My School of Depression

Girl drama, new students, love interests, idiots.... could this school year get any worse for Sabrina and her new friend Bonnie?
Ah crap, it's Emily and Sierra.


Author's note

These are based off of true events in real life, and if you're reading this and you realize you're in this story..... hi?
Yeah really this is more of a comic thing that isn't a comic because I can't draw like a regular human being :P
ok byeeeeeeeeeee
~ SabrinaBonBon18


*from Jessica's POV*

Hey, so the first ship is Isiah and Pearl. So this is how it started...

I SHIPPED THEM TOGHETER FOR NO REASON!! Actually there is a reason,their cute together, don't you think? Their ship name is #Pisiah. Pearl isn't that into Isiah. We don't know to much about Isiah's feeling, but something tells me their perfect for each other. Pearl thinks otherwise. What a wimp! Everyone is totally into Isiah. I think. Of course I'm right. I'm Jessica! Pearl, just telling you, if Isiah is into you, go at him.  Anyways, the next ship is ( The ultimate ship ) Bonnie and Tyler. Their ship name is really bad so I don't say it. I also ship Bonnie with Brandon and Robin. She's basically my puppet. So shout out to #Bonnie AMR? LOL XD. Anyway, frig Bonnie is coming GTG TTYL :D


 ~ Jessica ;)



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