My School of Depression

Girl drama, new students, love interests, idiots.... could this school year get any worse for Sabrina and her new friend Bonnie?
Ah crap, it's Emily and Sierra.


Author's note

These are based off of true events in real life, and if you're reading this and you realize you're in this story..... hi?
Yeah really this is more of a comic thing that isn't a comic because I can't draw like a regular human being :P
ok byeeeeeeeeeee
~ SabrinaBonBon18

5. The Boyssz (Cuz there a thing :P)

*Brandon's POV*

Hey! I stole Sabrina's phone so I have to make this quick for Bonnie to see. Anyway, how are you Bonnie? I need to ask you something abou-

SABRINA don't tak!@^$*!&$Y@*YIUHJKEFNKML:OP@%()

*Sabrina's POV*

lol I stole the phone back. 


Brandon is weird, I-

*Robin's POV*

Hear me, fellow peasants, for I have a story to tell, of a maiden fair, and a handsome stranger who fall in love in a forbidden world where people chase them out for being abnormal. But one day, WIUAHFDSGRTWEHFD!@#GYIUDJFR

*Sabrina's POV*

Robin! Brandon! Stop it!!!! You guys suck I'm gonna tell the bus driver if you guys don't stop. Hen%^&(*UHJNBHJUGYIUHJ
*Henry's POV*

Hey guys, do any of you play fortnite? if so, you guys should come join me, I am the best at it. Bonnie and Tyler sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby in the baby carriage. Oh crap, Bonnie's gonna kill me isn't she. Oh wait. It's SABRINA'S ACCOUNT! She'll think it's Sabrina's work. Hehe

*Sabrina's POV*

lol I stole the phone back. 


k gtg ttyl guys byeeeeeeee



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