My dark thoughts

Alle mine opslag er blot mine tanker- så det kan godt være anstødeligt for nogle.


3. Let me be!

I watched 13 reasons why the other day and a conversation really hit me. 
I have put some of my own thoughts into it. 

"You're alright?" 
"I don't want you here, get out!" 
"I'm not going" 
"Get the fuck out!" 
"I'm not going. Not now, not ever" 
If you never go, then why did you leave? 

"I've got it all under control, nothing bad is going to happen..."
Then why am I looking down at my self-harm scars which are so deep that I am afraid they will never look like skin again?

If it is not hard enough that you feel hurt and do not know how to get help, will your friends and family ask you "You think that's beautiful?". 
When my mom sees it, she begins to cry and I really want to comfort her, and she says that I have to promise her to never do it again, but how do I do so?
I feel like I am not a person anymore, I am a problem. 





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