Klorraisha Academy

Trouble is brewing in Faelosergon and after an unusual occurrence in the Palace gardens, King Archer and Princess Evelyn know this.

With Princess Leurona's coronation fast approaching, they open an Academy in hope of bringing peace to all the creatures of the realm who also wish to learn the art of magic and keep war at bay.

But when the family's private tutor foresees the fall of her marriage, the two must battle Leurona's ignorance as she opts to fight for true love and equal rights in an attempt to keep her very darkness at bay.


1. Chapter One

Long ago, there lived a widowed King and his three headstrong daughters who ruled a mighty empire called Faelosergon. Their vast province consisted of eleven kingdoms; all in which display their strong diversity through the magical landscapes and unusual occupants surrounding the scattered towns within.

To the far west of Faelosergon, snow and ice cause the Isle of Laschion to shimmer under the distant sun with temperature never rising far above freezing for the Elves. Across the sea south-east of this iceberg Isle, only Dragons are able to withstand the scorching heat of thousands of volcanic rock and steaming caverns threatening to burst at the seams.

However, in the north east of Faelosergon, a Palace made entirely out of coral reef resides on the only part of Aiderm Cove being held above sea water level. Sea Monsters, Mermaids and Mermen alike all fill the homes scattered underneath this aquatic land. Yet there are difficulties that come with searching for this land from afar as the coral palace is almost transparent against the translucent cyan sky.

But the story of King Archer Smoke Blaze and his three princess daughters begins at the hub of this bustling empire in a kingdom called the Island of Fallon. This Island remains to be one of the first and oldest territories to belong to the empire due to the source of Faelosergon’s magic being harnessed by a divine crystal fountain living within a private garden at Klorraisha Palace.

Very few citizens of Faelosergon are aware of this fountain’s existence nor why the garden is held under strict refuge. The smooth, crystallising water streaming from this fountain provides the power creatures of Faelosergon require to survive and thrive within the harsh landscapes of the ever-expanding empire.

Standing tall upon the edge of the fenced clifftop, King Archer gazed upon the fountain structure shimmering in the evening light and contemplated over whether it was time to pass down this sacred secret now that Leurona, his eldest daughter, had come of age. He ponders over the long journey his daughters must face to earn the trust they need to protect the empire’s prized possession.

Although most believed Archer to be a King, it was his late wife, Queen Addelaide, who inherited the throne from her uncle. Her determination to unite all the creatures of the realm, and not just those who uphold it, gained her the respect she needed to rule the eleven kingdoms and bring them together as one empire.

Both Addelaide and Archer spent many hours on many tours creating pacts with their beloved citizens. The time they set aside to train with Dragon Tamers, fly with Dragons, forge armour with Orcs, mix potions with Faeries and study with Mages gave the King and Queen the knowledge and understanding they needed to meet each creature’s requirement while bringing each species together to form alliances amongst one another.

Unfortunately, Addelaide being an Echo meant that once she completed her true duty of uniting the eleven kingdoms, her time to pass had come. Nineteen years after ascending to the Faelosergon throne, Queen Addelaide died while giving birth to her third child, Princess Cynthia Flair Blaze. As Evelyn Dream Blaze and Leurona Skye Blaze were only 6 and 7 at the time, Archer received blessing from the royal court and took on the responsibility of protecting Faelosergon’s citizens.

As he turns and casts his smoke blue eyes across the calypso blue ocean beyond the glass wall, King Archer hoped dearly that his daughters would follow in his and his wife’s footsteps by earning Faelosergon’s trust before they rise to the throne and take over the important duties of guarding the crystal heart of this ever-changing empire.

He hoped they would be safe from all the trials and tribulations that he had to face.

“Father! What makes you wait out here in silence while everyone prepares for Leurona’s ball with such haste inside?” Archer’s second-born child, Evelyn, emerged from the forest full of oak, maple, and beech trees behind him. The red, orange, and brown leaves having fallen to the frosted ground under the autumn sun. As Evelyn approached his side, her morning blue eyes remained set on him. “Are you thinking about mother again?”

