelle. Where's Peter?" Karen asked.


"Oh. you have different web options to choose from during your battle."

"Oh cool"

i shoot Thanos with electrified  web. that taught him. not really. he punched me in the face  with his glove of Infinity Stones. it hurt.

"OK, if we had Mantis's power and Scarlet Witch's power, whatever the hell that might be, we could destroy this guy." Rocket yelled down from his perch.

"What about Yondu?"  Nebula said.

"Who's Yondu?" Tony asked from high above. he was trying to dive bomb Thanos.

"Peter Quills' Father-Figure. he died though saving Quill." Rocket said.

"Poor man." i said will running. i was trying not to get hit by the power of the Stones. that can wait. i'm not ready.

"Oh, he was a blue alien." Rocket said.

"Say whatna whatna?" Someone says in my ear. tiny voice, very close. 

i go to slap my shoulder when a man yells at me.

"Whoa whoa whoa stop!" i look at the source. 

a man in a black leather singlet and long black pants with a bow and arrow in his hands.i tilt my head in confusion

"hey hawk-eye! how you doing?" yells the tiny voice.

"i know you're there, Ant-Man. you too Wasp."

"Dangit, he found us so easily." said a lady's voice.

two people appear at my sides.

"Ant-Man, or known as Scott Lang." said the man.

"And i'm Wasp. you can probably tell from all the ants and wasps flying around." said the lady.

"So, shall we beat this sucker?" i ask.

i hear Steve yelling "Language" at Tony. 

i look at Hawk-eye, Scott and Wasp.

"Yep." Hawk-eye said.

"Yes." said Wasp

"I am known for stealing from people. maybe these skills won't be so useless after all." Scott says.

"i take that as a yes. then follow me!" i say and swing onto a building just above Thanos, the 3 new people right behind me.

Best fight ever. Sarcasm.

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