My dark thoughts

Alle mine opslag er blot mine tanker- så det kan godt være anstødeligt for nogle.


1. Stop being so happy

I am personally a quite happy person- but sometimes it is just too much for me to handle- especially when others comment on it- you are not allowed to have a bad day...   


"You exist, you exist and you are weird and you get in the way of where I am looking, STOP BEING SO HAPPY!!" 


I am not like you, I am not skinny or perfect like the rest of you. SORRY!!


"Why did you not do something? you should have done something! - you did nothing..." 


"Why would you not come to me? How could you not come to me?" 


I am NOT angry at you or anything... I am just in deep pain! - And YOU put here... 


All of this is hidden behind a smile and the sentence: "I am fine" 



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