Aside from her golden long hair, Evelyn Dream Blaze inherited many of her physical features from her late mother. Evelyn had a petite build with a height only a couple of inches above 5 feet. Her slender nose accompanied her thin but heavy almond blue eyes on her long face, making Evelyn seem as though she was older and wiser than her years.

“How do you know me so well?” Archer shook his head with a light chuckle before re-directing his attention to the blooming flowers on the side of the fountain. He ran his hand through his crimson red hair before he continued. “She’d be so proud of you. All three of you! Especially with what you’re helping Leurona achieve today.”

“Mother would be proud of too.” Evelyn looked to the setting sun as her thin lips formed a gentle smile. “For letting us open the Academy on Leurona’s 18th birthday. Especially when the whole kingdom should be celebrating her coming of age instead.”

“Yes, well it’s what your mother would have wanted you girls to do.” Archer gently squeezed Evelyn’s shoulder. “After all, her duty was to open up opportunities for creatures of all kind. You three are continuing her legacy by bringing each species closer together to help bring the best out of everyone in our empire.”

“I’m sure we can all agree that Leurona is doing exactly that.” Evelyn placed her delicate hand on top of her father’s and returned his gesture as she turned to face him. “Now, I believe our guests will be arriving soon with the chariots to take us down to Klorraisha Academy.”

Before Evelyn finished her sentence, the earth trembled. Stochastic sloshes interrupted the smooth flow of the water that streamed from the crystal fountain. King Archer pressed his index finger to his lips and hushed his daughter. Evelyn grabbed his wrist as the two glimpsed towards the fountain. But the quivering quarters slowed to a halt.

“Father, what was that?” Evelyn’s fair skin had turned as white as freshly fallen snow.

“Probably just some Dragons and Vamols messing around.” Archer shrugged while he turned his back to the fountain. He ushered Evelyn back to the edge of the woods that separated the secluded garden from the Bordeaux Palace. “Come, we can’t be late for the arrival of King Randall, Queen Harmony and their Season triplets.”

“Good idea.” Evelyn glanced to the fountain once more before it disappeared from her sight. She wondered what had caused the water waves to shift in time with the shaking of the soil. Never had the abnormalities of the crystal fountain happened in the span of the decade Evelyn knew the fountain was there.

The Princess also noted how her father seemed to brush off the change in atmosphere as though it was a normal part of life. However, Evelyn knew her father would never rush her out of their private gardens without good reason. She sensed urgency in her father’s voice so decided it would be best to not question him further until later.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Upon their return home to Klorraisha Palace, the two found the servants of their royal household run amok in disarray. Servants bustled in and out of the side doors of all three palace wings and transported clean linens, fresh candles, exotic fruits, and heavy luggage from horse-drawn carriages that delivered their oversea guests from the docks.

As it was Leurona’s 18th birthday, preparations had been set in place for King Archer to announce that his heir had come of age and was taking over the responsibilities belonging to the Blaze Crown. This event would have taken place at Klorraisha Palace, but prior requests from Princess Leurona caused celebrations to be moved a few miles down the road to the newly-completed site that was constructed under her careful supervision.

Responsibilities of the servants in the Blaze household were narrowed down to making sure guest rooms in the palace were arranged and prepared precisely so they were ready for the arrival of their foreign guests.

“Your majesty!” Evelyn’s personal maid, Charlotte Charms Bramwell, galloped up the garden path as Leurona’s husband, Knight Chace Chaos Steel, trailed shortly behind. The maid, who had frazzled honey blonde hair and hooded chestnut eyes, came to an abrupt halt before the King and curtsied. “Please accept my apologies for this intrusion, but you told me to fetch you right away once the Seasons of The Corina Isles arrived.”

“How many times do I have to tell you to drop formalities and to stop apologising, Charms?” Archer took the young maid’s hands while he tutted. “Your father has been a part of our household since before you were born, so you will always be family to me and my girls! Now, where did you send Harmony and Randall to await my return?”

Charms formed a gentle smile and nodded before she responded. “I told them to wait in the dining hall once they acquainted themselves with their rooms. Just as you asked, Archer.”

