My School of Depression

Girl drama, new students, love interests, idiots.... could this school year get any worse for Sabrina and her new friend Bonnie?
Ah crap, it's Emily and Sierra.


Author's note

These are based off of true events in real life, and if you're reading this and you realize you're in this story..... hi?
Yeah really this is more of a comic thing that isn't a comic because I can't draw like a regular human being :P
ok byeeeeeeeeeee
~ SabrinaBonBon18

3. Bonnie x Tyler

*Sabrina's POV talking to Bonnie*


     So one day, you're walking to art class with Jessica, and you're walking backwards talking to her. When suddenly you run into someone. You turn around to help her or him up and you bump noses because you guys are clumsy. You look up to see a familiar face. Someone from homeroom when you moved here in 4th grade, Tyler. Now, he is one of the annoying  kids. "He is a bad boy with a tainted heart" Jessica calls him. You guys help eachother.


         When you're in class, you can't stop thinking about him, he's just in your head like a bug. You don't pay attention in class. You're making a song about it. GOD BONNIE!!! But anyway, when he's in P.E. this is what's going through his head, "You're in my head, you're in my heart, you're in that song, on the radio in my car~" I imagine he probably got hit in the head a lot! The next couple days you guys run into eachother and talk a bit before class. Jessica ships it a lot. So do I, but I'm dealing with Brandon too so. One day, outside, the P.E teacher, Mr. Glhithers, makesa game of tunnel tag on the field and we join. So does Tyler~


         You got tagged and so you got into a tunnel formation. I tried to make it across the field across to you, but I got tagged by Robin. Brandon dared Tyler to slide under you. And so he did. Jessica and I watched him slide under you, and.... Hit your chest! I saw you get up and yell at him. After a while, you guys start laughing and Brandon comes along and says, "I SHIP IT!" And gets tagged by Sierra. You guys start playing games after school and talk. One day, the 6th graders have a field trip to Kirkland, and you guys get to stay there for the night.


     You're only fantasy comes true there! Tyler askes you to be your girlfriend and date to the Nightlife! You happily say yes and when you guys go, you two are the only ones that are horrible at dancing. I think you're better of like a mess, Bonnie. Anyway, you guys have been dating for a long time now.


I love our lives, there a mess!















Bonnie: Heh. Maybe I like it broken...

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