“Much better, thank you.” Archer bowed and headed off down the rest of the carefully carved marble path that wound around the garden maze, descended past the diamond dragon fountain and through the bed of orchids that led to French doors at the rear of the Palace. “I’d like you three to be ready to leave for the Academy once I’ve discussed the final details of the enrolment deal with the Seasons!”

“Yes sir!” Chaos chimed with Charms.

Once the King disappeared out of earshot, roughhousing young boys sounded in the distance and reached the trio’s ears. Both Charms and Chaos ushered Princess Evelyn to the side of the marble path while they surveyed the immediate area surrounding them. Chaos glanced towards Charms for her nod of approval before he began in a hushed tone.

“Listen Evelyn, there’s no time to explain, but there’s been a slight hitch in our plan to enrol at the Academy.” Chaos gulped and rubbed the back of his dust black hair as he casted his ice eyes to the rim of his sister-in-law’s skirt. “My powers have lived up to my messy name, as they always do.”

“What do you mean?” Evelyn’s brows furrowed as her eyes fluttered between the two Echoes who stood before her. She wondered if he was the one who caused the ground to shake. “Chaos, we’ve already enrolled ourselves into the Academy. My father’s only condition for us to attend the classes is that we prevent ourselves from taking part in any interaction that could alter our powers, even temporary!”

“Yeah, well I kind of got your sister with child before we made that deal with your dad.” The Knight huffed and bowed his head sheepishly. He fiddled with his fingers as he held his hands behind his back.

Relieved, Evelyn threw her head back and laughed lightly. “Is that all you pulled me aside for?! Father would be nothing but proud that another heir to our throne is to be born before the coronation late next Spring! How long has my sister been pregnant for?”

An unbearable, prolonged moment of silence took place. Chaos’ cheeks continued to darken as he blushed shyly. Charms stepped in and answered the Princess for him. “I believe the Doctor informed Chaos and I that Leurona remains to be in the first trimester. She’s around 11 weeks I believe.”

Evelyn’s gaze fell to the ground as her face formed a solemn mask. “That doesn’t seem to give us very much room to come up with a plan to break the news to father, does it? But at least that allows us a minimum of 5 weeks before we’re forced to announce the news to the rest of the Empire…”

Her voice faded gradually and caused the group to seep into a despaired silence while they listened quietly on to the children who played amid the garden maze nearby. Bar Cynthia, who giggled and squealed alongside the troublesome triplets, the Season’s sons remained audibly ferocious in their attempt to destroy each other’s wooden play swords.

“What are you thinking, Evelyn?” Chaos looked up to his sister-in-law’s eyes as he furrowed his dark brows and bit his lower lip.

“I’m debating whether we should discuss this matter with a certain someone first.” Evelyn paused for a moment before she paced hastily towards the forefront of her large home and gestured for her brother-in-law and personal maid to follow. “When the time comes to inform father of her condition, we need to have a plan set in place to make sure Leurona is still able to attend her own Academy. Without breaking any of her own rules, of course.”

“How are you going to do that?” The Knight exchanged a sceptic look with Charms as they trailed after the Princess swiftly. He continued to run his shaking hands through his hair and gulped nervously.

Charms smiled reassuringly to him and tried her best to put his mind at ease before she turned back to Evelyn and inquired herself. “Who are you going to talk to?”

“I shan’t be talking to anyone until I head to Klorraisha and perform my duties at the grand opening first.” Evelyn’s eyes lit up as a small grin etched into the side of her mouth. As she, Charms and Chaos all made their way around the side of her vast home, the Princess proceeded. “Once I’ve done that, I’m going to find the one woman with both access to the crystal and the knowledge we need to figure out what we can do.”

The Echoes approached the golden chariots with an extended step set within their stride.

Heels clapped against the stone marble floor and echoed around them as they bounded straight for the opal gates that stood between them and the open road. Evelyn strolled straight past her father and his royal guests before she boards her horse-drawn transport; she stopped only for a moment to welcome King Randall and Queen Harmony to her home.

“We shall see you at the opening!” The Princess waved to King Archer while Chaos gestured for the charioteer to trot on. The stallions steadily strolled in the direction of the Echoes’ desired destination; the Academy opening.

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